The Alan “Kurdi” Psyop is Back: Seems Like the Weapons of Mass Migration Campaign is Back on the Front Burner

by Scott Creighton

Alan “Kurdi” did not die on a beach in Bodrum, Turkey back in Sept. It was a staged hearts and minds operation designed to garner sympathy for the new Contras, the Kurds, and to help facilitate the popular acceptance of our ongoing weapons of mass migration campaign. “Kurdi” … Kurds…. get it?

please read:

The story is getting a little more play over the Christmas holiday in the UK. They have “Kurdi’s” father, Abdullah Kurdi, doing a spot on Channel 4 tomorrow, saying “I’d like the whole world to open its doors to Syrians,”

A little background: Abdullah “Kurdi” claims he was a refugee from Syria who ended up in Turkey for 2 years bouncing around until he could scrap together enough money to pay the coyotes (human traffickers) to put him and his kids on a boat bound for somewhere else.

Very dramatic, right?

Trouble is, according to at least one couple on that boat, “Kurdi” wasn’t a refugee… he was the coyote (human trafficker) and that he was the one driving the boat at an excessive rate of speed which caused the boat to capsize in the first place. I guess that would explain what he was doing those two years in Turkey.

Zainab Abbas and Ahmad Hadi, whose two young children died from that boat accident, also told reporters in Baghdad that Abdullah Kurdi was a ‘people smuggler’ who begged them not to tell police in Turkey that he was the captain.

Abbas further explained to reporters that Kurdi was driving the crowded boat at a high speed and that her husband was trying to get him to slow down. According to the couple, Kurdi became distracted when one of his sons started to cry and he lost control of the boat before it crashed into a wave.” Vice

Imagine how easy it would be for CIA-linked Turkish intelligence to come into that disaster scene, with that guy sitting on a rock, waiting to go to a Turkish prison for the rest of his life, and then convince him he was going to play a little role for them.

Let’s see: it’s either life in a Turkish prison or you get shuttled around, first class, all across Europe and sympathetic people with lots of money shower you with gifts and adulation because your little kid “Alan Kurdi” died in the ocean.

You sales people out there reading this blog… you think you could sell that? To a human trafficker?

The transcript of the important Christmas message to be played tomorrow can be found here. This is part of what it says:

Pretitle: This image of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi and his grieving father in Turkey became the heartbreaking symbol of this emergency.

human trafficker Abdullah Kurdi: …I am from Syria. I am from Kobani, I am KurdishThere are barrel bombs, explosions and also Daesh… I want to help children because they know nothing about life except for laughing and playing. That’s all they know. So it’s a problem for children if we don’t look after them and take care of them. My message is I’d like the whole world to open its doors to Syrians. If a person shuts a door in someone’s face, this is very difficult. When a door is opened they no longer feel humiliated.

I wonder how many doors he closed in the faces of fathers and their children because they didn’t have the 4,000 bucks to pay for transit?

Notice the “barrel bombs” reference? I wonder who wrote that. John McCain?

Since they decided to bring this shit back up and include the statement about the photo of the dead Alan “Kurdi” becoming the “heartbreaking symbol” of the weapons of mass migration campaign, I thought it would be interesting to investigate that photo a bit.

Do you guys remember the recently staged “assassination” video of that Kurdish lawyer? That little bit of street theater was produced by the Dogan Media Group who just also happened to be the people behind the photos of dead little Alan “Kurdi” on the beach.

When the staged photos of the little boy playing the role of Alan “Kurdi” showed up, there were a lot of folks who accurately pointed out that the kid was clearly not dead and he certainly didn’t display signs of drowning at sea.

You want to see something funny? Take a look at these two photos:

Getty images: A Turkish gendarmerie soldier moves Alan Kurdi’s body, which washed ashore on a beach after a boat carrying 12 migrants sank off the coast of Mugla’s Bodrum district on Sept. 2, 2015.

J. Gatehouse: Alan Kurdi isn’t asleep. His little body lies at surf’s edge on a popular tourist beach in Bodrum, Turkey, with the warm waves gently lapping at his dark hair.

Are we supposed to believe the Turkish gendarmerie soldier picked up his body from next to the rocks there only to move it to another part of the beach so his face could be gently lapped by the surf? That’s the same legs, same shorts, same shoes and same kid. And it’s also the same gendarmerie soldier.

Maybe a better interpretation of this is that during the photo shoot they had a couple different ideas about the staging of the little body. Next to the rocks would convey a harsh world aspect and give the viewer the idea that he was tossed up on the rocks violently. Another perhaps might be that the beach scene would convey a sense of familiarity to the target market while juxtaposing his little body with the vastness of the sea.

However it worked out, the two “discovery” photos make it clear, this is a photo shoot, not a crime scene. I mean I certainly hope the little kid, whatever his name is, is just fine and was playing along in this game these adults were playing. Of course, the human trafficker could have lost his kids and been grieving and these f@cks could have been dragging his dead child along on the beach looking for just the right money shot to sell their weapons of mass migration campaign. Who the f@ck knows.

Either way, now the human trafficker is a hearts and minds campaign on Christmas day in the UK.

Merry Christmas folks.

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