Members of Turkish Military Conspire With Daesh (ISIS™)

(Oooooo Snap! Look at that shit. It was the CIA-linked, US and NATO-backed Turkish military running ISIS™ in Turkey supporting the regime change operation in Syria and NOT Erdogan. The SAME Turkish military that wants to help John Kerry and US MSM outlets (and dickhead independent journalists like Steven Lendman) push a regime change in the country so they can take over again. Go figure. Who could have known that… oh, wait. I did.)

from Sputnik International

Some members of the Turkish military stationed at the Syrian border were apparently communicating with Daesh militants, according to media reports.

A wiretapping operation conducted last year revealed that several Turkish military officers had contacts with Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) militants, and that they might’ve helped the Islamist movement obtain new recruits, according to the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet.

The wiretapping was part of an investigation launched by Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office after six Turkish citizens were reported as missing and were possibly recruited to join Daesh by their relatives, the newspaper adds.

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  1. Have you seen this very interesting extreme propaganda hangout ‘exposé’ by the Washington Post about ISIS cameramen and the ISIS media empire? It’s long, but fascinating propaganda.

    Some writers (intel guys) trying to wrap some kind of believable-oid-ish story around the silly ISIS ‘media empire’ narrative..which means wrapping the story into a neater package is deemed necessary by someone who realized that the narrative was failing…possibly because too many people simply don’t believe it because it doesn’t make sense.

    But look at how much they’re covering for with this hangout. I found the whole article fascinating for its high level of propaganda throughout and because of the incredible obviousness of the limitation of the hangout: no dealing whatsoever with who these media executives are or where the money and facilitation comes from – except to say Turkey – the two most important questions, ones that don’t seem very hard to investigate given how much is ostensibly being revealed here.

    A fascinating and ambitious piece of propaganda in many ways, it includes several ‘tells’ that westerners “may be” in control of the improbable ISIS media empire.

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