Corbett and Edmonds Discuss the Near Universal Demonization of Erdogan in Preparation for Regime Change

by Scott Creighton (H/T Joseph Davis)

It’s good to see someone taking notice of the Erdogan demonization campaign taking place in both the MSM as well as the so-called “alternative independent media”. As I have stated, US and NATO interests control Turkish military. They tried to take him out in a coup a couple times. Now they’ve shot down a Russian plane in order to try to undermine the AKP and Erdogan’s close ties to Putin. Erdogan is aware of the plans for Greater Kurdistan and clearly opposes them and therefore he must be removed from office. So prior to this, in order to avoid a repeat of the propaganda failures regarding both Gaddafi and Assad, the media and even our beloved independent journalists are spending a great deal of energy making ready the notion that he must be removed from power. He’s been accused of everything from Sarin gas attacks (which we know was actually John McCain’s “moderate” terrorists), buying stolen oil (which we know is going to Israel and Europe), jailing journalists (he’s detaining lying propagandists working for Gulenist media outlets) and of course, running ISIS™ (which as we know, is actually run by the CIA, MI6 and Mossad)

You have to remember, Erdogan and the AKP refused to sign a new IMF loan deal when they paid off the loans taken out by all our puppet leaders in the past.

They also greatly reduced the power of the military in Turkey after the Sledgehammer coup plot was exposed. They used the money to improve the education system in Turkey.

The AKP and Erdogan also recently filed an extradition request to have the US send them back the criminal Gulen who is living like a god here since he’s worth a reported 21 billion dollars. Gulen is a neoliberal, has some kind of charter school deal which is one of the largest in America. The CIA and the private central bankers want Erdogan out and Gulen installed in his place.

And that is too say nothing of how much the Likudniks in Israel hate Erdogan.

Of course, how people like Steven Lendman miss all this is beyond me.

Joseph shared a link to James Corbett and Sibel Edmunds talking about this issue and so far, the interview seems pretty good.  Thanks Joseph.

8 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if they got this theory from your blog. You are by far the first person I’m aware of who noticed this, months before everyone else.

    Merry Christmas Scott! And a better New Year!

  2. Yes, and what about the ISIS demonisation campaign? And the Assad demonisation campaign. And the Clinton demonisation campaign. And the Trump demonisation campaign. And the Obama demonisation campaign…

    Could it be that if you’re in the public eye, you’re a shoo-in to be featured in a demonisation campaign?

  3. So, Sibel’s new media outlet will be funded by “the people” with no, or very little funding from foundations, corporations, agencies etc. You can trust her on this because she says so. And because she’s so darned beautiful!

    I never fully trusted James Corbett or Sibel, even though they are good sources of information sometimes.

    • they are both pure, controlled opposition. There is no doubt. You can stop watching the video after they finish on Erdogan, cus the assholes then go on to use the credibility they muster with the first half of the video to pump up the bullshit on “Snoweden” and Assange and then bash Russia, Putin and RT. It’s kind of a microcosm of how controlled opposition works. and of course, we all know her BS contributions to the Truth movement (hint: LIHOP?). So no, I am certainly not a big fan of either. But in this case, they are using the truth of the regime change plan in Turkey (which will be obvious very soon anyway) to be able to push some neoliberal propaganda.

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