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A guy on Twitter uses this quote as his tag-line:

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it. – George Orwell

I have decided to leave the site as is for now but greatly reduce the time I spend on it. I’m told as a resource, it’s pretty helpful so I will leave it listed as “public” and write something new every few days but I have to attempt to find something that provides me with a more hopeful future.

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  1. If and when I’m in a position to offer tangible support, I will. Like most, I’m struggling to keep my head above water. So I can only make a promise for the future — unfortunately, for the time being. I just don’t want you to think that I’m freeloading, as I will certainly be coming here frequently to use you as a resource for insights. I wish I could offer more at this time.

    • No worries man. I completely understand. It’s been a difficult year for so many and this is an even more difficult time of the year. hang in there and don’t worry about it.

  2. Long as I can hang on to what’s left of my mind, I’ll support you as best as I can.

    You can take that to the bank, but you won’t get much for it 😦

  3. Scott the timing of this couldn’t be more apropo. Today james Tracy was fired from FAU. Looking at all the angles, it appears that this is a concerted effort to publicize their misinform book, but additionally it is to speed up the separation of dissenters.

    I’ve said from the beginning that Tracy was working as co trolled opposition. Now I can see his opposition (c w Wade ) is also controlled, thus all sides were fabricated by the gov.

    It has become evident to me that most if not all regular commenters at mhb are paid and promote specific agendas. Together with the memory hole moderation that censors exposing comments, they work to polarize unwitting people who understand that there is something wrong with many of these gladio style events, but get tricked into absurd and laughable conspiracies by the likes of the thoroughly debunked fetzer and now the phony James Tracy. If you need citations documenting the myriad contradictory statements, implications, and outright lies that he has put his name behind, let me know and I can spend the time to draw it up for you.

    My concern here is that when I went to cw wades site, which is dedicated to debunking Tracy et al, I found that he revealed his true colors in the last few days as well. Wade stated in no uncertain terms that truthers are complicit with aiding terrorists.I can’t provide just one quote because the article itself is important in its entirety:

    Sandy Hook- Facts & Research
    A continuing factual research project into the facts of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy.
    Saturday, December 5, 2015
    San Bernardino Terrorists and Sandy Hook Hoaxers join hands
    By now we know the story of the massacre in San Bernardino.

    ISIS pledged terrorists, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik attacked a Community Center serving disadvantaged children in San Bernardino, killing 14 wounding 21.

    This shooting follows the ISIS attack in Paris. As with Paris, the Sandy Hook Hoaxer community instantly took to defending the terrorists, providing aid as cover for the terrorists by declaring the attack a “hoax” staged by our Government.

    Countless videos published and articles written to detract blame from ISIS killers:

    In a new twist, it appears the terrorists have openly embraced the hoaxers as allies and as front group.

    Yesterday, the attorney of the terrorist’s family openly joined with the hoaxers when their lawyer claimed “Sandy Hook hoax” as cover:

    “There have been suggestions that it may be something that was related to their work, that somehow he was a disgruntled employee,’ he said. ‘But it doesn’t seem plausible to us that this petite woman [Malik] would be involved in this sort of hyper-caricatured, Bonnie and Clyde crazy scenario.
    ‘There were a lot of questions drawn with Sandy Hook and whether or not that was a real incident or not.
    ‘But I mean obviously these things were found there, how they got there we don’t know.’

    As my readers know, to the “truther” every shooting is “fake” perpetrated by the government and every victim, witness, first responder, and family member are “crisis actors”. Terrorists arent real. ‘ Nothing to see here, move along’.

    What better cover for terrorists than a “truther”?

    As Wolfgang Halbig once stated of Newtown and their grief, “[They] are like the Truman Show”. All fake. Society the enemy, terrorists the victims.

    The truther claim’s that the singular purpose of “fake communities” is to stage”fake shootings” as part of a “FEMA Drill” to take guns.

    Most “truthers” are far from stable people, and their radical support of Islamists is concerning.

    We can take hoaxer Ryan Ehlis’ threat seriously, that particular hoaxer killed his 5 week old daughter with a shotgun and somehow got released on an insanity type deal.

    As with so many other Hoaxers, it appears Ehlis spends the entire day ranting on Facebook and Google about abortion clinics, vaccines, chemtrails, government hoaxes, fake moon landings, flat earth, and of course, his massive his gun collection.

    To this writer, it is a major issue that such openly mentally ill people, even those who have killed, have such easy access to guns in the first place; however, that is for another article.

    The entire community there has been declared as “in on it”; it was a hoax, to “take guns” so goes the claims of the hoaxer.

    The next phase is equally predictable, hoaxers will gangstalk victims and families, believing that these victims are “government agents”. They attack them in public and through online stalking; the cycle continues. Much like the Taliban, hoaxers attack anyone who speaks on the subject who is not inline with their cult-like mentality.

    Obviously, ISIS along with the families of terrorists, have noticed their allied hoaxers and decided it is time to put them in play; now joining these hoaxers hand in hand.

    When is society going to wake up and address terrorism, mental illness, and hoaxers?

    It does not seem the San Bernardino shooting was enough; so we must wait for terrorists them to inflict a higher body count. We know that no matter the body count, the Hoaxer community will be there to provide cover, comfort, and aid.


    • The above quote was taken from cw wades sandyhookanalysis who I thought gave rational counter arguments to the sometimes silly conspiratorial bandwagon type potentials that James Tracy proffered on his site (esp fetzer related content).

      As you can see, they have turned it up a notch. It certainly appears that the controlling was on both sides of the sandy hook debate, thus segregating individuals into groups they didn’t fully agree with, but thabks to the psychological programming, became proponents of outlandish theories. This worked to subvert and discredit the people who merely questioned and needed an outlet to explain the anomalies. Now, the ones who questioned are on the side of terrorists (which is confusing – how did i wind up on the cia’s team?).

      The whole truther community has been suckered into a honey trap. Only, all the ip address metadata stored in Utah will now be used to categorize us with terrorists. I’m assuming due process will be nil and guantanamo will be on the menu for those who arent killed immediately (as some of the candidates have called for).

      What a chess move! I did not see this coming so quickly…

      • well, I guess that would partially explain why I have received a sum total of one donation this time around…

        … and I guess thanks to your comment here, I can expect no more to follow. Nice work, by the way.

        As for Tracy. I find it odd that you say your proof of his duplicitous nature regarding our work is that a dubunking a-hole which you followed, turned out to be a duplicitous piece of shit calling for us to be basically rounded up with “ISIS”. My guess is that might give Tracy a bit of credibility in your book, but I guess not.

        I am not really a huge fan of his. I think he’s done some good work, but his association with the likes of Fetzer has always bothered me. I don’t know if he’s been taken in by him or if its something more nefarious.

        I have to admit, I found it odd that the university kept him on for as long as they did considering…

        I did not know he was in the process of being removed from the school. That comes from the Pozner family article. They did a lot to get the school to do that.

        If it turns out that he did in fact send a freedom of information act request to the family demanding proof of their kid’s death, I can’t really say I am shocked that the school is moving to remove him, or that I don’t support it either.

        As a long standing Truth advocate and skeptic of these Gladio-styled mass casualty events here in the states, as I know you are as well, I find it reprehensible that someone would make any kind of contact with family members of supposed victims of these events.

        because, in the end, what we do is analyze events with the information provided to us. We are not prosecutors or criminal investigators. We are theorizing as to what MAY HAVE taken place and as such we must ALWAYS be conscience of the fact that we might just be wrong.

        I would never condone such behavior in any shape or form. And that Bigun, whatever his name is, who started doing that kind of shit, was obviously from the start, a part of group dedicated to making us look like heartless monsters.

        I certainly hope that Tracy is getting a bum wrap. he seems to intelligent to engage in that kind of behavior as there is nothing positive that could possibly come of it but I will reserve judgement until I find more info.

        Frankly, I’m a little surprised that you’re surprised by all of this. You had to know it was coming. I for one am not looking forward to the newly created thugclass here in the states taking it upon themselves to do away with the evil doers. I wrote about it years ago. They do it in every country they neoliberalize. Why should we be any different? I guess I am saddened that nothing we have done has deterred it, but I am glad that I stuck to my guns and retained my sense of reason thoughout the gathering storm. And that is what we are talking about isn’t it? Reason? I wont give that up for anyone or in the face of any threat, no matter how vicious, no matter how ignorant. I will not douse myself in gore so I can walk among the zombies for a couple more years. it simply isn’t worth the price to me.

        others may see it differently.

        I don’t know about what Tracy did say or didn’t say to the Pozner family. If he did approach them at all, he certainly shouldn’t have. And to that, that’s all I have to say.

        edit: As far as the doomsaying is concerned, I’ve been around a while at this and I remember when Glenn Beck talked about rounding us up. It’s nothing new. More likely, this is just an attempt to get people to censor themselves and others to avoid supporting those who don’t. after all, what’s easier and more cost efficient, rounding up people and dropping them in the sea from helicopters, or getting them to STFU on their own accord? The asshole who wrote that article you posted here for fear effect I guess, is 100% wrong about the “ISIS” pledge, as the FBI now admits (it never happened) and I don’t see anyone aside from that asshat calling for conspiracy theorists to be rounded up with ISIS except for him and his little no-one-bothers-go-come-by blog. So frankly, I’m not that concerned.

  4. Sorry to hear it, but perfectly understandable.I wish you peace of mind.

  5. Take a break, Scott, and refresh yourself both physically and spiritually (not necessarily in the religious sense). Reassess reality and your priorities. There are scores of political bloggers on the internet and I would guess that almost all of them just get a trickle of financial recognition via the Donate button. And those websites that require a subscription to read their articles probably also only get a trickle of subscribers.

    • I fully understand that and don’t take it personally at all. There have been folks making contributions here in the past and I appreciate what they’ve done and what they would certainly continue to do. I would even venture too say that this site probably receives more support in that regard than most similar sites. Its what has kept me going all this time, and for that I am forever grateful because I loved doing this.

      My disability halted my professional progress years ago and I started focusing more on this site in order to stay busy and give something back. To remain productive and a contributing member of society.

      But I just can’t live like this anymore and even if it means accelerating my condition, I have to do something else.

      I will probably leave the site up online, keep comments on moderation, and come back and forth, contributing an article when I can, like most blogs are run. I know people want to keep the archive available and I might as well, since I’m already on their lists. Maybe someone can take my work and expand upon it, and I hope that will help in some way.

  6. is allowing ads out of the question for you? I know other blogs like vigilant have ads. I think readers are sophisticated enough to know the ads that are displayed are based on the readers searches and the hosts endorsement.

    • Unfortunately, WordPress has a rather strict set of conditions on allowing ads and they have their own system, WordAd, that they use. I would have to spend about 300 a year to upgrade to that kind of website in order to do it. So it is a consideration. Frankly, with the congress trying to stick CISA in the omnibus bill, I have to question the logic of making a move like that on a website like this at this particular point in time.

      • I’m glad you’re not hanging it up. It’s rough out there, believe me, I know. I’m sure many wish they could help, but like I’ve said before, I doubt those who are well-off would support your cause. I can barely get by myself. Generally, I just eat less than I used to and only drink water to save money, among other tactics. I do use milk for cereal though. A good trick is, as the amount of milk goes down, start adding water to it. It makes it last considerably longer.

        Even if you eventually had to stop writing entirely, you should still leave the site up…or the terrorists will win (read: Obama, Bush, Clinton, Netanyahu, et al). 😉

        • usually around this time of year, I get a little down. When taking stock of where I am at, like most people, I don’t focus on what have, just what I don’t. It’s human nature in the land of the big PX. The water in the milk trick is a good one, and since I only use the stuff for coffee (that’s my breakfast) it would certainly help.

          • I hear ya. I get down at random times. It’s inevitable when you deal with such topics. It passes quickly though. Another money saver since you’re a smoker is to roll your own cigarettes. You can buy a filter to put on the tip. Though quitting would be the best option. Anyway, I hope you’re feeing better.

  7. *not the host’s endorsement

  8. I can only empathize with your situation. It must be tough. Best wishes to you!

    I enjoy reading your blog…I hope you keep it up online, there’s too much excellent work that would disappear otherwise.

    Thank you for all you’ve done here. Very appreciated.

  9. Do you smoke, drink coffee, have beers, have cable TV, do you buy MSM newspapers, or crappy xmas presents no one wants???

    I am not sure if it is my place to make a call like this to the readership… But, c’mon people!!!! Are the times really that hard to not be able to send a few shekels every month? A dollar? Two? Five?

    Since most of you keep coming back here to read his cutting edge articles, since most of you (usually) sing his praises, telling him he is amazing and what not, since most other bloggers, truthers, radio hosts, podcast hosts speak of him as the internet’s best kept secret…. Do we really want this to disappear? Should he be selling seeds instead?

    History will unfold with or without Scott or American Everyman… And s••t is going to happen whether he writes about it or not… But, the real defeat on our part will come when the true voices of dissent are silenced. In which case, we might as well just give up and surrender…

    Or, have we already surrendered?

    • No one gets paid to tell the truth.

    • some have made some donations in the last couple of days, and I am grateful for that. I need to send some emails out this morning. I used to do that, sell seeds, when I was a kid. Got that thing from the back of the comic book. went door to door trying to use my cuteness to try to sell seeds so I could get some cheap prize out of the magazine they sent along with them. I forgot all about that shit. It’s funny. do people still do that?

  10. Scott, there’s a book I’d like to read, and I think you’re the guy to write it. “American Gladio” would be an important addition to any serious citizen’s reading list. I don’t know how you get a book deal, but you’ve already done the research and sketched out the themes here on American Everyman. I’d love to come meet you on your book tour!

    Thanks for all you’ve done to date, we all have to do what we have to do. keep us posted

    • that’s a good idea, except for the book tour part. With my, I would have to avoid flying and I don’t trust my car on trips farther than the local Walmart, so it would be a Greyhound tour or something and that’s just a nightmare to think about. It would be nice to get out and meet people and chat with them about these things, like minded people, so you don’t feel so alone. Maybe the book isn’t a bad idea.

      • I think a book would be a good idea. You just have to pace yourself and not get overwhelmed by the scope of the project. If you do it make sure you use extensive footnotes so people can reference what you’re saying (including website addresses along with books including exact page numbers). 🙂

  11. How about making the blog posts in the form of YouTube typed, audio or video videos, maybe blocking comments there, and posting the videos here for comments (or having two sets of comments)? You also get the benefit of the extra exposure afforded by that site. And can people even read nowadays? Video is killing the print stars.

    Annoying Orange – 17 million hits. Because it’s good, or because it was promoted?

    Perhaps supporters could help by promoting the videos around the web.

  12. My first YouTube-related comment here got lost in the post. This is a follow up to that.

    I had a look at your YT channel and some of the videos. The Ahmed clock thing. Just like these blog posts (readable), eminently watchable. Nothing at all wrong with the content. However…

    I think you’d do well to take a break here, or ease up a bit, and use the saved time to study the art of attracting YT viewers (and making them stay to comment, return, and visit the web site). I’m no expert on that, but I’ve noticed that, for one thing, the video title (and maybe individual trigger words in it), appear to result in more hits. You have to tease people in.

    In addition, although I’m sure you’re making the best of what you have available, the overall presentation could use a little work. There’s no point in being an expert, and offering an expert opinion, if a stranger, in the first few seconds of viewing, can’t grasp that you are considered to be an expert, due to the look of the ‘set’, etc. That could be improved, in the short term, just by obtaining a polyethylene tarp printed with your logo or something and hanging it behind you. Also, as I’m sure you’re aware, you need better lighting (Outside, in the daylight somewhere? Get out of the basement; break the CT video mold!)

    I wonder if your donation drive would go better if you listed some video, audio and ‘set’ equipment that you’d like to purchase, and were collecting for? So, you’d list, say, a camera that costs, say, $300, and you’d put a cashometer up on the screen here showing $$ progress toward getting that item.

    Ultimately, you could ask people here for advice and candid feedback regarding your YT channel and individual videos, until you find a style that suits you.

    Once more, the content is great. That’s not enough, though. You need a husky voice and a 30s mic, too.

    • I found your comment.

      Believe it or not, even as recently as early this week, I was working on plans to step up my commitment to this site and the Youtube channel. I was doing a ton of research on everything from production quality mics (settled on RODE USB w/ pop filter, stand and headphone jacks) to inexpensive professional quality editing software since Movie Maker keeps crashing on me while rendering (settled on Sony Movie Studio 13)

      I figured out how to redo the office a bit and get better lighting in here for the videos and upgrade my camera and all that crap. Even started pricing better computers since this one seems to be having difficulty either with MM or upgrading the onboard video processor with Windows 7 Pro (since Windows is withholding upgrades for older operation systems so people will be forced to switch to 10)

      I even researched the differences between Go Fund Me and Kickstarter with the intention to use one of them to help fund the process of making a fully professional news website (yes, was planning on upgrading WordPress to that level)

      But then…. CISA gets stuck in the omnibus bill and I reluctantly waited too see if someone would remove it, or if it would be eventually signed into law.

      And everyone in DC rushed as fast as they could to do just that (as I wrote about today)

      That’s what motivated my despair the other night I guess.

      In all honesty, you can’t ask someone to back a business venture if you have inside information that shows your new business is about to be labeled “sedition” and shut down by Microsoft or someone else. I figured Youtube might be a better, longer lasting effort, but ultimately, with the software issues, it’s been difficult making a video since my last ones back in Oct. So that was kind of out of the question.

      I mean, what’s the point of seeing all of this coming if I don’t use the information myself?

      Yeah, it had been my plan to jump in further. After all, sometimes the only way out is to go further in.

      But now I would be happy with some help keeping the lights on and the wheezing computer plugged into the interwebs. People have been responding, and I thank them for that (I need to send some emails, now that I mention it.)

      I am always looking for constructive criticism so thank you for yours. See that everybody? I told you I hated my voice. Now I have confirmation.

      Keep this in mind. This isn’t self censorship. Were I to do that, I would have shut this site down and removed the content. and as you can all see, I am still writing and would be making videos if I could.

      What this is is responsible business practices. In the next few months we will see the ravages of CISA unleashed on the free and open internet that was once ours and it would be highly unprofessional of me to ask anyone to dig deep to support the upgrading of this website if I in fact expect it to be gone along with so many other good ones, in the near future.

      I do appreciate what you are saying and trying to do, however, like any other business decision, the climate of the industry has to be taken into consideration before taking such a big step. And as you know, the climate around here just got decidedly colder.


      • There’s nothing wrong with your voice or what it conveys. Your art director is on strike and you have no clear gimmick or hook. You’d probably have to make some sensational claims in order to be taken seriously. Then again, why would you ever want to join a club whose members made that a rule?

  13. Hi and good day,
    Just landed here on this site, seems to be nice ( = informative 🙂

    Next stop will be the article(s) on the strange San Bernardino shooting. Why would a (extremist/ hateful) woman go on a shooting trip and leave her baby at home – sounds too weird to my ears.

    Then as we say in my tradition,

    God knows most and best!

    with best regards,
    Omar K N

  14. I have been thinking for a while that you could probably make a living off the site if you charged subscriptions. I feel the Corbett Report model could really work—I think the amount he charges is totally optional–he has a button for $1, one for $50, etc….if the premium content were, for example, a podcast of your neoliberal news of the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get $50/yr from 500 or even 1,000 people…or do you think I’m way overestimating that? I for one would pay to be able to listen to your thoughts for the day while I’m driving or walking the dogs or whatever…just a thought…

    • It’s a good idea and I’ve thought about it before. Trouble is, I’m not networked like Corbett is. He’s hooked up with Sibel Edmonds and that crowd (whatever you think of them) and they cross promote each other which helps considerably. Also, he’s done a lot on Youtube for years and already built up quite a following.

      So there is no way I would be able to garner even 100 subscribers in a year, I don’t think. But let’s say I did.

      If you go over to James Corbett’s site, there’s an article about whether or not NATO is setting up Erdogan for regime change. That’s what I have been writing about for a while now.

      What do you get when you click on that link? Two paragraphs and a note telling you to either pay for the subscription service, or you can go to some other website, give them some traffic I guess, and read it for free there (if you sign up?)

      The good work I have been doing on this subject, and continue to do mind you, has been read 100,000 times thus far. Why would I ever want to restrict that number to however few people sign up for subscriptions? I write this because I want people to understand what’s happening, not to make money. I don’t want a hundred to read it because they can afford it, I want a million to read it, 330 million maybe. That’s why I do what I do.

      So even if that number was a thousand, I feel I would be not only limiting the reach of the work that I do, but I would also be betraying the reason I set out to do this work in the first place.

      So I have nothing against people who chose to do that. It’s their thing. It’s just not mine.

      • {snorts, shakes head, channels Martin Short} Well, you’re not going to make any money with that attitude.

      • I totally get that & I wasn’t thinking of restricting your blog content, just adding a daily podcast of maybe 20 minutes in length for people who are thirsty for audio outside the MSM. I personally value daily podcasts highly such as the x22 report, and would pay him if he wanted–he actually uses it to push products which is the other way, but i think that diminishes his credibility a bit (is he really gloom and doom or does he just want to sell prepper stuff?) It would be even more work for you so maybe it’s not realistic–especially since it does take so long to build up a critical mass of subscribers, but I really feel that, over time, a good number of people would be happy to pay for a premium service and it would subsidize the general audience which will really suffer if you can’t carry on.

        • I like listening to the X22 Report sometimes, but he doesn’t seem to get, does he? Today’s video for example. He talks about Boko Haram being a fiction, created entirely to justify sending Special Ops troops into the country and he says it’s the same thing as ‘ISIS”… it’s a fiction. Then, 10 minutes later, he says “ISIS” in Iraq is the “puppet army of the private central bankers” and they are holding people in Ramadi hostage and the Iraq army is going to go in there and bomb the whole city to rubble but the Americans want to protect “ISIS”. Well, which is it? A fiction or a surrogate army? And, if they are a surrogate army, why are they in Iraq when our puppet regime runs Iraq? He doesn’t understand what’s really happening over there (uprising from indigenous tribes and groups against our puppet regime being fought by US, Iraq and Kurds who want to take the north east of the nation for themselves.). “ISIS” is just a justification for us to bomb those people rising up against our neoliberal puppet regime in order to keep the shit George W. Bush stole from the people of Iraq. Seems to me, he takes a lot of time sourcing current events, which is very helpful, but doesn’t really know how those pieces all fit together. He was also on board the “regime change Erdogan” bandwagon for a while (I don’t know if he still does that or not). Anyway, he’s worth listening to. Yeah, his product placement quips detract from his efforts.

  15. Scott I haven’t forgot you, my credit card is screwed up because that’s how prepaid cards work by design…

    Anyways I stumbled upon this statement on a blog that I think is more your way of doing things (from

    “…over the past five years, my brother Jeff and I have operated the BrickPicker site at no cost to members and fans. All we ever asked from members was to click on affiliate links to help pay for the site expenses, which cost members little or no out of pocket money.”

    What if you did something like that? For the love of God, I would gladly do three clicks a day to still have you up and running.

    A cursory look around brought me to this site that will give you some solid estimates if you type in some stats specific to your blog (6 mil divided by 8 years is prob not enough info, otherwise I would have done it for you):

    I’m betting you could do pretty good, especially once word gets out that there is a real truther telling the truth. Seriously, you are the ONLY site I trust on the web, and I work in IT so I’m not naive.

    Put up a disclaimer on the top of the page saying you don’t necessarily agree with the content of the ads and state that it’s the only way to keep the site up (which it is) and I guarantee you won’t be seen as a sell out or disingenuous (which is what your reluctance to put up ads is stemming from, right)?

    Sorry, I drank a venti coffee, and have way too many ideas for 11:30pm…

  16. Oh and these guys I actually have met – they are very good at what they do, and what they do is SEO:

    Everyone that works there rolls a beamer Benz or Bentley with narcissist plates. Fuck materialism, I know, I’m just saying… They are good. Maybe I could ask them if they have a one time optimization to get you up and running (or at least some pointers). I’m only voicing this because the truth really has no voice or representation these days. You actually change lives by delivering content that is not influenced or agenda-driven. This is rare and if I could do half of what you have done for humanity I would consider my life a success.

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