My Overmind Inspired Review of Childhood’s End

by Scott Creighton

How dare I take a shot at Arthur C. Clarke?! He was knighted by the Queen for God’s sake.

So the hive mind is going to be the end of humanity. The “Golden Age of Man” (peace on earth, goodwill toward men, the end of war, the end of the worship of profits/wealth accumulation and the end of social injustice everywhere) is the ambition and life’s work of this guy:

Charles Dance as Kerellen, Childhood’s End on SCI-FI

No, not this guy and his Overmind inspired beatitudes:

“Blessed are the peacemakers for they will usher in mass destruction and the death of our species”

And not this guy with his Overlord-led Salt Marches:

“My life is my message to usher in the destruction of all humanity dictated to me by the Overmind”

And certainly not this guy, who was clearly visited by the Overlord in a dream:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Overlords rock!”

No, according to Sci-fi’s new miniseries “Childhood’s End”, the Golden Age of Man where we pursue greater ambitions than World Domination, Pipelineastan and the enslavement of all those mud-people in Thailand in service to our corporate overlord pretenders, will be ushered in by this guy:

The face of the modern humanist exposed

Last night I sat through a rather tedious production of Sci-Fi’s “Childhood’s End” and having read the story many years ago, I at first thought that some of the choices they made to modernize the story were somewhat courageous. That is, until I remembered the whole point of the story.

For example, in the book written back in ’53, one of the few times the Overlords intervened in a national conflict was when they put an end to Apartheid in South Africa. In this version, they erase the wall between Gaza and Israel and suddenly, everyone is hugging and happy. I thought making that connection was interesting, even if you had to know the original story for it to register.

Of course, the overall message of the story puts both Gaza and Apartheid in a different light. But that’s the end of the story. We’ll get to that.

For those of you who neither read the book or saw the movie last night, Childhood’s End is about our first encounter with superior alien technology and the demons that wield it.

At a tense point in human history, these ships appear out of nowhere and park themselves over various cities across the world. It’s basically Independence Day without the explosions.

A single man is chosen to act as the emissary between humans and the new Overlords. In the ’53 version, that guy was the head of the United Nations. In this one, it’s some farm raised do-gooder who negotiated a deal between some Big Business and a little township he lives in. The “blue collar prophet” as he is referred to in the film.

The Overlords usher in a new Golden Age. War is abolished. Poverty ended. Hunger, famine, crime… all gone. The inner cities of desperation and destitution give rise to cultivated urban utopias and the great unwashed are cleansed of the fruits of their misdeeds, given a second chance… and boxes of fresh fruits.

Hell, even the Saudis (who it is very fashionable to hate on these days) are convinced to turn their soiled, oil stained pipelines into new versions of the Great Man-made River (which we blew up several times when Hillary “liberated” Libya). But they still give evil stares across the negotiating table to the mid-west farm-boy prophet.

All in all, things are just about exactly what those evil lefties dream of. The problem is, the film opens on a scene where the last human sits in the wasteland of America and describes to a rather impersonal orb, just how things went so bad so fast.

So in the back of your mind, you’re always waiting for that shoe to drop.

The humans are never allowed to see the Overlord Kerellen and for good reason: he’s the devil.

Eventually, after using the blue collar prophet to expose the rising tide of the business led opposition to our Overlords, Kerellen decides he’s done with the farm boy and says bye-bye to him. Of course, as tree-hugging liberals often do (in the rabid nightmares of the neocons and New Dems) the blue collar prophet (and don’t think for a second there isn’t a real slam here intended for the “blue collar leftists”) can’t bear the idea of losing power so he tries to cling on as long as possible, finally sneaking a picture of the all-knowing, all-seeing devil god of the leftists… without him noticing apparently.

After viewing the image, like all leftists, he realizes the pact he made with the devil, and keeps his mouth shut. As we are all trained to do in the secret Satan worshiping seminars we are forced to attend.

Fifteen years go by. A little kid who was risen up from his wheelchair by Satan for some reason, says he wants to be the first human to travel to the Overlords home-world and we see him waiting with everyone else for the big reveal.

He’ll get his wish and end up sitting in the wasteland talking to an orb.

The population of the world is now clad in various shades of grey, because as we all know, when we stop killing each other for profits, who needs other colors? Individuality is based on self promotion and greed, don’t ya know? Why look any different than anyone else if the invisible hand has been smacked from the cookie jar?

We can’t build anything, we cant create anything. All of our human ambition is now gone. It seems the Big Business guy who was exposed by Kerellen 15 years ago was right. Don’t ya know, those guys rise to the top for a reason?

So as everyone sits back and waits to meet the Overlord for the first time, the Golden Age is at it’s peak. And then, he walks in:

“Is this subtle enough”

As far as the production quality is concerned, the make-up is outstanding and Charles Dance is wonderful as Kerellen. I’ve always liked him ever since I saw him in that Alien movie (3?)

That aside, one can hardly ignore the message being sent, especially at a time like this. And that’s too say nothing of the implication left with us when we come to understand who is really behind the downing of the separation walls in Palestine. Yes, that’s right… Satan is the root of the anti-occupation and apartheid movement in Gaza and the West Bank.


No wonder it got made in Hollywood.

If you haven’t read the book, I’m not going to spoil any of the transparent, easily predictable “twists” that are about to come over the next two days of this miniseries.

Except for one: the Overlords are not something that we have locked in our inherited memories. That’s not why are demons are pictured the way they are. They are simply part of our inherited premonitions. The things that will ultimately end humanity.

I will also give you this little hint: they aren’t masters but rather servants themselves. Servants to a different kind of higher power, one they cannot join themselves (cast out? unable to attain the grace of God? Sound familiar?)

In the end, it will all make perfect sense as will the reason for the production at this particular time.

Another choice for Kerellen?

Back in ’53, the Cold War was heating up. Especially with the Brits. Their particular form of fascism really really hated the Soviet Union and all things communist/socialist. It was, for many British elites, the root of all evil.

(Meanwhile Brits still have slaves all across the world.)

That’s probably why this book hadn’t been turned into a film before this one. The message is childish and asinine kinda like Ayn Rand’s ideology. It didn’t really take at first. Public education saw to that.

But today, we have a new Cold War developing (and charter schools) and the masses need to be re-indoctrinated into the warm fuzzy comfort of “free-markets as democracy” ideology. And thus… bingo, it’s time for Childhood’s End.

So the teachings of Christ, Gandhi and MLK are evil? Ayn Rand thought so. That’s why they are only taught to children.

Ultimately, childhood has to end and we have to see the vision of utopia for what it is, a Satanic pipe-dream which will ultimately lead to us all wearing grey clothes, bums enjoying their lives with free dental care and us being led like monochrome sheep by brainwashed children to the end of humanity.

Needless too say, I probably will not watch the rest of Childhood’s End.



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18 Responses

  1. Thanks for this. I don’t have “TV” or I probably would have watched it too.

    Personally, I don’t share the dim and hopeless vision of our future, but you’ve made some excellent points. I’m never sure if things like this are meant to be the NWO group giving us their obligatory heads up be fore they go ahead with their plans or whether they’re meant as forewarning by someone who doesn’t want us to choose this path.

    • thank you for the comment, but I have too say, I am extremely hopeful about the future. How could I do this if I wasn’t? We are going to see a new dark age of mankind. That’s hardly debatable considering the fact that it has already started. As to your question about why these things are made, well, I think it’s fair too say it’s social conditioning, programming… education if you will. At least that is my theory. I mean, we happen to be living at a time when they finally made that piece of crap Atlas Shrugged into a film, for God’s sake. Straight to DVD as it was, they still did it. They are trying to educate us. Take us from the childish ways of liberalism and show us the error of our ways. Again, just my impression. could be wrong.

      • I think your spot on Scott; conditioning, programming. It’s all about portraying evil as good. Recently at a restaurant saw some Fox ads for two shows; Gotham:Rise of the Villains & Lucifer.

        “The series will focus on Lucifer, “who is bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell and resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the beauty of Los Angeles, where he gets his kicks helping the LAPD punish criminals”

        Sympathy for the devil?

        I recently heard a podcast of a popular alt personality who with their guest were trying to convince the audience that Baphomet really isn’t that bad a guy. And subtly encourages the audience to dust off that copy of the Satanic Bible on your bookshelf and give it a read… you know, just for curiosity sake. You do have a copy right?

        Be careful all, we live in perilous times.

        I have not had a TV in 3 years (nor been to a movie in that time as well), got rid of Netflix. I do download vids, mostly documentaries. I’m very careful about what I watch now. Free your mind.

        • Indeed … Free your mind, your ass will follow!

        • Yes, but the “devil” is a Christian invention. He didn’t exist for the Jewish character, Jesus of Nazareth. The “devil” isn’t real. You don’t have to believe in that crap. Baphomet has its origins in a corruption of Mohammad (French, Mahomet). It was basically an idol that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping, due to having been too long in the desert. I’m guessing the charges were trumped up (although some of them might have become closet Muslims).

          Get a TV. It’s absence doesn’t seem to be doing anything for your mental wellbeing. There’s only one thing that is evil in this world and that’s us (human beings).

          • I actually agree with you Eggman. But as Scott and I said, it is about conditioning that evil is good. It is not that the devil is real, it is the ‘reality’ of what the devil represents. Trying to convince us that people who regularly commit evil acts… really aren’t that bad.

            I follow no religion, for religion is but a tool of control. But that does not negate the spiritual nature of our existence.

            Keep feeding yourself that toxic garbage on TV, and keep telling yourself it has no affect on you. That USA companies spent $68 billion in 2014 on TV ads alone (the 2016 Super Bowl ad rate for a 30 second spot starts at $5 Million) because they love throwing away money. Companies spend billions to sell products because it works, but ‘products’ aren’t the only things being ‘sold’ on TV.

            Turn off video for 1 month and see what it does for your mental wellbeing.

            • No, you were complaining about a show that portrays “Lucifer” as good (helping the LAPD). Helping the police has to be seen as good. You seemed to be worried that TV was giving “Lucifer” a good name. “Sympathy for the devil?” you asked. “Lucifer” is as real as Top Cat.

              Our existence is physical. What you deem “spiritual” is probably just imagination, although that’s a powerful thing.

              I don’t feed myself toxic garbage on TV. Today, I watched Pickwick Papers (movie, 1952). Later, I’m going to watch the Mating Season (movie, 1951). I must admit that I have recently had a hankering for a Studebaker and a tub of Brylcream. Oh, and martinis for lunch.

              Actually, I’m about as likely to buy something as Scott is. And I’m not just talking about advertised consumer goods.

              I don’t believe in finding enlightenment in the wilderness. What good is it going to do you out there? What use is it going to be if you come back to town? Sitting under the Bodhi tree is a cop-out.

  2. (To readers in general.)

    I think all ideologies are stupid and deleterious. As soon as two or more are gathered together, you can expect all sorts of corruption, and pain being plotted for someone.

    What’s ideal for you or “mankind” will change from moment to moment, and will be so far beyond your ken that it’s not even funny that you could be so arrogant as to imagine that you should try to control or manage stuff.

    Just get up in the morning, look outside, and decide what might be your best course of action for survival.* Put on your own (household’s) oxygen mask.

    That’s it. You can’t help anyone else with theirs.

    *You’ll probably be wrong, but you’ll probably get away with it.

    • when he said “I’m going to interject some scriptures…” I turned it off. A.C. Clark did not write this story about religion. He couched it in religious overtones, the the story back then was about economic ideology as is this version. It’s about the terror of communism/socialism which of course is what is going on today. so, thank you for the link, but, I think this guy misses the point.

    • Eh. “Sympathy for the Devil” is little more than under-thought rebellion against (instead of more appropriate rejection of) Christianity. Read the comments from Eggman (above and other posts). They are quite insightful (inciteful perhaps, if you’re into dogma).

  3. I was almost compelled to do the same

    (my mom goes by the moniker “Verselady”) ;-/

    He did the scripture thing a couple times for a few insignificant seconds as a sense of revealing a few esoteric biblical hints, but as always in this game of the “new normal,” you need to keep til the end just to form the lack of opinion. Or you don’t.

    • I will go back and watch it. I’ve liked other things he’s done. As I typed the comment earlier, I felt I had a knee-jerk reaction to the word and thought I might have been a little premature. We’ll see when I watch the whole thing.

      • And now I shall go watch the thing that this fuss be all about. Happy Holidaze, Scott!

        • ok I watched it. he doesn’t say anything. he just keeps talking about demons and the devil and Jesus and the little children smiling at the devil in the show. He seemed shocked it was written back “60 years ago” and doesn’t make the obvious connection between what was going on then (Red Scare, McCarthyism, Cold War, etc..) and what is developing now (New Cold War, fascism’s rise, anti-socialism movement, etc…) so I’m not extremely impressed. And he did continue with the scriptures throughout.

  4. Scott, there was a darned good reason for that “Red Scare” and “McCarthyism”. Please read Diane West’s “American Betrayal” with the caveat to ignore her fearmongering regarding Islam. That part doesn’t take up much of the book but the rest of the book is a must read. I picked it up from the library and decided it was one I needed so I bought it.

  5. As for Sympathy For The Devil, it’s not about a devil.

    Please allow me to introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste
    I’ve been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a man’s soul to waste

    [A wealthy man, not a demon.]

    And I was ’round when Jesus Christ
    Had his moment of doubt and pain
    Made damn sure that Pilate
    Washed his hands and sealed his fate

    [Who made Pilate wash his hands?]

    I stuck around St. Petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change
    Killed the czar and his ministers
    Anastasia screamed in vain

    [Who invented Communism?]

    I rode a tank
    Held a general’s rank
    When the blitzkrieg raged
    And the bodies stank

    [Who funded the Nazis, and what did they achieve by it?]

    I watched with glee
    While your kings and queens
    Fought for ten decades
    For the gods they made
    (Woo woo, woo woo)

    [Who was Vivelin of Strasbourg?]

    I shouted out,
    Who killed the Kennedys?
    When after all
    It was you and me
    (Who who, who who)

    [Why were the Kennedys killed?]

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name
    (Who who)
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game
    (Who who, who who)

    [What is puzzling many?]

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