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  1. 21:00+ Some confirmation that the plan is to spark a civil war in the US. The FFs cause more and more people to arm more and more. When enough arms are in civilian hands, and enough civilians are prepared to use them, the PTB will deliberately start a civil war and then sit back. When it’s all over, the survivors will have a) wiped out a good portion of the Social Security burden, b) got sick of fighting (civil war is the most brutal war), and c) witnessed all sorts of emergency laws being passed. The PTB will then be in a perfect position to manage the, by then, docile herd.

    Remember, YOU can’t win a civil war, nobody can except the Rothschilds. And the civil war won’t be the actual battle against Agent Smith & Co. The civil war will simply be the wearing down phase. Also remember that a revolution is 360 degrees.

    Picking up a gun during that phase will be pointless (as picking one up in Iraq, Syria or Libya). You need to get over a border, and wait until the civil war ends and the real battle begins. You have no moral duty to pick a side and fight in an engineered false civil war. It’ll be contrived and unwinable. The ‘leaders’ on both sides will be PTB stooges.

    I suspect people like Police Chief Kennedy are put there to get the hostilities going.

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