Global Warming Deal Reached: Big Business and Obamaites Screech in Approval

by Scott Creighton

“As part of a global effort, developed country Parties should continue to take the lead in mobilizing climate finance from a wide variety of sources, instruments and channels, noting the significant role of public funds…” page 25

Secretary of State John Kerry celebrates the climate agreement with Brian Deese, senior advisor to President Barack Obama.

Mr. Big Business himself can barely contain his joy because he knows how much his own billionaire wife will make from this deal.

“Socialized expenditures paid for by the masses to generate privatized profits to be enjoyed by a very few”

The delegates stuck around a day after the global warming conference ended and came up with a last ditch show piece of an agreement that the Obamaites are saying is going to “save the world”

Unfortunately, those folks haven’t yet learned, President Obama works for Big Business and Finance and this agreement is about nothing more than imposing control and making money. And that’s it.

Also key, he noted, is the fact that nearly 190 countries, representing 96 percent of global emissions, have submitted Intended Nationally Determined Contributions — a significant improvement compared to the Kyoto Protocol’s coverage of 14 percent of global emissions. That climate accord only obliged developed countries to pitch in. What’s more, major carbon contributors such as the U.S. and China refused to sign on.” Lynne Peeples, Dec. 2015

“A total of 146 countries, representing almost 87 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, have submitted their intended national climate action plans to the United Nations… “The INDCs can be seen as an impressive portfolio of potential investment opportunities that are good for each individual country and good for the planet,” she said.” UNFCCC Oct. 2

“For Less Developed Countries (LDCs), adopting an ambitious approach to towards their INDC provides many economic and development opportunitiesWiki INDC page

As far as Big Business is concerned, this half-measure accord they signed is a huge opportunity. Essentially what these lists will do is provide them with the Glengarry Leads List so to speak. These nations will provide “to do” lists for them to pick and choose from and they can swoop in and get started and each nation is basically committed to signing on the dotted line… to save the world.

As you probably know, most of these countries are poor because they don’t have the manufacturing base we used to or China enjoys today. So how do they intend to pay for all of this “progress”? Well, they won’t… you will.

“While every country may be confronted by climate change consequences, some developing nations represent the most vulnerable to and least able to cope with the impacts. These countries are also generally the least prepared to invest in renewable energy to help fend off further warming. Compared to fossil fuels, clean energy products remain more capital intensive — a particular challenge for poor nations that face high interest rates. (A loan to India, for example, is far more risky than one to Germany.)

To help, rich countries have been called to provide $100 billion a year to support poor countries in their transitions to clean energy and their measures to adapt to climate change. By 2025, according to the agreement, these nations will revisit that figure, with the option of ratcheting up their financing”  Lynne Peeples, Dec. 2015

100 billion bucks a year for the next ten years. One trillion dollars for Big Business provided by the tax payers of first world nations and that’s just the guaranteed slush fund that’s available. They’ll be trillions more squeezed from the starving economies of these destitute countries by their corrupt politicians and even more will be available when they have to take out loans from the IMF to pay for even more global warming.

And that is too say nothing of the fact that after Big Business makes bank building all of these various “climate sensitive” mills, refineries, industrial plants, agricultural behemoths and power plants… then they get to profit from owning and operating them.

Socialized expenditures paid for by the masses to generate privatized profits to be enjoyed by a very few. That’s “one huge step for mankind“, ain’t it?

Does anyone else find it a bit of a coincidence that after 2 decades of fudged numbers, ridiculous fear-mongering and breathless hyperbole (and 18 years of global cooling?), they finally pushed through this “deal” right before the TTIP and the TPP come into effect?

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3 Responses

  1. Idk I’m against anything gore, but it seems like this is just another scheme to create business out of thin air, which I wonder if it’s all that bad. I mean, most positions, jobs, tasks, paperwork, legalities, are just busy work. It’s like a club where you hvae to pay to play. Pay this guy $100 for a service you probably could do without and this other guy pays you $100 for your worthless, but gov mandated service. This is revenue. All profit comes from exploiting the sheep.

    I just wish anyone besides gore (sell Hillary would actually be worse) would get the lead role. He is such a sheister, I just can’t stand him. I’m sure I’m taking this too lightly and it will inevitably lead to my enslavement, but that’s why I smoke regularly.

    Can we get a nice nickname for gore ala greenwald? I prefer to keep the title of “bitch” so all we need is a possesive noun like “carbon’s” or “big business'” to get us started.

    • ah yeah, I almost forgot about Billionaire’s Bitch Greenwald. I kinda like “Show Me the MONEY!” Gore. That’s all he’s about. I suppose we could call him “Carbon Bitch” or “Warming Bitch” or maybe “Blood’s Bitch” for David Blood of Goldman Sachs. After all, Gore is just the frontman for that particular scheme while Blood is the brains and the money moving behind the scene to make billions. Maybe that works. Blood’s Bitch Gore?

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