Neoliberal News of the Day: Dec. 11, 2015 – Welcome to the Humanitarian Plantation™

by Scott Creighton

Here are a few of the recent headlines ripped from the front pages of today’s propaganda news. Enjoy and have a good Friday folks. Gotta go see my little old lady mother and open a jar of pears for her. And oh, by the way, Eclipsius in on the road again (did I mention that before?) so be afraid. Be very afraid. But I am happy. I going for a ride.

1 The right of due process is now considered a “loophole” – Yesterday, in a largely symbolic effort, House Democrats tried to force a vote on the floor regarding a gun-grabbing bill that would “close a loophole” that allows people placed on the no-fly list to purchase firearms. The measure was doomed to fail, but the dems wanted to use the effort for future campaign fodder (and to further undermine the notion of constitutional rights). The “loophole” was described this way: “Many Republicans and outside groups contend the bill would deny due process rights to people placed on the terrorist watch list“. So what is that “loophole” they want to do away with? That’s right, the 5th Amendment to the constitution: “…nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law“. So, thanks to all these false flag events in the American Gladio campaign, not only do we not have the right to bear arms anymore, but we also don’t have the right to due process.

2 Pure fascism? – The Donald is polling way out in front of the rest of the pack, seemingly picking up all the voters that Ben Carson lost when it turned out he was just a freaking liar. The orange skinned, fake-haired billionaire daddy figure for all the “rugged individuals” out there is polling at something close to 35.8% as he duck-faces from one racist diatribe to the next. It’s not only sad, but I think it’s an expected reality twist when the real life “John Galt” turns out to be such a pompous, plastic, hollow to the core phony. But, follow him they will, all the way to the rusty pits of Trump’s Gulch.

But what if…

He was boyish and appealing – he could sell air-conditioners in Alaska…Everyone wanted to be in his (campaign)…I think the (Donald) met their need for answers in a fearful situation. And I became intrigued by it myself. I discovered I liked the order and the control…The (campaign) was like a police state with leaders and followers and the resistance. At the time you couldn’t tell who was thinking what. For some of us, the real part got very real. Others may have been just going along to stay out of trouble. We may never know who fell into which category. Certainly we have not found anybody yet who will admit to being one of the aggressive zealots. But none of those details change what happened. It was very emotional, a milestone event in our lives…There is a strong urge today for a big idea that is bigger than yourself. Not necessarily fascism; it could be, say, the (Trump) movement.”

food for thought

More food for thought:

“Like immigration and refugee policy more generally, real and threatened migration crises tend to split societies into (at least) two mutually antagonistic and often highly mobilized groups: the pro- refugee/migrant camp and anti-refugee/migrant camp” Kelly Greenhill

(Yes. He’s just playing a role folks. The Donald knows it’s just a ride.)

3 Paul Joseph Watson, your Hasbara is showing – (Understanding Hasbara) Prison Planet has gone way over to the other side, seemingly doing nothing else other than unleash their inner Pam Gellers while ranting about the evil Muslims of the world. They cultivated a following of alternative minded youth and have now tried to turn them into the new Brown Shirts for whatever Muslim-hating fascist leader is put into office. Once considered at least a part of the Truth community, they now spend every waking hour trying to make their followers believe any ridiculous “Muslims did it” Gladio event that’s put before them. Those of us who figured out long ago that they were nothing more than Cass Sunstein/Hasbara disinfo specialists can only sit back and laugh at the frightening, fascist spectacle that has become of Di$info Jone$.

Front and center of this Islamaphobic echo chamber is Paul Joseph Watson. He is a little British hate-monger from way back. Now his mock rage is unleashed at Brits who signed a petition to keep Donald Trump from entering the UK. He goes on and on talking about how evil Muslims are citing every fake, staged little Muslim-hating Islamaphobic side-show Geller and Katz could come up with and uses them to prove the rightness of his cause, which is basically too say the British people don’t hate Muslims nearly enough. He even channels his inner Di$info Jone$ when he puts on a purple wig and hipster glasses and speaks in a squeaky voice, doing his best “liberal” impersonation. In the end, he calls everyone “fucking stupid” who say they don’t want Donald Trump to visit their nation. Who want to make sure The Donald knows his intolerant views aren’t welcome.

Well, Paul doesn’t condemn on everyone who feels that way:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected on Wednesday night a comment made by US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to keep Muslims out of the United States. “The State of Israel respects all religions and protects stringently the rights of all its citizens

Bibi was scheduled to meet with The Donald in the next week or so but that get together has been called off. The Donald has decided to postpone his trip to Israel until after the election, I guess in order to provide a little cover for Bibi and to keep himself from being embarrassed when the Prime Minister has to snub him.

Do we expect a video from Paul Joseph Watson calling Netanyahu “fucking stupid” for not hating Muslims with the same public zeal as he and The Donald do? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

4 Canada gets it’s a wave of “refugees” from “Syria” – 163 “Syrian refugees” stepped off a plane in Canada yesterday and were greeted by the prime minister himself. Once they set foot on Canadian soil, they were given health cards and social insurance numbers. The event needed to be publicized in the wake of the anti-refugee Trump fiasco so Justin Trudeau put in an appearance himself. He was photographed with pre-selected, white, photogenic “Syrians” complete with infant baby in tow. They were all smiles and gracious and thanking the prime minister for being so nice as to give them some stuff after Canada and the US and Britain have bombed the shit out of their country and forced them to leave and come to Canada so they could be used in a photo-shoot as the poster children for the Globalist Weapons of Mass Migration campaign. Interestingly enough, here are two quotes that you might find useful in understanding what this is all about. I will leave this story at this and you can form your own opinions:

All of the Syrians on board are sponsored by private groups, many of whom had filed the necessary paperwork months ago in order to bring in some of the estimated 4.3 million Syrians displaced by the ongoing civil war in that country” Huffington Post

“And oh yeah… (George Soros) also says we should allow various corporations to become “sponsors” of these immigrants, ensuring they will all get an equitable piece of the cheap labor workforce.”  Scott Creighton

A Canadian oligarch was quoted as saying:

“Oh glorious day. Oh happy day. We blow up countries on the tax-payer’s dime so Canadian oil companies can steal the resources from the people of that land and then we use government planes at the tax-payer’s expense to fly them to Canada so that very same oil company can use them as cheap labor offsetting their lack of income with various government benefits… paid for by the tax-payer. All of this and Canada comes off looking like a progressive, big-hearted nation!?! Are you shitting me? Fascism is GREAT!

Oh glorious day. Oh happy day. Slavery is back! Welcome to the Humanitarian Plantation™ formerly known as Canada.

We’re open for BUSINESS and God fucking knows, BUSINESS is the only thing that matters anymore.” Canadian Big Oil Businessman

5 The Walrus has spoken – Lastly, I wish to offer a bit of a cool-down moment for everyone with this video left on a thread by the Walrus. It kinda puts this anti-Muslim thing into perspective (like my quote above). A tip of the hat to you Walrus.


Do something nice for someone today. Laugh publicly at a Hasbara troll. Forgive those around you for not seeing the world the way you do for they are your core and mean so much more to you than all of this. Put down your devices and stop playing Fallout 4 (God I want that game). Go outside and chase a lizard. He’s bored. You’re bored. Nuff said. And do something nice for someone today. Don’t take any of this shit too seriously. Live and be happy and remember…

28 Responses

  1. Your last paragraph was better than anything I’ve read in a newspaper since 2001. Thanks for that.

    I recently saw a Vietnam vet at the wall in DC who knew the names of hundreds of people on the wall, and he knew the stories of part of their lives and how they died. He took shrapnel to his head, lost a thumb and was shot in the stomach for his country. He is living in a car and cannot afford a place to live right now because the VA continues to not pay him his benefits despite hounding them every day. He is smart, alert, holds himself upright and communicates clearly. He does not appear drunk or impaired. And he cannot figure out why he cannot get his benefits. He asks people who stop by to write their congressmen. He says there are many, many like him who served their country and are now homeless because they are tied up in the system and their benefits cannot get resolved for whatever reason.

    • probably because they privatized part of the benefit system and those banks or financial institutions make it difficult for the vets to get paid. why do you think so many are on food stamps these days? I wish him well. If there is anything we can do, let me know.

      It’s funny. I just watched this before coming over to check comments before getting out today and going to open a jar of pears for mom. thought you might like it.

      • Love that song – Normally I cannot watch video for reasons of paranoia for which I have a good reason (no scripting), but I turned it on for a second and could see what the video is but still could not actually watch it. I got a message saying that the video is not available in my country because it may contain music, the conditions of which could not be agreed upon with the (some acronym).

      • Thanks. My simple reply to this got eaten too.

      • Hey Scott, remember when people were mocking Newt Gingrich for his tweet after the Paris attacks because he cited an imaginary terrorist incident in California? It appears old Newt isn’t quite so senile after all, now doesn’t it?

      • San Bernardino Attackers’ Friend Spoke of ‘Sleeper Cells’ Before Rampage

        • i can’t even cover the Marquez story. its so fucking stupid. it’s even dumber than the contrived fake manifestos they kept coming out with. when he confesses to killing Kennedy, let me know.

          • You think they threatened him, offered him money, or…?

            Also, what do you think of that Newt Gingrich tweet? Old man losing it or foreknowledge?

            • the claim is he disappeared right before the attack, supposedly went to a mental institution and checked himself in. translation? the FBI snatched him up prior to the event and put him on ice so they could make him say, or say he said, whatever they liked. they’ve done it how many dozens of times in the past?

              the Newt Tweet was very telling. He’ll surely backtrack and say he was talking about one of the other Gladio events in Cali, but none of those was linked to “ISIS” so he’s fucked. But no one will pay attention. Yeah, of course they all knew the event was coming. they had to assure their warmongers in congress that something was being done to appease the MIC and their beloved Israelis, so yeah, they let them know the sequence of events before it unfolded. Nothing concrete, mind you.

              • You don’t seem interested in the Gingrich tweet. I find it very odd. People were making fun of him at the time about the nonexistent California terror attack. Some people were saying we better look out for a false flag in California. Seems almost everyone forgot about old Newt’s tweet. I’m sure he still has some good connections with inside info. Who knows though.

                • perhaps you didn’t read the undated version of my comment. I added that second paragraph apparently while you were typing this reply.

                  • Yes, I was too quick on the draw it appears, and responded before added the second paragraph.

                    I’m surprised he hasn’t deleted the tweet yet. Perhaps he’s both senile and in the know. I took a screenshot in case he realizes what he did and deletes the tweet. Hopefully you, and others, will do the same. This piece of information needs to be promulgated as soon as possible before the official story sets in too firmly and those who might be on the fence go with the government’s line. By itself it isn’t conclusive. However, when taken into consideration along with the rest of the oddities surrounding this event…well, it doesn’t look good for the powers that be.

                    Maybe you should do a really short article about Marquez and the Gingrich tweet just to get the word out there for those who are unaware.

                    You seemed in a good mood yesterday. I hope it held up for the remainder of the day. I’m sure researching all these topics can get stressful and it’s good to appreciate the good that’s out there.

                  • LOL! I just saw you questioning Newt via Twitter. He’s not going to reply. If for some reason he did it would just be a lie. I would suggest deleting your tweet as it may prompt him to delete his tweet. If that happens people will try to argue that the screenshot I (and hopefully others) took is fake. It’s your call though.

                  • Nicely done. I must have posted again as you were putting that article up. Just one of those days I guess. ☺️

              • They could always just make up a connection to one CA event or other than say that the information had to be withheld from the public at the time to protect “National Security”. It actually doesn’t matter what they say. The majority will believe it even when it’s provably impossible.

  2. Thanks for that last paragraph. It was better than any newspaper article since 2001. I left another comment, but it was filtered by the (spam?) system.

  3. I think the Queen is the supporter of Canada’s refugee fondness, so the policy is untouchable. I laugh, as in the back of my head I always knew 2nd generation Canadians would get treated with the same respect for their views as the aboriginal natives were given for their views, as to how the country would be run. It totally befuddles some that even warm loving resettlements of mass victims of war can turn out to be highly problematic to bystanders to these freaky love ins.

  4. South Dakota Sioux Chief, Russell Means called the situation exactly before we lost him. A great great spirit and inspiration.

  5. Scott, I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but I’ll be damned if I’ll sit here and listen to you judge him by the colour of his skin.

  6. Re: The Holy Quran Experiment. It’s The Quran, not “The Holy Quran”. Those guys really did get it confused with The Holy Bible. The “The” is also suspect.

    The Holy Bible = The Sacred Books
    Quran = Recitation

    The Judeo-Christian equivalent would be a book called Prayer or Prayers. It wouldn’t be called The Holy Prayer.

  7. Great post Scott and thanks for the shout out!

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