“Rule of the people, by the people, for the people” – A Look at the Constitution of Syria

by Scott Creighton

“by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future”

As open societies shut down across Europe, neo-Nazis are installed in Ukraine, dictators take over from elected presidents in Egypt and one Gladio operation after another begins to teach the American people they might not be well served by their quaint, outdated constitution, I decided to take a quick look at a couple constitutions in nations either slated for regime change or completely undone by one.

There is something extremist which ties them together. Ties them to us. Ties them to nations erased in days gone by.

What is that extremist ideology? Well that is the question, isn’t it?

Back in 2013, the first elected president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, was removed from office through an illegal US-sponsored coup because he did two things:

  1. He refused to sign a new IMF loan
  2. He put off the IMF decision until the new government could establish the new, anti-neoliberal constitution of Egypt

At the time, I wrote about the new constitution and it’s decidedly anti-neoliberal principals. It was created by the elected representatives of the people of Egypt and it was put the people for a referendum, which it won and was therefore approved by the people. You can see why:

  • Healthcare is a right of every citizen, and the State shall allocate a sufficient percentage of the national revenue.”
  • High-quality education is a right guaranteed by the State for every citizen. It is free throughout its stages in all government institutions, obligatory in the primary stage, and the State shall work to extend obligation to other stages.”
  • Work is a right, duty and honor for every citizen, guaranteed by the State on the basis of the principles of equality, justice and equal opportunities.”
  • “All citizens unable to support themselves and their families in cases of incapacity, unemployment and old age have the right to social insurance guaranteeing a minimum sustenance.”
  • Adequate housing, clean water and healthy food are given rights.”
  • “The law regulates the use of land, in such a way as to achieve social justice, and protect farmers and agricultural laborer from exploitation.”
  • The natural resources of the State belong to the people, who have a right to their revenues. The State is committed to preserving such resources for future generations and putting them to good use. State property is not to be disposed of”
  • Wages shall be linked to production, bridging income gaps and establishing a minimum wage that would guarantee decent living standards for all citizens, and a maximum wage in civil service positions with exemptions regulated by law.”

Shortly after the illegal coup, a new constitution, crafted by the usual technocrat suspects, was installed in it’s place.

Today I decided to take a peek at the constitution of Syria since they seem to be next on the reactionary, world fascism chopping block. The constitution was ratified and approved and went into effect on Feb. 27, 2012.

Article 1 The Syrian Arab Republic is a democratic state with full sovereignty, indivisible, and may not waive any part of its territory, and is part of the Arab homeland; The people of Syria are part of the Arab nation.

Article 2 The system of governance in the state shall be a republican system; Sovereignty is an attribute of the people; and no individual or group may claim sovereignty. Sovereignty shall be based on the principle of the rule of the people by the people and for the people; The People shall exercise their sovereignty within the aspects and limits prescribed in the Constitution.

Article 13 1. The national economy shall be based on the principle of developing public and private economic activity through economic and social plans aiming at increasing the national income, developing production, raising the individual’s living standards and creating jobs;

Article 14 Natural resources, facilities, institutions and public utilities shall be publicly owned, and the state shall invest and oversee their management for the benefit of all people, and the citizens’ duty is to protect them.

Article 16 The law shall determine the maximum level of agricultural ownership and agricultural investment to ensure the protection of the farmer and the agricultural laborer from exploitation and to ensure increased production.

Article 22 2. The state shall protect the health of citizens and provide them with the means of prevention, treatment and medication.

Article 29 1. Education shall be a right guaranteed by the state, and it is free at all levels.

Article 40 2. Each worker shall have a fair wage according to the quality and output of the work; this wage shall be no less than the minimum wage that ensures the requirements of living and changes in living conditions;

Article 53 2. No one may be tortured or treated in a humiliating manner, and the law shall define the punishment for those who do so;

Article 86 1. The President of the Republic shall be elected directly by the people;

As we here in the states notice a growing trend developing whereas our government is busily doing their level best to undermine our constitution, I thought it would be interesting to see the kinds of things they seem to hate about others.

If you take them point for point, they are very similar:

  • Protection of worker’s rights
  • education as a right provided by the state
  • healthcare as a right provided by the state
  • natural resources and public services institutions defined as being the property of the people
  • no privatization of state/public owned resources
  • tightly regulated land ownership protecting small family farmers and agricultural workers from exploitation
  • quality of life assurances regulating minimum wages

Both of these documents seek to ensure the standard of living of the people of the nation was of paramount concern of the state, taking precedence over free market ideology and the welfare of the entrenched billionaire class and their extremist ideology of the monitization of everything.

They are (were) constitutions truly written by the people for the people and that is exactly why President Morsi had to be removed from office and that is exactly why our fake progressive president is working so hard to force a regime change in Syria now.

Decades ago Henry Kissinger sat in the White House and screamed about how the people of Chile “voted the wrong way” when they elected a left leaning president to run the country in 1970.

To Kissinger, the political ideology of Salvador Guillermo Allende, the same ideology you see enshrined into constitutional law above, was a cancer that had to be cut out from Latin America before it could spread.

So on Sept. 11th, 1973, the CIA with the support of the White House, instigated a coup in Chile which took the life of their elected president and Kissinger put in place a ruthless neoliberal dictator by the name of Pinochet and the cancer of social justice was removed in Chile for 30 years.

Today, the fake leftist President Obama is trying his best to do the same thing to Syria. He has already succeeded in that quest through the use of mercenary terrorists and “humanitarian” bombing campaigns in Libya decimating a once beautiful, socialist nation in the process.

Studying geopolitics is meaningless if you don’t see the anchors that hold the web.

As the rush to fascism envelops our Western allies from the UK to France to Greece and we watch here at home as one Gladio event after the other attempts to teach our population that the protections of the constitution are quaint and out of date…

… it might just be important to remember what it really is that lies at the heart of what they hate so much, these masters of the universe who direct the invisible hand of our One Party System.

What exactly is the extremist ideology they hate so much? I propose the answer to that question is simple:

the principle of the rule of the people by the people and for the people


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9 Responses

  1. Thanks, Scott. Your fine voice is helping keep our little choir alive. Sing on. We’ll join you for the chorus.

  2. The godly goodness is being drained from the world and sold to the highest bidder who turns it into the creation of hell on earth. This will eventually consume even the greedy creators.

  3. Scott, are you still planning to write your complete review of ‘Cloud Atlas’? Many thanks for turning me on to this masterpiece, both the film and the book.

  4. This is very interesting! Thanks for thinking of this, following up, and letting us know what you’ve found. This explains the real reason citizens have been sent to war for so many years and quite a bit more.

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