Human Rights Groups Criticize U.S. Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia (smart bombs to kill people of Yemen)

from NPR

The State Department has approved a $1.29 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, which includes as many as 13,000 precision guided weapons or smart bombs. The sale comes as Human Rights Watch charges that Saudi airstrikes in Yemen “have indiscriminately killed and injured civilians.”

Congress was notified of the sale on Nov. 13 and has 30 days to block the deal — unlikely because congressional staffers have already carefully reviewed the sale. It now appears set to go through this week as part of the Obama administration’s pledge to boost military support for Gulf states, after negotiating a nuclear deal with regional rival Iran.

A Saudi-led coalition launched an air war in Yemen in March. The Saudi royals pledged a quick victory after Houthi rebels seized the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, and ousted the Saudi-backed government.

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  1. Engdahl lays ISIS at the feet of the Saudi Royalty.Blames them for the trouble in the domestic shale industry too.No mention of the U.S., Israel,or “Big John” McCain.The usual Bin Laden bullshit(he “arised by a marriage in hell”) doesn’t help his credibility either.

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