Central Banks Are In The Harvest Phase Of The Economic Collapse: John Titus

by Scott Creighton

“The fed is not independent. It does the bidding of the elite of Wall Street. Always has, always will”

As they continue to push the lie that is the unemployment numbers here in the states, informed consumers know the truth: the US workforce is shrinking dramatically.

On Thursday, the government reported that the U.S. added 223,000 jobs last month. It’s a decent number, and it shows that the economy is still expanding, though not quite spectacularly. The jobs report also included a figure that suggests the labor market is perhaps a lot weaker than many think. The number of people in the workforce dropped by 432,000 in June, to just over 157 million. That translates to 62.6% of the overall population, the lowest the labor force participation rate has been since 1977. Fortune magazine, July 2015

Have a listen to John Titus on the X22report Spotlight. He covers this and many other indicators that seem to suggest the “too big too fail or be held to the rule of law” private central bankers, what I call the masters of the universe, are in the harvesting stage of the next manufactured collapse of the economy. Not great news at all folks.

Titus explains how manufacturing is key to society and how it has been deliberately undermined here and in other Westernized nations in order to create a sort of vassal state.

When you expand upon that you come to understand that it not only cripples the community when they do away with manufacturing in these countries, but it also dramatically reduces the tax revenues which in turn, destroys the governments themselves, forcing the exact kind of ‘crises’ they need in order to justify implementing the IMF austerity measures the crave so much.

Then think about the push for global restrictions on industry and manufacturing via the “global warming” mythology and you start to see the bigger picture.

What they have done to us, they intend to do to every nation and in order to implement these reforms in countries that refuse them, they created a “global crisis” and seek to impose their will via international rule of law which is ironic of course, because they regularly flaunt international laws as it suits their immediate needs.

2 Responses

  1. He doesn’t understand the monetary system. Austrian School economics (which he is talking) is dangerous nonsense.

    It’s the politicians failing in fiscal policy that people should be up in arms about. Not the central banks.

    And the Fed is NOT privately owned. That’s a libertoonian fantasy.

    This guy would be at home on Alex Jones’ show.

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