San Bernardino “Terrorist” Gun Battle With Cops (full video)

by Scott Creighton

One of the readers who showed up here claims to be from San Bernardino and says she watched the gun battle during the car chase on live TV from the helicopter footage.  Here is the video footage of the live feed from the helicopter. You’ll notice by time they eventually get around to showing the scene, it’s already done with. The patsy suspect is lying on the ground and the SUV is shot up from all directions. As the film maker points out, there doesn’t appear to be any police presence in front of the car which make you wonder how those bullet holes got in the front windshield. Also of note: as the SUV is being “chased” in the slow motion car chase, notice the SUV has a particular style of flashing lights. Why would he have his flashers on?

The shooters were able to leave the scene and drive miles away to some house in Redlands and it was only after an anonymous tip that the cops went to the house and then decided to follow the SUV for no real apparent reason. They then went back to an area close to where the SWAT drill had been taking place only to stop on the street, again for no apparent reason, and engage a million cops in a gun battle.

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    So hard to digest…

  2. super duper graphic image here – be warned…but if this really is farook dead (and i’m not so sure – where is the chain link fence in the your picture above?), why is his dead body handcuffed?

  3. Some observations-
    The headlight flasher is an available option on police vehicles only, therefore the black Expedition in the video is most likely to be an officially purchased and owned vehicle, as it is too new to have been sold as surplus to department requirements.
    I do not see sufficient evidence to maintain that the vehicle was shot from the front. There are two stars on the hood but they most likely are through-and-throughs from the backlight. If it had been shot from the front, there would likely be headlight glass and a pool of coolant on the pavement.
    I have seen close up images of the ‘terrorist’s body’ and FAKE AS SHIT is the phrase that comes to mind. If anybody needs a Rusty Slusser ‘thug’ mask, I have one for sale, and I’ll donate the proceeds to America’s best reporter.

  4. In the 21 years since the OJ Simpson white bronco “chase,” one of the most significant changes in local TV news has been the formation of “Local News Service” aka “News Share Services” by major market local affiliates as a way to adapt to decreasing local news budgets. Under these agreements (note: in Los Angeles this includes the affiliates for NBC, Fox & Tribune) stations pool video crews and share helicopters.

    Therefore, while in 1994 there were tens of helicopters covering the OJ ride up the 405, at the San Bernadino event there was 1 news helicopter.

    Think about it:
    In the past, local affiliates were in a fierce competition and looking at every aspect of a breaking news story to try to scoop the competition by presenting something unique. Today, almost all of the affiliates are using the same shot from the same helicopter. It’s much easier to control what 1 or 2 cameras present to the viewers than a plethora of cameras. Right? Much easier to control the information.

    I stumbled across this:
    A proposal to require all LA news outlets to feed from one single helicopter, one single source at all times.

  5. The reader Scott refers to (if she’s the same one I saw posting) also claimed that this was all over police scanners (although I’m pretty sure that reader didn’t hear anything that wasn’t later on the news). The people in the helicopter don’t have access to that?

  6. Why are the windows of the SUV rolled up? If someone was shooting out of the SUV with a “long gun”, they would roll down the windows first.

    • For the same reason the windows are tinted, and the shooters always wear masks and combat gear… For a nation of children raised believing in big fat men in red costumes are Santa Clause, and that Clark Kent’s disguise is a pair of glasses, believing a tall white man is actually a 90 lbs Arab woman in disguise is not much of a stretch…

      In any case, as per the photos show, the terrrirists were shot through the windshield… Even though the chopper video shows that the stationary black SUV was approached by the police forces from the back and right side… On a side note, I have not come across any official (or msm) explanation as to why the fleeing SUV came to a complete stop in the middle of the road… Maybe bonnie and clyde decided they will just stay quiet (dead quiet that is), hide behind the tinted windows and pretend they are not actually in the car, hoping the police would move on thinking they had been chasing the wrong car all along.

  7. Clearly what is being filmed is not a real-time pursuit of the shooters. One man [whoever it really is versus whoever we are told that it is] is on the ground and tied. At the 6:00 to 6:17 minute mark, it is apparent that local news and TV crews are set up in what looks like designated, pre-assigned spots to film . . . what? To film the chase? No. Chase has concluded. Reports say that the shooting of the perp was one hour after the shooting at the San Bernardino facility. Still, who is telling the Tv crews to set up at designated areas, areas that just so happen to be in the path of the spontaneous, real-time police chase?

    • Seems old Newt wasn’t losing his marbles when he cited a California terrorist attack that hadn’t occurred yet.

  8. Hey Scott,

    Love the blog greatly.
    I did have a question about the efficacy of the hoaxes for the elite’s agenda.
    After one of these mass shootings (psyops) take place with mass media appeal, they always result in the proliferation of gun sales among the masses.
    So, knowing these numbers, why would the elite continue with this current strategy, when it seems to have the counter effect of their agenda?

    • Some will tell you that the removal of all guns from the public is the agenda. I don’t think it is.

      We know the gun manufacturers have a great deal of political sway in this country and they’ve been pushing for more weapons for “ISIS” and the moderates in Syria and all over the place in congress and the White House as well. They have no intention of harming the firearms industry in this country.

      What they want is to be able to determine who gets to have them, and who doesn’t. That’s what I’ve been saying all along and we see now, they are implementing that plan through the arbitrary no-fly list.

      Even if they decide someone who already has weapons shouldn’t have them and they run over and take them, well they’ve already been paid for. It’s not like it’s going to hurt the arms manufacturers at that point.

      As far as the “gun grabbing” scare is concerned, yeah, each and every one of these things prompts folks to run out and buy a gun, so that helps someone if they were to know one was going to happen and they bought a put option on Remington or whoever makes AR-15s. Might be something to look into there, huh?

      But no. They aren’t going to disarm the entire public. Just certain people who have certain ideologies.

      Ultimately, the big target is the constitution itself, because in order to do this, they have to declare the constitution to be outdated… and re-write it. That’s really what they want.

  9. Couldn’t agree more.

  10. […] chopper video of final scene is very different from dramatic photos with hood raised and shot up […]

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