Paris Attacks: Cousin of Suspect, Hasna Aitboulahcen, Appears to Have Been Killed by RAID Grenade Launcher

by Scott Creighton

She was said to be the evil terrorist who would rather blow herself up with her suicide vest than be caught by law enforcement. Dubbed “France’s First Female Suicide Bomber”, Hasna Aitboulahcen died on Nov. 17th, just days after the Nov. 13th Paris Attacks, when law enforcement came looking for her cousin Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected mastermind. He was later killed in a shootout involving bullets and grenades.

Police later said she and her accomplices in the room with her were planning another terrorist attack and of course that story served to justify what happened to her. Try as they might, they never could cobble together a convincing narrative of her becoming “radicalized” to the point of wearing a suicide vest. And her story was quickly dropped down the memory hole.

In the end, they changed the story and said she did not blow herself up, but rather, one of her accomplices detonated his suicide vest, which triggered hers. With that, her story was quickly dropped down the memory hole.

But that doesn’t appear to be how Hasna Aitboulahcen died at the early age of 26.

A video posted by Youtuber “ron johnson” accurately dissects the footage that was made public of the explosion in the tiny little Paris apartment. He also includes an audio file purportedly of dialog taking place between the French RAID teams (their equivalent of our SWAT teams) and Hasna as she begs to be allowed to leave and simply “go home”.  A voice, reportedly of French RAID officers, repeatedly demands they give up Abaaoud and she says over and over again that he wasn’t there.

The now famous video of the explosion that took her life has a very distinct sound to it. It’s a minor explosion just before a major one. Not even a full second in between them but you can clearly hear the two distinct sounds.

When I first heard it, I wondered what that was. It didn’t sound like a suicide vest to me.

“Ron Johnson” has figured out what it was…. a grenade launcher attachment on an assault rifle.

(Remember, the official story about what happened later to Abaaoud states he was killed in a shootout and his body torn to shreds with “grenades”)

Is it possible that the RAID officers thought they would find Abaaoud in the apartment with Hasna but instead found a young woman with her boyfriend? Is it also possible that rather than simply enter the dwelling and search for the suspect, RAID officers decided not to put themselves in harm’s way and instead lobbed a grenade into the room where the two of them were, later concocting the story of the suicide vests as cover?

The “ron johnson” video is below. Whatever you think they motive was, I think it’s pretty clear that what we all heard was a grenade launcher taking out 26-year-old Hasna Aitboulahcen. Good work ron.

31 Responses

  1. Hi Scott, two days before the above video was published I already reported about the false suicide blast, on November 21:

    FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF THE PARIS FALSE FLAG ATTACKS !!! Paris Raid: “Suicide Blast” in Saint -Denis is a FALSE Narrative, VIDEO PROVES IT !!!

    Good to see, though, that at least someone but me only also saw through the fake story that has been pushed upon the gullible public out there.



  2. What am I missing from this series of Bataclan photos?

    In the aftermath photo, why does it seem as if someone was painting a picture in “blood” on the floor? Is it a picture of an owl? (Head to the right).

    If that’s a cop with a rifle poised (slightly above and to right of centre), does that mean the cops had just arrived inside? If so, who’s taking the photo, and why? And why was it released to the media?

    If 89 people were killed, where are the 89 bodies?

    What’s that black cloth surface to the left, where the entranceway should be (centre-back of audience shots)? And what’s that junk on top of it?

    What is written/drawn on the red balcony facing? It looks like 1323, or the sideways drawing of a cartoon face.

    Scrolling down, we come to a shot of two crying women being led away outside… by athletic-looking white guys in black polo shirts carrying machine guns? Caption “A woman is evacuated from the scene of the massacre…” Who are those guys, and what is that ‘uniform’?Who arrives at the scene of a… hostage situation… dressed like that?

    Scrolling back up to the third photo, what part of a metal concert features the lead singer, without his guitar, addressing the crowd with some house lights on? Those two asian women in the centre? ALL those press/professional photographers? This WAS the Eagles Of Death Metal, right? Nobody had ever heard of them, right? Especially in France, right?

    Scrolling down to the fourth photo, is that audience for real? The woman in the striped top with the oversized handbag?

    Something ain’t right.

    • The black cloth area is where the sound board is set up. Nothing suspicious about that.

      • So, part of the audience stands behind that, and part stands in front of it? Also, aren’t there steps down to the main floor there?

        • if you are talking about the audio engineer’s rig, then yes, that is typical, but not necessarily mandatory for most venues like this one. When I worked at the Flood Zone in Richmond, it was a similar setup. Large open floor on stage level, balcony above which wrapped around and an audio riser in about the same location on the first floor. they do that so the audio guy can hear the same thing the audience hears. As for the seating, it depends on the show. But a satirical death metal band would probably have an open floor on the first level for the audience. I doubt they would start a mosh-pit with that crowd, but it would still be open. Again, I reference the Flood Zone. We almost never set up chairs on the floor level. Even when Dave Mathews was our house band every Weds. night. We had the Ramones in there, GWAR all sorts of hip-hop shows like Redman… and always, the floor level was open.

          • I can imagine that. And I can imagine that theatres that were built with balconies, but are now being used in different ways, will still have that balcony open, and will still put tickets up for sale. And people who want to attend, and who find that there are only balcony tickets available, will still attend.

            Since I believe that it was a FF, I’m trying to work out:

            1. Whether it was a real FF or a fake FF. Whether people got killed or not. Whether the band were in on it or not. Etc. The Cirque de Soleil artiste hanging out the back window seems to point to a fake, because you don’t have to add in any of that crap when you actually burn down the Reichstag building. All you have to do is blame it on someone.

            2. If it was real, why the Bataclan?

            3. If it was false, why the Bataclan?

            Obviously, the Jewish (ex) ownership brings a few potential scenarios (and narrative support stories) to mind.

            I’m not happy with any of the “shooting” venues or any of the other “detonation” scenes. None of it adds up.

            • Listen, I don’t think they sold out the venue. I think they staged the thing with a controlled audience of course. And I have already written about the sketchy Bataclan ownership situation (sold by the pro-Israeli guys just before the shooting and bought by a company that also owns merchandising venues at the stadium where the fake suicide bombers “blew up”) but I can explain the venue.

              As coincidence has it, it is very similar to the Flood Zone. FZ was a 1,200 occupancy venue. As I described before, it had an open floor on ground level and a balcony which wrapped around on three sides above.

              What you don’t seem to understand is, you don’t buy tickets like going to see a performance in a concert hall. When you buy a ticket, you buy entrance into the venue, not a specific seat. So unless that balcony was specified as VIP seating (which I doubt it was for a show like this) then what happens is you go in, and you can go upstairs or stay down on the floor. Some people like to get separated from the crowd and watch the show, others like to pile into the crowd and feel the show from the ground floor.

              At least that is how FZ was set up.

              below is a shot from ’93. Jesus Lizard playing. It was taken from the balcony looking down on the floor.


              by then I was already living in New York so I didn’t work that show.

              This is Mathews at the FZ in 92 I think. You can see the balcony above. Specifically, you can see the lighting cage. It was on the right side of the balcony.

              I’m just saying, the layout of the place is not unique in that regard.

              • Yes, I can accept that. I’m only throwing out questions, looking for answers, not confirmation of any theory I have in my head. If it turns out that the architecture of the venue doesn’t appear to have any bearing on the issue, I’ll bin that angle and move on.

                That “sit/stand anywhere” policy doesn’t seem like it would be code or insurance-friendly. Attendees really need to have a designated location to escape an emergency from. They can’t all be trying to get out the same door.

                So, why the Bataclan (cos I’m not buying the “It supported Israeli benefits” thing)? And why those silly little cafes (although I’ve already seen mention, in MSM print, of an idea to the effect that “Parisians found that they weren’t safe anywhere, even in small cafes…”)? And why the suicide zombies going all the way to a deserted exterior of a stadium and going ‘pop!’ with no witnesses (was it a philosophy lesson)?

                What was the wagger thinking when he wrote that narrative? Is there method in the apparent madness?

                • what sit-stand anywhere designation is there for any bar you walk into or dance club? And yet they still have fire code regulations. Personally, as the former security manager of the Flood Zone, I can tell you they (at least here in the states) have very strict guidelines that have to be adhered to.

  3. Now, go back to the first photo of the audience (or any photo). Try to match the faces up in your mind with the lyrics to the song the article says the band were just “launching into” when the “gunmen burst in”.

    “Kiss The Devil”

    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll sing his song?…
    Who will love the devil and his song?…
    I’ll love the devil!…
    I’ll sing his song!…
    I will love the devil and his song!…
    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll kiss his tongue?…
    Who will kiss the devil on his tongue?…
    I’ll love the devil!…
    I’ll kiss his tongue!…
    I will kiss the devil on his tongue!…
    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll sing his song?…
    I will love the devil and his song!…
    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll kiss his tongue?…
    I will kiss the devil on his tongue!…
    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll sing his song?…

    If that yuppie crowd were there because they’re into that type of music, I’ll eat my hat. That’s not to say, however, that such people couldn’t like singing the mic-to-the-crowd bits of those particular lyrics.

    Still wondering what the lead singer’s speech was about. People seemed to get excited about it.

    • In the Paris attacks, they deliberately inserted a Satan worshiping element.
      In San Bernardino, it was the guy with the Free Masons hat.

      Get the feeling you’re being played?

      • Well, there seems to be a difference between the amount of effort that would have gone into those two potential red herring elements. Painting what looks to be a picture of an owl in the victims’ “blood” takes a little more imagination and work than does asking someone to wear a cap when interviewed.

        The owl is not a Satanic element, but an Illuminati (Sun-worship) one (which could be said to be back door Satanism). Both the “insertions”, however, fit with the imagery associated with OWG, which, after all, is what we believe this is all leading up to, right?

        I suppose I have one basic question: Are “signs hidden in plain sight” a legitimate part of all this, or just a bunch of normally incidental stuff that is selectively culled from piles of billions of stuff, by overly-imaginative people, and hammered together to make what looks like a trail, but which really isn’t?

        • It’s a good question. Like Newt leaving his Tweet about the California shooting up on his Twitter account. Hard too say why they do it. But they do. Why did the PNAC publish their call for a “new Pearl Harbor type event” exactly one year prior to 9/11? Maybe it’s a signature from arrogant assholes who want credit from those they are seeking to please? Maybe it’s simple mistakes. Maybe they are trying to throw alternative investigative journalists off track.. have ’em chasing down baby sacrificing Satan worshipers instead of the real culprits. I don’t know. It’s a good question, one I would only be able to answer if I were one of them.

          • If we are to accept that there are people behind all this, we probably also have to accept that they’re pretty much psychos (organised, functional psychos). Plenty of lone psychos, serial killers (which is possibly what we’re dealing with), etc., have left behind calling cards and clues, MOs, etc.

            If it were true, the interesting bit would be the potential for predicting the next one. To turn interested attention away from pointing out Newt’s past tweet and onto recognising the next clue as it is given. Who knows, maybe they’re actually ultimately giving date, time and place.

            Why would it be that a lot of (truth) people would spend time ridiculing Newt’s tweet when it happened, and nobody wrote an article or blog post stating that we should all be watching for Californian fakery? Where is the ongoing list of potential FFs based on media people’s “ridiculous” tweets?

            While we’re here, one problem I have with the crisis actor scenario (and I KNOW I’ve witnessed extremely amateurish examples of such in Boston Bombing videos) is how they’d be selected? Are these loners who were going away for life, or doing life, and are now in witness protection?

            • I think it might be a military style recruitment based on a personality profiles and psychological tests. People would be hired as drill-crisis actors, and would go through a filtering process similar to the one for armed forces where suitable persons are handpicked for black ops

              And there seems to be two tiers (if not more)… One tier for the eye candy extras filling up the scenes with the necessary elements, and another tier of a whole spectrum of levels of actors who are capable (so to speak) of actively lying, manipulating and giving interviews, etc.

              So, I think the crisis actors are official military employees or contractors, and may very well be part the “civilian army” that Obama had talked about around the beginning of his first term.

        • I will say this. I think sometimes they toss shit out there in order to see how it travels. They track disinfo specs like that across networks. It allows them to map who is influential and who isn’t. who leads, who follows. If I am right about this, the disinfo needs to be specific enough so it stands out, and silly enough to not be taken seriously by the mainstream (or at least easily refutable) I’m guessing they can almost map the alternative internet mind like a MRI of brainwave activity by doing this and figure out what sites they need to worry about and which they don’t. That’s kind of why I was a little worried about all the Facebook attention I received on that earlier article. If I wasn’t really on their radar before that.. I probably am now.

          • Man, don’t tell me there’s also a purple pill. That you have to believe some stuff, but disbelieve other stuff. Because, I’ll tell you right now, I’m not up to it.

            If all the alternative minds can do is recognise FFs after the fact, why would they be considered a threat? They’ll never convince enough people to do anything about it. I believe Obama could hold a press conference and STATE that he was in on the Californian thing and 99.9% of the viewers would deny that he’d said it. Then they’d be led to debate the definition of “it”? Then they’d give him a library.

            If there’s a plan to take over the world, it’s a done deal. Human beings aren’t going to prevent it. I wholeheartedly believe this stuff, but I follow it purely for entertainment purposes. Like watching sunsets. “Oh look, there it goes. I knew it was going to do that, but it was still fun to watch.”

            • I think Obama automatically gets a library for being president. The difference is, they may fill his entirely with fiction.

              • Aren’t they all filled with fiction anyway, all these presidential libraries. In fact, the library scam is the perfect pretext to sanitize a president’s records as much as possible, and keep the rest under a gatekeeper’s (librarian) watchful eyes.

                • Come to think of it, I personally have no idea what, if any, difference there is between what’s in a “presidential” library and any other. I’ve never actually looked for a book in a library named after a president.

          • I will say this. I think sometimes they toss shit out there in order to see how it travels.

            I think you may be right about this. You’ve undoubtedly seen Quiet Little Wars (I think that’s what it was called) from Bill Cooper’s book where they talk about shock testing society?

          • These sick fucks could be dropping hints because they get a kick out of the fact that they know they’ll get away with it and the people who actually understand what truthfully happened are the ones who get mocked as lunatics by the ignorant majority.

            You did a really good job with the San Bernardino shooting so that’s part of it. I just assume by now I’m on a list. There’s a site where you can find out but I really couldn’t give a shit. With over 6,000,000 site hits I would assume you are on one. I’m not trying to freak you out or anything. Maybe the high rate of Facebook shares was due to it being shared to disinfo shills to try and find lies to counter what you wrote.

            Sometimes I wonder if those carrying these ops out hate people like us, partly respect us, or are just amused that we’re on to them and they get away scot-free every time. I could see them respecting us as adversaries, and even though the MSM does their bidding, despise them for their cravenly and venal nature.

            • I’ve written briefly about the guy who used to come down to a local out and sit and chat with me who swore he was former CIA and a banker down here in Florida. He was a nice guy, smart as a whip. Used to like to get my take on various events. He told me several times, they watch me and sites like mine because they need us. We serve a purpose. What that is he never told me, he would just smile. He wanted me to do more than just write. He made that clear. Even offered money which I never took. I could never confirm whether or not he was what he said he was. But he seemed to know my work and my writing from day one and his intellect made me think it was possible he was who he claimed he was.. or at least, used to be. I think in a lot of ways, he respected me. We would get into heated debates about historical events or campaigns. he was well versed in many of them and seemed like he knew much more than I did about others.

              • “He wanted me to do more than just write”. Did he give specifics? Sounds like he had a guilty conscience. Another possibility is that perhaps he thought he could co-opt you.

                I’ve always assumed those in the intelligence community use sites like this to judge how well they’re pulling off these PSYOPs. They figure most people couldn’t fathom the government ever doing anything so horrible and they just have to manage those who are awake — put doubts into their heads through disinformation campaigns. Sites like this are a barometer so to speak.

  4. One of Jesse Hughes most recent projects is his 2015 role in a film production called Gutterdammerung (to be released in 2016). He “stars” in it, along with Iggy Pop, Lemmy, Slash and Grace Jones (What? Jesse “The Devil” Hughes seems out of place? Good job he got famous in a hurry, then, wasn’t it?)

    —Gutterdämmerung seems to be a portmanteau of the English “gutter” and the German “götterdämmerung” (or just an Anglicization of the word), which means roughly means “a collapse (as of a society or regime) marked by catastrophic violence and disorder.”—

    Review and trailer:

    You can see some of the director’s other work here:

  5. I’m suddenly curious about how many times EODM has “sold out” venues of this size …

    • I’m curious about how a given act could find an audience, half of which was prepared to stand downstairs, while the other half was prepared to sit in balcony seats. Are we to believe that that’s always the set up at the Bataclan? Wouldn’t a theatre that had balcony seats normally have stalls seats also?

      • That kind of setup is common in concert venues – I’ve been to several like that.

        • Well, I suppose my retort to that would have to be: That kind of setup is not common in concert venues – I’ve never been to one like that.

          You see, a “concert venue” may house all sorts of concerts, shows and talks, etc. Most audience members want some kind of seat thrown in. Having a concert venue with no seats downstairs would severely limit the kinds of presentations that could be booked.

          Wiki says “The Bataclan is known today for a very eclectic programme of events, including rock and pop concerts, spectacles, comedy, discos and café-théâtre.”

          I can only imagine the lower level chairs (and tables) are removable.

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