Very Curious: NY traffic stop yields suspect with assault rifle, body armor, 8,300 rounds of ammo

(This is a very curious development. I wonder if it will be hyped or dropped down the memory hole. The guy had all the hallmarks of an American Gladio event including the stuff left back at his home for them to discover later. Is this a patsy or a merc who was stopped by accident prior to the event? Curious.)

UPDATE: Looks like someone had to reel in a patsy or an op.

“Mark Vicars, 49, was driving on Jericho Turnpike in Syosset around 7:40 a.m. Thursday when Special Investigation Squad detectives, in a joint investigation with the Joint Terrorism Task Force’s New York office and the Transportation Security Administration, initiated a traffic stop.”

“Police say there is no nexus to terror and no immediate threat. Their investigation is ongoing.”

When he was pulled over, he had the balls to show the officers his fake federal air marshal credentials and was driving a vehicle with official looking lights on the top. He must have thought his get out of jail free card would have worked, right? Why would he have thought that?

from Fox News

Police in New York say a traffic stop has resulted in the arrest of man posing as a federal air marshal who had an assault rifle, body armor and 8,300 rounds of ammunition.

Nassau County police said Friday that the suspect was stopped Thursday morning on the Jericho Turnpike in the Long Island community of Syosset (sy-AH’-seht).

They say he had a pistol, a knife and the assault rifle in the car, along with the body armor and a tactical vest containing three high capacity magazines. He produced fake credentials and activated emergency lights on his vehicle.

Authorities say they found more weapons and the 8,300 rounds of ammunition at his home.

4 Responses

  1. A quick, cheap and easy way to make the public feel “They are everywhere!!! They are armed, dangerous and they can hit anytime, anywhere…”

    Note how his arsenal is almost identical to San Bernardino.

    • it’s almost identical to all of them. I can’t figure this one out. its very odd.

      • As you say, it is important to see how they propagandize, or bury this story…

        If they propagandize it, then it’s most likely a filler-upper-reminder psyop… But, if they bury it quick, it’s probably someone they needed top apprehend and/or silence… (perhaps like Miriam Carey?)

        Somehow (;-) The fact that the dude they stopped might be a real terrorist is way down on the list of possibilities..

        So, we might have to wait for the “pudding” to be served.

  2. he wasn’t going to use it. He was just delivering it to the next nut that the NSA found so the CIA could set him up as the next patsie!

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