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  1. Two more links about crisis actors –

    1) amputee crisis actors (think Boston)

    2) a crisis actor management company in Britain

  2. Was it Erdogan who ordered the Turkish invasion of Iraq a few days ago?

  3. Seems these two “I con”s will now be trotted out every time there’s a false flag.


    • I do understand the value of the wardrobe choice from a marketing+communication+propaganda perspective, but don’t you find it ironic that Bauman needs to wear shorts for this photo to show his prosthetic legs, while there is not a single pre-Boston photo of him showing his real legs?

      • Don’t forget that these guys are also in the donation business together and that the prosthetic legs™ and cowboy hat™ are necessary to their corporate image.

        I’m pretty sure that Shaky the cowboy is going to screw up big time at some point. Unless the dumbness is part of the act. He’ll confess to some hooker and she’ll have been recording the whole thing.

    • these guys are attached at the hip now aren’t they?

      • It’s not visible in this photo, but the cowboy is still valiantly holding that artery closed. People who play doctors on TV decided that it was just too dangerous to operate and that the best thing would be to leave the wound as they found it and have the public monitor the situation, from time to time, via the Internet. This, of course, represented a major milestone on the road away from traditional in-situ emergency medical treatment by qualified professionals, toward the exciting new Costa Rican-developed Ronninan Esqueesin techniques that have saved countless bomb-blast amputees’ lives, including that of Lieutenant Dan.

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