The Turkish Shoot-down of the Russian Su-24 bomber: What Are We Not Seeing?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Erdogan bashing is the new black! Conde Nast’s Reddit has one… no TWO… front page versions. Donald Trump gets in on the action. Heck, even the Jerusalem Post , Times of Israel, HuffPuff and Politico can’t resist.


This is strictly a “what if” article intended to promote some discussion on the subject. So just bear with me for a moment.

As I have already written (ad nausea I am told) I believe the Nov. 24 2015 shoot down of the Russian Su-24 bomber over Syrian airspace may have been (MAY have been) a premeditated act planned by certain elements inside Turkey designed to damage the growing geopolitical relationship between Russia and Turkey and to help destabilize the country to the point where a military coup would need to be set in motion in order to avoid further chaos across the nation.

Since the recent events taking place in the country APPEAR to resemble the old Sledgehammer plan, since the reactionary judiciary in Turkey just released all the Sledgehammer plotters and since they just re-elected the left LEANING (not really leftist) AKP who just now formed their new government sans the neoliberal favorites of the international IMF crowd… it seems a likely explanation for what happened.

That said… what I try to do here is take a look at the circumstances surrounding various events and continuously evolve my understanding of them. With that in mind, I started taking another look at the shoot-down of the Russian jet and what’s happened since and to be honest with you, I have found it was either the worst thought-out plan ever designed by military planners in this globalist chess match… or one of the best.

To make that distinction, you would have to know… who really planned it.

Like I said, just hang in there for a minute.

Let me just toss this out there right off the bat. What if it wasn’t the Gulenists embedded in the Turkish military leadership who decided to shoot down the Russian plane? What if it wasn’t them in conjunction with NATO assets and US intelligence operators or even Mossad agents? What if it wasn’t the “mad hatter” Erdogan trying to protect his “Islamist” political party or his oil-soaked kid?

What if none of the usual suspects were involved at all?

What if…. it was the Russians?

A History of Brinkmanship

It seems to me this thing in Syria has just been a game of brinkmanship from the start with Russia gaining the advantage in recent months. A distinct advantage.

It started with the color revolution in 2011 orchestrated by the usual suspects. Then the CIA sent some “moderate” terrorists over there and the “civil war” took off in earnest.

Obviously, it was never really a civil war, it was an unconventional warfare regime change operation from the start but for the sake of clarity for those less informed, I’ll try to stick with the MSM propaganda with some factual disclaimers as we plod along with this.

While the Syrian people struggled against our “moderate” terrorists for a while, the Syrian government was able to keep them at bay as the civilian body count increased daily. MSM Mockingbirds today claim Assad killed 98% or so of the thousands and thousands of the civilians caught up in the struggle with his “barrel bombs” while the reality is, it was the CIA’s hired mercenaries that did the vast majority of the damage. If you pay attention, when you see a video shot by some MSM ‘journalist” over in Syria while he interviews some “moderate”, the “moderate” is always recorded in some shoot-out scene where the cameraman NEVER EVER EVER shows who the “moderate” is shooting at. Why is that? Because he’s either shooting at no one and it’s all just for effect… OR… he’s shooting at someone who is not wearing a Syrian military uniform… i.e. a Syrian civilian. And that’s a goddamned fact. Go watch a few videos and tell me I’m wrong.

Anyway, back to the story…

In 2013 things were getting kind of bad for the CIA’s regime change mercs. Russia was providing weapons, munitions and intel to the Syrian army and Iran was assisting, perhaps even on the ground in Syria commanding battalions of Syrian soldiers.

The tide was changing and Obama’s victory in Libya was making a mockery of his “smart power” operation in Syria.

The red-line story popped up and just as soon as he mentioned in public, there was a staged false flag Sarin gas attack perpetrated by some of our “moderate” terrorists. Since it was quickly discovered by the alternative media that the attack was from our own mercenaries and not Assad’s forces, Obama couldn’t take advantage of the event. He had to wait.

Then the fake videos of ISIS™ beheadings started popping up almost one a week there for a while.

Obama was able to use them in order to sufficiently move public opinion far enough to the fascist right in order to provide him enough cover to start another “humanitarian bombing” campaign in Syria in mid-2014.

He was able to build his own “coalition of the willing” when more fake beheading videos featured people from other countries.

It seemed that the CIA was going to get their big prize in Syria. Though he couldn’t get congress to pass a new authorization for the use of military force in Syria and failed at getting the UNSC to approve his bombing of civilian infrastructure in the country, Obama had sufficient political cover to provide air support to the CIA’s mercs like they had wanted Kennedy to provide at the Bay of Pigs.

Apparently Obama and Kennedy weren’t cut from the same cloth.

That was Obama’s brinkmanship game.

Then the Russians got involved and everything changed.

When Russia started bombing the CIA’s mercenaries in southern Syria and ISIS™ in the north, the game suddenly became vastly different.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan stopped helping the coalition bomb Syria and turned their attention to Yemen, which had been taken away from the pro-US neoliberal puppet as the result of a revolution from the north.

Our terrorists were being flown out of Syria via Turkish airports down to Yemen to do their good work over there.

Thousands of ISIS™ fighters were reported fleeing Syria heading back to Iraqi Kurdistan where they came from.

The coalition suddenly became unwilling to take on the whole of the Syrian military, the Iranian special ops forces and military might of the Russian bear.

Even US airstrikes were slowing as Russian surveillance photos showed he was bombing civilian infrastructure and not ISIS™

Many, including myself, hoped we were finally seeing the end of Obama’s bloody and ruthless 4-year regime change operation in Syria.

And then there was Paris.

The false flag event that was the staged Paris attacks turned the tide a bit. Obama was running around while hostages were supposedly still being held at gun-point telling everyone it wasn’t an attack on France, but rather, an attack on the entire Westernized civilized world.

France was ready to jump back in with both feet. Germany was making moves toward doing the same. Even Britain started trying to make preparations to convince their people they had to launch airstrikes in Syria to get ISIS™

In reality, France had already bombed oil infrastructure targets in Syria a week before and had their one pathetic aircraft carrier steaming toward Syria ready to join in the fight. Paris was just the cover pretext for all of that.

The brinkmanship game had been taken to the next level and is usually the case when the CIA does such things, it involved false flag terrorism and civilian soft targets.

But Russia wasn’t done just yet. They started talking about and targeting all those oil truck convoys heading from the Syrian oilfields in the north (basically controlled by the Kurds) back to Iraqi Kurdistan and then on to ports in Turkey and elsewhere.

This was a major blow to the countries that profited most from the theft of that oil, most notably, Israel.

US airstrikes increased. Israel started hitting more targets in southern Syria trying to steal more land in the Golan Heights area and other coalition partners continued to make ready their plans to start flying bombing missions in Syria in spite of Russia’s presence.

Toss in the accidental (or purposeful) downing of the Russian airliner being blamed on ISIS™ and all of a sudden you have a swelling tide of global anti-ISIS™ sentiment.

Things looked bad across the chess board for the Syrians and the Russians. Paris turned the tide in terms of global public relations and the coalition of the willing were set to take full advantage of it. The next humanitarian bombing campaign a la Libya was about to unfold.

But then…

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Regime Change

We all know what happened when the Turkish fighter shot down that Russian jet. The Russians gave the US and NATO advanced warning of the missions their fighters were going to fly… Turkish jets seemed to be waiting for one to show up… they then lied about the jet flying into their airspace for 17 or 7 seconds which doesn’t even begin to justify shooting down an ally’s plane… Erdogan refuses to apologize…. Putin takes a puffed up stance but does little to Turkey in retaliation….

We all know what happened when the Turkish fighter shot down that Russian jet.

What we haven’t been paying attention to is what happened AFTERWARD.

Let’s address a little of that, shall we?

Both the American and Turkish air forces halted their strikes on Syrian territory around the time Russia deployed S-400 air defense complexes at the Khmeimim airbase, from which it stages its own incursions against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

A spokesperson of the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) told Sputnik on Friday that the absence of anti-IS coalition airstrikes “has nothing to do with the S400 deployment” in Syria. RT

Russia used the shoot-down of their jet to justify putting anti-aircraft battery systems in Syria. That’s the S400 system they are talking about. They also now equip their fighters with air-to-air missile systems which before they would have had no reason to use because, aside from coalition bombers, ISIS™ has no air force.

That is a HUGE development folks. All the talk about the coalition of the willing gaining momentum to start a massive bombing campaign of civilian infrastructure in Syria like they did in Libya is now moot.

The downing of the Russian plane allowed Russia to take the next step in the brinkmanship game by placing a deterrent to NATO air-power in Syria under the pretext of defending their fighters from Turkey. And look at how much of Syrian airspace this system can defend.

© Google Maps

S-400 radar covers Syria, western regions of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, nearly all of Israel and Jordan, Egypt’s northern Sinai, a large part of the eastern Mediterranean and Turkish airspace as far as the capital Ankara. RT

Approaches from Israel, Jordan, much of Iraq and the Mediterranean Sea are covered. That is a tremendous advantage for the Russians and really changed the game in the skies above Syria.

When you consider the fact that everything was shaping up right before the shoot-down to permit the coalition air attacks to increase substantially, this one single development seems like a god-send to the Russians and the people of Syria, doesn’t it?

Like I said before… either it was the dumbest move by the planners, or the smartest.

How about the relationship between Turkey and Russia? What about that Turkish Stream pipeline deal? That has to be over in the wake of all of this… right?

Russia currently has no plan to freeze the overall construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline as tension between Russia and Turkey continues over the shooting of a Russian jet fighter by the Turkish Air Force.

Although, according to Newsweek, the Russian-Turkish Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation—the body through which large joint-projects between the two countries are agreed—has been suspended for the time being. This would not affect the projects already under construction, including the so-called “Turkish Stream” pipeline. Greek Reporter

As far as I can tell, the only victims of the shoot-down as far as Turkey is concerned are a few industries Russia has put restrictions on. Some Turkish nationals aren’t going to be hired by Russian firms. Some Turkish businesses wont be allowed to do business with the state in Russia. But that’s about it.

Hardly seems an appropriate response to an overt act of war.

Turkey has responded with a few sanctions of their own, but it hardly lives up to the “trade war” the MSM is calling it.

Russia and Turkey are set to have a face-to-face meeting this week. Could mark the beginning of the end of their ongoing tensions. Seems kind of quick to me.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday he is ready to meet with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu on the sidelines of the OSCE Ministerial Council due on December 3-4 in Belgrade. TASS

CNN is reporting Turkey “may have” set up some kind of blockade of Russian vessels through the Dardanelles and the Strait of Bosporus. Their evidence of this is sketchy at best and I can find no confirmation either at TASS or Sputnik. Sputnik wrote back on the 26th of November that it would be illegal if Turkey did it, but they haven’t written that they have.

Another interesting article that I recently found says both Russia and Turkey are lying about the shoot down of the Russian plane.

Russian authorities have since dismissed those claims as “rubbish” and argue that the plane was actually shot down over Syrian airspace. But now two Belgian astrophysicists have cast doubt on both countries’ stories, showing that the physics of the crash don’t match either claim. Science Alert

I’m not sure what to make of that, but I thought I would toss it out there for you to consider.

And remember those 50 Special Ops troops Obama said he would use as human shields to protect the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists? Seems they have a different destination now:

The U.S. military will deploy a new special operations force to Iraq to step up the fight against Islamic State militants who are unleashing violence and are determined to hold territory they have seized in Iraq and Syria, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told Congress on Tuesday…

Carter said the number in the new expeditionary force will be “larger” than 50. He said it will be a “standing” force, meaning it will be stationed in Iraq. He said it would focus on helping Iraq defend its borders and build its security forces, but also would be in position to conduct unilateral operations into Syria. AP

Prime Minister Abadi says he doesn’t want or need more US “boots on the ground” in Iraq. Maybe he doesn’t want them busting off a bigger piece of his country to donate to the Greater Kurdistan project.


In short, I don’t know what all of this means.

I don’t believe in coincidences when it comes to geopolitical events and in this case, the shooting down of the Russian fighter jet by the Turks gave them the best excuse to install a game-changer in the country. If it were indeed the designed plan of either the US, NATO or the Israelis (or even Gulenist Turks for that matter) then it has to go down as one of the most foolish geopolitical military decisions I have seen in a very long time.

Is it possible the Russians got together with their closest ally in the region that could conceivably fire the shot heard round the world and came up with this pseudo false flag event in order to serve as the required pretext to the next step in the brinkmanship game?

While others are still running around on their websites doing the good work of nations like Israel by bashing Erdogan and openly calling for regime change (f@in Washington’s Blog is the latest citing bullshit like ABC “News”, the Guardian, Kurdish Daily News and Buzzfeed as their sources for their “informed” opinion that Erdogan is buying stolen oil.

Over here I have to at least try to examine my own conclusions about what exactly happened that day at the Syrian/Turkish border.

Yeah, the Turks were lying in wait. Someone told them to expect that fighter. And NATO just happened to have all that info. And we just happened to be told NATO had that info.

Yeah, someone was there shooting at the pilots as they safely ejected from the plane and floated to the ground. They were clearly too far away to hit them and a nice little image of a dead pilot was released soon afterward, but remember, those are the same Turkish military contractors.

Yeah,  a rescue helicopter was blown up by that same group but oddly enough, the thing was sitting on the ground and it’s propellers were sitting still. Kinda like it was staged. Left there so that it could be blown up.

And yeah… both Turkey and Russia seem like they could be lying about the particulars regarding the downing of the plane itself.

I still feel the most likely explanation for what happened is a coup taking shape in Turkey and this shoot-down being part of a new Sledgehammer plot.

But I have too say, given all of this information, it makes me wonder if Putin didn’t just out false flag the false flag masters with this one.

Like I said… just a what if.


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25 Responses

  1. Joaquin Flores had a similar thought regarding Russia possibly doing this in his Nov. 29 interview with Morris, but it was more in regards to getting Turkey out of NATO, which is highly unlikely. (13 mins in). I don’t care for Morris but I always appreciate Joaquin’s insights regarding geopolitics. I think you may be on to something here, but who knows? I also thought this was interesting >> “Putin’s deployment of advanced S-400 system impacts a mainstay of Israel’s defense strategy, though coordination with Moscow mitigates the threat” Seems like Israel does whatever the fuck it pleases.

  2. An excellent theory Scott. Kudos.

    Can you please post links to your Sledgehammer writings? I remember reading them but now I’m not finding them. If you can edit this article you might consider putting the Sledgehammer link in your paragraph 3 above where you mention it so people can get up to speed on it.

  3. San Bernadino shooting. Looks like one of our Sandy Hook actors has got himself another job as a TV witness. Yeah, Gene boy; I’m looking at you.

    • (Apologies for placing this here. Might it be possible to open an ongoing thread for breaking false flags?)

      This suspicious account from RT…

      A nurse at the attacked Inland Regional Center recorded armed police sprinting to the building, thinking it was just a random active-shooting drill. She then realized it was “real” and that the armed troops were first responders to the attack.

      “They’re all geared up!” a voice in the video is heard saying. Another voice in the background says “it is scary.”

      Dorothy Vong recorded it at around 11 am when she saw heavily armed law enforcement officers running towards the building where the deadly shooting was unfolding.

      However, at first the Inland Regional Center nurse assumed that was a part of one of the drills that are often held there, LA Times reports.

      “Drill started,” she reportedly texted her husband. She soon realized the active shooting situation was real.

      “Well, it’s real,” Vong texted the husband, adding that she and her colleagues have been “locked up in the office.”

      —However, at first the Inland Regional Center nurse assumed that was a part of one of the drills that are often held there, LA Times reports.—

      Well, isn’t that special? Another serendipitous coincidence with respect to attacks and drills. The nurse thought it was “just a random active-shooting drill”, as you would.

      Meanwhile, police haven’t decided whether it’s a terrorist attack, or a disgruntled black guy who got into an argument, left and went home, came back with a partner, both armed to the teeth and dressed in military gear, and killed 14 and injured another 17. I suppose they’re waiting to see if the former is going to play okay.

      • —However, at first the Inland Regional Center nurse assumed that was a part of one of the drills that are often held there, LA Times reports.

        “Drill started,” she reportedly texted her husband. She soon realized the active shooting situation was real.—

        Doesn’t that text say “Remember how I told you over breakfast that we were going to have an active-shooting drill later this morning? Well, it’s started. Oh wait, one of the cops just told me it’s real.”?

        Once again, a bunch of “witnesses” who were expecting a drill and end up in a “real situation” (at least, that’s what they were prompted to believe). Anyone who is not an actor doesn’t know which end is up, so will parrot anything they’re told happened.

        • Some early pointers…

          “At first, Dorothy Vong assumed it was a drill — just like all the others at her work.

          At the Inland Regional Center, where she’s a nurse, the staff works with clients and parents of clients who are sometimes angry. They have active-shooter drills every month or so.”

          Active-shooter drills every month or so… because the staff works with people who are sometimes angry.


          Posted Nov. 30, 2015 at 4:46 PM
          Updated Nov 30, 2015 at 4:47 PM

          VICTORVILLE — San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies, unloaded guns drawn, shouted “Get down! Get on the ground!” as they cleared the Victor Valley College library on Monday morning during an active shooter exercise.
          Meanwhile, students with pretend injuries acted as victims of a campus shooting.
          Staff and students received advance notice of the drill, in which the VVC Police Department joined the county Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department and American Medical Response.
          As the sound of gunshots blared through a speaker playing a looped soundtrack, students of the VVC Corrections, Paramedic and Fire academies were given their assignments in the practice scenario.
          About a half-dozen students sported torn and bloodied clothing and some fake flesh wounds. They awaited help until the all clear was given by officials, and students were able to assess and treat their wounds after escorting them from the building.
          “Just as if this were a real shooting, what we’re doing now is pulling out everyone who’s not a suspect from the building,” campus police officer D.H. Jones said as the “victims” emerged from the library. They were led to the parking lot behind it, where emergency vehicles waited.
          At 9:43 a.m., an electronic alert went out to students and staff: “This is an exercise. PD is advising active shooter on campus. If you are not on campus do not come. If you are on campus, secure in a safe location.”
          “This type of exercise is invaluable to us,” Deputy Brendan Mahoney said. “It teaches us how to better respond to these situations, especially with the unfortunate rise in these events.”

          Crisis actor training Monday morning. Exercise Tuesday morning.

          • That should be “Exercise Wednesday morning”.

            From the second linked article…

            “Thankfully, nothing like that has occurred in our county, but it’s a very real possibility, especially as we are the largest county,” [Deputy Brendan] Mahoney [of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department] said.

            Aw shucks, Mahoney! You jest hadda go an’ say it, dincha? Now look what you’ve gone an’ done! {canned laughter}

    • Did you see him? Give us a link!

  4. Scott, I’d go along with this what if, at first glance. If it points to Putin winning at chess, It’s a viable theory. However, why can’t Erdogan be profiting from stolen oil? Surely, a separate issue. He may not be all the MSM is painting him, but he’s in power and, therefore, corrupt. And the son and son-in-law business/employment can’t be ignored.

    • I am still having a hard time with the “Erdogan isn’t involved with the oil” idea too. Adding to Eggman’s comment – I still can’t see why Assad and Putin would need to prop up that story if it’s not at least partly true.

      • obviously… by saying he is protecting the oil theft ring, that provides the motive. without motive, it makes no sense for them to shoot down the planes, now does it?

    • the reason is simple and goes back to that 2013 article I cited. Erdogan is steadfast against the Kurds developing their own state in Syria because he knows very well that the next move they make will be to destabilize Turkish Kurdish areas and bust off a piece of his country as well. The “ISIS” oil is funding that operation. So of course he wouldn’t be knowingly funding the project.

  5. I’m also wondering if Marxist, UK Labour Party (opposition) leader, Jeremy Corbyn didn’t pull a Putin today by allowing his MPs to freely vote on UK Airstrikes on Syria, thus prompting a YES result. David Cameron is going to look somewhat a dick if he is found to be impotent after seeking and obtaining Parliamentary permission to join in the Syria bombfest.

    • The Corbyn thing looks more like a Tsipras/Syriza cave-in. They seem to be getting offers that they can’t refuse.
      What do you mean by “pull a Putin”? Did Putin get a parliamentary vote to intervene in Syria?

      • I mean that perhaps Corbyn is a lot smarter than he’s being given credit for in the UK MSM. Perhaps he let Cameron ‘win’, knowing that he’s walking into certain embarrassment. Cameron has been given the permission (possibly via Corbyn actively instructing certain Labour MPs to vote Yes), let’s see what he is able to do with it.

        Putin is a past-master at beating people at their own game, as this blog post suggests.

  6. I like it. And perhaps by Russia showing satellite images of Turkey’s collaboration running ISIS oil, it also proves that Russia has been bombing who they’ve said they are bombing all along, trumping Obama’s claims otherwise. Plus if everyone (including Russia perhaps for their own reasons) is practically calling Erdogan the ISIS mastermind, by getting him out of the way there wouldn’t seem to be any more reason for the coalition to even be there (cutting off the head). They would need a new bad guy to continue their plan.
    Maybe I’m just waxing.

  7. Full marks for thinking outside the box. Seems to me, though, that Putin looked confused after it happened. And Turkey has been under Western control/influence for so long that it is hard to imagine that Russia could pull off such a stunt. But then, I don’t see Turkey as being allied with Russia despite all the Russian efforts, and see the AKP being a Western project in the first place. Erdoghan just doesn’t want to personally take the fall, and doesn’t like the calculations that he probably sees coming from Western circles that involve a damaged Turkey being worth more than a whole one.

    As for Russia trying to make Turkey out to be the bad guy, well, you have to pick off your opponents one at a time and offer the big boys the safety that they won’t get in trouble. For that matter, maybe Russia and the empire have an agreement to enable a Kurdish state or quasi-state. This would explain Turkey being willing to go to extremes.

    In any case, it is certainly a mystery who did what and why. Perhaps it was done to convince Russia that Turkey is like the Ukraine, and that trying to cut deals doesn’t work and the only master is in the West. If the Western network can get Turkey to shoot down a Russian fighter in Syrian airspace, then there is just about no Russian effort they can’t stop. The Anglo-Americans are great divide-and-rule strategists.

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