Corbyn opens door to Labour backing for British bombing of Syria

from the WSWS

The decision by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to allow a free vote on UK participation in bombing missions in Syria is a total capitulation to the right-wing, pro-war forces in his party.

Corbyn has done everything possible to ensure a “yes” vote on Wednesday, given that Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron did not have a majority without the support of Labour MPs and had said he would proceed to a vote only if there was a “consensus.” At least 15 Tory MPs are said to be opposed to the extension of bombing to Syria on the pretext of defeating Islamic State (ISIS).

Now, a supposed “consensus” has been handed on a plate to Cameron by Corbyn. If the Labour leader had imposed a party whip, those voting for bombing would have had to do so in defiance of their party. Instead, Corbyn has given the green light for more Labour MPs—free from censure—to back Cameron’s policy. The Tories are now boasting that up to 100 Labour MPs will vote with them.

In September, Corbyn was elected by a landslide to lead the party based on his declared anti-austerity, anti-war stance. A reported 300,000 people signed up to the party to support him. Yet at every major turn, Corbyn has betrayed his mandate in the name of maintaining unity with the militarist, pro-business, anti-working class cabal that dominates the Parliamentary Labour Party and its local government apparatus.

Of all the ignominious retreats he has made under fire, this is the most fundamental.

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4 Responses

  1. July 16th, 1936, Edward Vlll, the uncrowned king of England, was riding his horse in a ceremonial parade when a man with a revolver attempted to shoot him at pointblank range. An alert policeman knocked away the gun before the would-be assassin, George McMahon, could fire, and McMahon had to ‘stand trial’ for the charge of attempting to murder the King. McMahon freely admitted to being paid by the Security Service to kill the King. He was sentenced to a year in jail(!), of which he had to serve a few months.
    King Edward got the message- the bankers of the City didn’t want him around.He abdicated a few months later.
    I would bet Corbyn gets a fax every morning- a picture of his head with the crosshairs of a rifle superimposed. The bankers rule Britain, and have for over 100 years.There is no political solution.

    • “July 16th, 1936, Edward Vlll, the uncrowned king of England”

      England? Where’s that? It had a king in 1936?

  2. I still think it’s possible that Corbyn has given Cameron enough rope to hang himself… along with Benn and others in his own party.

    Also, I don’t believe in old colonials bombing Syria, but I believe in whips telling individual MPs how to vote less.

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