Remember “Sledgehammer”? Is Someone Preparing Turkey for Yet Another a Military Coup?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Get this: the main suspect behind the 2003 Sledgehammer coup plot was someone called Gen. Cetin Dogan. He and about 250 others just had their convictions overturned this past May by a reactionary judge who claimed the evidence used to put them behind bars was “inadmissible”

Do you all remember who filmed that staged-looking assassination video?

In footage from the Dogan News Agency, gunshots are heard, and plainclothes police officers respond with gunfire. Elci and journalists stand behind police.” CNN

Dogan New Agency is owned by Dogan Holdings, a billionaire named Aydin Dogan. I am currently trying to see if there is a link between Gen. Dogan and Aydin Dogan.


About a month after the AFP paid off the IMF and refused to take out another loan, the new EMASYA protocol was signed into law (allowing for a military coup if Turkey descends into chaos)

How’s that for obvious?

As many of you know, I am wondering if the beginnings of a regime change operation in Turkey haven’t already started.

Today I found something rather amazing that I thought you should pay attention to. It involves something like the old Operation Northwoods plan called Sledgehammer and an emergency provision for the military to take over the country if it descends into chaos.

The plan is almost a mirror image of what has been developing in Turkey. Curious, huh?

Anyone starting to see a little chaos developing in Turkey right about now?

As I have pointed out recently, the Justice and Development (AK) Party won another election in Turkey and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced just last week they had formed the new government.

That new government does not include many of the West/NATO favored neoliberal cabinet ministers and specifically, it doesn’t include Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan.

Babacan had the duty to steer a painful economic reform program, which was backed by multi-billion-dollar IMF loans…He stayed always away from the rough-and-tumble of the Turkish political arena and focused solely on the economic reform, acting rather as a technocrat without indulging into populism

As government minister Babacan has attended several international meetings including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and the Bilderberg Group.

The Justice and Development (AK) Party has been in power since 2002 and it’s leadership, for the most part, has been steadily undoing years of austerity and neoliberal economic policies set in place by previous leadership and even Erdogan himself.

In fact, Erdoğan helped steer the nation further away from the painful economic austerity reforms to the point where in 2013, they were able to pay off all IMF debt and then refuse the IMF’s last loan offer, thus freeing their people from the crushing debt cycle the IMF loves to impose on nations across the world.

It’s also important to note, Turkey (or more specifically, the AKP) does not support the sanctions leveled against Russia which are certainly favored by the US and NATO.

Turkey did not join Europe, the United States and other Western countries in imposing economic sanctions on Russia over its role in the crisis in Ukraine. The NATO country was actually planning to boost the volume of trade with Russia threefold to $100 billion by 2020. CNN

And… there was the deal the AKP signed with Russia in Dec. of 2014 regarding the creation of the Turkish Stream pipeline.

In the midst of all of this, an election just took place in Turkey and the ruling party has been reelected. That’s understandable considering the fact that for most Turks, life is somewhat better than it was under the previous management. There are more universities and better education for the average Turk. Access to healthcare has been improved. Though the unemployment rate is still around 9%, that’s a real 9% and not the fictitious kind of unemployment numbers we here in the States have been accustomed to seeing.

However… over the last year, things have been spiraling out of control in Turkey.

  • There are terrorist bombings of peaceful demonstrations.
  • The PKK violated a peace agreement reached between them and Erdoğan which spurred the Turkish president into attacking Kurds in Iraq.
  • A Turkish military jet then attacked a Russian fighter which was engaged in bombing Russian terrorists inside Syria. In spite of what the MSM is trying to tell you, that attack was not a reaction to the Russian jet “invading” Turkish airspace for 17 seconds. It was planned and the Turkish fighters were waiting for the Russian jet so they could shoot it down. Russia had provided the flight path to NATO prior to the mission being launched. There just happens to have been someone there to film the incident as it happened.
  • And now a rather staged looking video comes out from a “news” service that is dedicated to undermining Erdoğan at every turn. The video is of the reported assassination of a popular Kurdish activist/lawyer who also just happens to want to see an end to the Erdoğan era. This video seems to have been created with the intention of causing increased instability inside Turkey. One writer even said he hopes that it will cause people to go out and protest so the government can crack down on them and cause even bigger protests and higher body counts. In other words, he hopes it creates chaos in Turkey.

Unfortunately, not many alternative investigative journalists out there have made the connection between these decidedly anti-Western actions taken by the AKP and the sudden rise in instability in the country. Instead, they simply regurgitate the same old tired “Erdoğan supports ISIS” bullshit we’ve heard from such stellar “news” services as the Guardian and Fox “News”

And unfortunately, I seem to be having a hard time convincing my own readership that there seems  to be something like a regime change or a full-on coup taking shape in Turkey these days.

Well, that may change a little today.

Does anyone here remember “Sledgehammer”?

No. Not the song.

“Sledgehammer’ was the code name for a Turkish military plan discovered a couple years ago that would set in motion a number of events that would lead to the destabilization of Turkey and the AKP government, and ultimately serve as the pretext for the military to have to stage a coup in order to stabilize the nation.

Anyone remember that? Here’s a little info on those plans from the Economist in 2010:

BOMBS target the faithful in Istanbul’s busiest mosques; a Turkish air force jet is shot down over the Aegean, provoking a war with Greece. Chaos descends over Turkey. The army steps in, overthrows the mildly Islamist Justice and Development (AK) Party that has governed Turkey since 2002, and takes control.

This plan, codenamed “Sledgehammer” and hidden among 5,000 pages of army documents, was exposed in January by a small independent newspaper, Taraf. It caused a storm. The army said it was just a “simulation exercise”. How, thundered General Ilker Basbug, the chief of the general staff, could Turkish soldiers, who charge into battle crying “Allah, Allah”, bomb a mosque? It is a question which civilian and military prosecutors are now attempting to answer.

“Sledgehammer” is only the latest in a string of alleged coup plots to have been exposed in recent years. That helps explain why, on February 4th, Turkey’s government scrapped the controversial security and public order (“Emasya”) protocol, which lets the army choose to take charge in the provinces when law and order breaks down. Critics argued that Emasya’s real purpose was to provide the legal framework for a future coup. Economist

Is it just me, or are the recent events sounding a little like the “Sledgehammer” plan? There is certainly some instability developing in Turkey right now and if that one writer’s hopes and dreams come true, there may be a lot more in the next few weeks.

Some here might want to argue that even if someone in the military (which is loyal to US and NATO and infiltrated by Gulen supporters) had dusted off the old “Sledgehammer” plan, it wouldn’t make a difference because the EMASYA protocol has been repealed and the military doesn’t have the authority to step in and take over.

Some would be wrong.

A new protocol has been signed between the Interior Ministry and the General Staff that gives the authority to governors to call for military units in the event of social incidents in a province, Milliyet daily reported on Friday.

The new protocol is said to be the “civilian” version of the now-abolished and controversial Protocol on Cooperation for Security and Public Order (EMASYA), which gave the military the authority to gather intelligence against internal threats and conduct operations in cities without the approval of the civilian administration…

The new protocol, according to Milliyet, was signed on April 18 and has 14 articles. According to the protocol, military units will intervene in social incidents upon a written demand from governors. In cases of emergency, the governors will be able to make an oral demand. Today’s Zaman, June 2013

About a month after the AFP paid off the IMF and refused to take out another loan, the new EMASYA protocol was signed into law.

How’s that for obvious?

Yes. The Turkish military can step in during internal chaos in the country and take over the entire country, one province at a time and in all cases, all they need to do is say the leadership of the province told them they could. No written proof needed.

Is Turkey currently being destabilized? You bet it is.

Is this someone using “Sledgehammer” to force a regime change in the country? Hard to know. I guess if the body count starts rising and the military steps in, we’ll know at that point.

My guess is, the Gulenists, the debt pushers and those opposed to the Turkish Stream project have hired themselves a few Turkish generals.

And for the record, it’s the Turkish military and intelligence services that are supporting NATO’s “moderate” terrorists in Syria, isn’t it? The same Turkish military that’s in bed with the US and NATO and the intelligence services that are practically run by the CIA.

Is this the threat that keeps Erdogan and the Turkish Prime Minister behaving as they should and not apologizing for the downing of the Russian plane?

I guess we will all know soon enough.


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20 Responses

  1. Just the fact that everyone seems to be piling in on Erdogan, even the alternative media, suggests to me that you are on the right track, Scott.

    • check out the little article I just posted. It’s Zero Hedge calling out Erdogan and his readers saying it’s time for the Turkish military to overthrow the country in order to “save” it.

  2. Hi Scott, yes, and VT are quoting Yahoo news as a source confirming their belief that Turkey is the driving force behind ISIS:

  3. Hello Scott, I recently discovered your site and I am proud of your work. Don’t let yourself get down because of trolls and shills. If it gets out of hand, just disallow all comments altogether. Your job is to report the truth, not mingle with people who’s only purpose is to frustrate you.

    • thank you. I’ve thought about doing that, but honestly, the real readers share a lot of links and share valuable info with me and other readers, so I would hate to see that come to a stop.

      • I understand, but it’s an option to consider when things really ‘get out of hand’ as I stated previously.

        Can I make a request of you Scott?
        Could you please consider writing a clear article that vindicates Erdogan from all the propaganda he is subject to from the Western world? There are a lot of people who are not aware of Erdogan’s true nature, so everywhere I go I see stuff about how Erdogan is a dictator, how he is corrupt, how he has ties to ISIS, how he oppresses the Kurds etc. All majorly twisted propaganda lies. But unfortunately the majority of the people eventually believe this, because there are no voices who do the opposite.

        I went through your site and did a search on Erdogan but I couldn’t find a clear-cut article which specifically goes into this. I and other people would very, very much appreciate it if you could write an article that elaborates in a clear manner how Erdogan is being villified and for what reasons, and what he in reality truly stands for.
        Your expertise is needed Scott. I don’t know of anyone else I could ask this of.

        • alright. that’s a good idea. I will do one tomorrow on the subject.

            • you don’t seem to understand…

              the whole basis of that article is the reporting from Today’s Zaman

              “the newspaper Today’s Zaman reported”

              and Today’s Zaman is…

              “Today’s Zaman, along with its parent Turkish-language paper Zaman, is operated by followers of the religious Gülen movement,[1][2] but Fethullah Gülen himself is not the owner”

              Right. A paper dedicated to getting rid of Erdogan and reinstalling Gulen says Erdogan admits he runs the terrorists.


              And who wrote that article for Sputnik? It doesn’t say. It’s an anonymous article.


              • So, the NATO member, religious fanatic, Muslim Brotherhood acolyte, trying to undo his secular nation, who lives in a castle with a gold toilet (seen the photos inside his palace), says Russia should apologize to him, repeatedly shuts down social and other media (which you rail against possibly happening in the US), and cracks down on Leftists, is the good guy in all this?

                I saw the video of the weapons being sent. They were indeed weapons. We’ve established there are no moderates so it doesn’t really matter whether it was going to IS or another group. It was a huge convoy so it had to be the government.

                There’s no chance for a Greater Kurdistan. Russia is calling the shots and they’ll never allow Syria to be partitioned. NATO isn’t going to do all this just to give the Kurds (PKK-led) within Turkey a small autonomous region of the country.

                What one NATO member being attacked being a call for all other members to help that nation (Article 5)? You don’t think the world start raising questions when they let a coup happen in one of their nations without intervening — especially when they intervene in non-member nations all the time?

                As for sources: The one you used about the Turkish military increased power also paints Palestinians as savages and Israelis as angels. Are there many other outlets saying this about the military?

                Erdogan has repeatedly said over the years that ‘evil Assad’ must go. He is one of the main instigators of this whole thing.

                If the US/NATO is so against him, how come when Turkey began airstrikes, and immediately targeted the Kurds instead of IS, they didn’t say a single negative thing? Seems like the perfect excuse to demonize Erdogan. The only reason they’re saying anything now is because Turkey’s action was so over the line (regardless of whether the US ordered it or not) that they have to say something.

                Also, Davutoglu just met with EU officials and mentioned accession to the EU about 7 times. If he and Erdogan know that the EU is against him and are preparing to give the orders for a military coup, why the beaming smile and sincere (but dumb) belief Turkey will accede to the EU? He appeared without a care in the world. Neither him, nor Erdogan, even seem too concerned about the Russian sanctions. They did a solid for the US so they’re not worried.

                I expect Erdogan to rewrite the Constitution, consolidating his power, maybe bounce around some other positions later, but always running the show from behind the scenes, until his death.

                If you are correct about Erdogan being in trouble, there wouldn’t be a coup or color revolution with a forced step-down, for the reasons I listed above — he would be assassinated. I guess we’ll see how things go. What’s the timeframe you give all this? It can’t drag on for too long.

              • I always forget to proofread before I post. In the fourth paragraph I was trying to say that one one NATO member is attacked, NATO considers it attack on all members, and would have to act according to Article 5 if Turkey asked it to do so. I don’t think even the most brainwashed would fail to react to non-action by the other members.

          • Thank you very much. Please make the subject and the title very clear so it can be passed around as an ‘all-containing’ article. Take your time with it. If you want assistance with it, I will do my best to help you. You have my email address.

            And I’m sure you have noticed how a shill immediately attacked you with his false allegations to disrupt and add noise to this undertaking haven’t you? 🙂

  4. Scott, now that you are fleshing out your Turkey scenario in more depth (and NOT using rhetorical questions that are hard to interpret if we don’t already know what you mean) I’m seeing how your pieces fit together, and it seems a good theory.

    On the other hand, though I think you have addressed much of it, tommyknocker1’s last post above (dated Nov. 30) raises some interesting points and I’m not sure your scenario explains them all away – not that it doesn’t, I’m just not sure. I am not saying either theory is right or wrong, just that the complexity is so great that I can’t help thinking we all may be missing some important element or elements.

    I’m wondering if one missing element from everyone’s theory may be that Russia’s role may not be as advertised. You indicated that you think that Putin is subject to western regime change plans, and indeed it looks like that balloon has been repeatedly floated, a claim for which you provided ample evidence.

    But what if that is a very sophisticated blind? What if Putin is part of a different agenda than many western observers assume or even suspect? What if he is actually a tool of the globalists? Then his role in Syria might take on a much different meaning, one that might re-arrange all of our theories. I always have in the back of my mind Antony Sutton’s unpopular work.

    I remember the fall of the Soviet Union and the fact that western technocrats poured into Russia to “help them transition”, and that Yeltsin was their drunk tool. I know the normal story in the west is that “Putin then came along and purged the western elements and their local cronies to put Russia back under Russian control”.

    But what if that is not a perfectly accurate story of what happened – what if the scenario reported in the west about Russia’s transition back from Yeltsin is not what was really going on?

    Think about it: when do highly sophisticated western technocrats/operatives sent in to get control of an extremely important and freshly defeated nation (one that we spent 60 years and billions of dollars trying to control) ever lose control? Sure maybe once in a while, but really, not often. Usually they are pretty good at maintaining control by one means or another – payoffs, assassinations…whatever.

    Personally I’ve never seen any certain evidence that power in Russia was ever wrested back from the western technocrats by Putin – sure Putin removed some of them and handed their power to others with his purge, but who knows whether that actually changed the basic setup of western-influence controlling a big part of the game in Russia? What if the “purge” was window dressing on another well-planned western op?

    In short, if Putin happens to actually be one of the west’s shills, then everything in Syria, Turkey and elsewhere takes on new meanings: the shoot-down, the name-calling, the embargoes, support for Assad, partnering with the west…everything.

    I say all that to lay the groundwork for this very interesting blog analysis I found that does a “Scott Creighton”-style alt take on Russia. It seems very interesting and not easy to dismiss on first read. I hope you find it interesting, and I wonder what you think of this basic theory that Russia itself could be a secret western asset.

    “Vladimir Putin is Helping Usher In the Globalist New World Order”

    • All the world’s a stage!

      James Corbett also argued a 3D chess view of global politics a while back that demonstrated how the conflicts at the 2D dimension were contradicted by the less-heralded cooperation offstage.

      Putin’s support for a Kurdistan knitted from chunks of Iraq and Syria, and writing a new Syrian Constitution are just two blatant giveaways.

      • that plus Russia’s lack of concern about what’s happened or happening in places like Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan… its all very telling, aint it? All the world’s a stage and the Putins and the Trumps are but bit players for a day…

  5. Scott – I thought this may be of interest regarding regime change in Turkey. >> West Prepares to Replace Their Puppet in Turkey

  6. Shit, Sherlock! You’ve made sense of the Turkish jumble. The alternative (as in “different”) storylines didn’t join up and I suspected foul play from internal and external players but damn if I could work through it.

    Well done!

    Dr. Watson

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