The police crackdown in Paris and the drift towards dictatorship in France

(While everyone is screeching about Erdogan being the “ISIS” ringleader and calling for a military coup to save the day, quietly, a fascist state is taking shape in France… because of “ISIS”… and no one is paying attention)

from WSWS

Yesterday, barely two weeks since the November 13 terror attacks killed 130 and led to the closure of large sections of Paris around République Square, violence again erupted in the streets of the city. With 120,000 soldiers and police forces deployed across France, and fully 6,300 police and paramilitary riot police mobilized in downtown Paris alone, République Square was again blocked off by a massive police cordon.

The target of this deployment, held under the state of emergency imposed after the November 13 attacks by the Socialist Party (PS) government of President François Hollande, was not, however, a group of fighters loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Rather, it was a domestic social protest mounted by ecological groups against the COP-21 ecological summit opening today in Paris.

The state of emergency bans all forms of public protest for three months, and police seized upon this standing ban to stage a brutal crackdown on a crowd of several thousand people. République Square, which had seen vigils for the victims of the November 13 attacks and official appeals for national unity, was filled with tear gas as police shot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters.

Citing acts of violence by a group of 80 masked protesters, police then proceeded to arrest 289 protesters, detaining 174.

Even before the protests, police had used their emergency powers to place two dozen ecological activists under house arrest without trial. This was part of a broader crackdown across France since November 13 that has seen over 100 unidentified people put under house arrest.

The crackdown on protests goes hand in hand with the broader terrorizing of the public by the state. Anyone who goes into the streets is soon confronted with men wearing body armor and carrying assault rifles.

Business groups have already called for employers to use the state of emergency to monitor the workplaces and denounce “radicalized” workers to police.

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Even Steven Lendman is Erdogan Bashing

by Scott Creighton

This is amazing.

Steven Lendman, a writer I had a great deal of respect for, is buying into the Erdogan bashing gambit, helping promote the seemingly unavoidable military coup and junta that’s about to be created in Turkey.

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Over At Zero Hedge, It’s Time to Demonize Erdogan and Calls for a Military Junta Begin

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Laughably, Webster “Don’t hurt OBAMA!” Tarpley has written:

“Turkey’s President Erdogan Is the Real Kingpin of ISIS/Daesh”

“Madman Erdogan of Turkey, Facing Short-Term Military Collapse of His ISIS/Daesh Irregular Army…”


For those of you who know what Zero Hedge really is, this pretty much says it all:

“If there’s a silver lining to last Tuesday’s downing of a Russian Su-24 warplane by two Turkish F-16s it’s that the world is now starting to scrutinize President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” Tyler Durden

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Time is soon for Turkish military to make a choice: loyal to Turkey or loyal to Erdogan.

Must choose one. Can not be both.

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My money is on a coalition of Turkish Generals for a Coup de etat –  the coordination will be by Russian Agents
And there you have it.

Remember “Sledgehammer”? Is Someone Preparing Turkey for Yet Another a Military Coup?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Get this: the main suspect behind the 2003 Sledgehammer coup plot was someone called Gen. Cetin Dogan. He and about 250 others just had their convictions overturned this past May by a reactionary judge who claimed the evidence used to put them behind bars was “inadmissible”

Do you all remember who filmed that staged-looking assassination video?

In footage from the Dogan News Agency, gunshots are heard, and plainclothes police officers respond with gunfire. Elci and journalists stand behind police.” CNN

Dogan New Agency is owned by Dogan Holdings, a billionaire named Aydin Dogan. I am currently trying to see if there is a link between Gen. Dogan and Aydin Dogan.


About a month after the AFP paid off the IMF and refused to take out another loan, the new EMASYA protocol was signed into law (allowing for a military coup if Turkey descends into chaos)

How’s that for obvious?

As many of you know, I am wondering if the beginnings of a regime change operation in Turkey haven’t already started.

Today I found something rather amazing that I thought you should pay attention to. It involves something like the old Operation Northwoods plan called Sledgehammer and an emergency provision for the military to take over the country if it descends into chaos.

The plan is almost a mirror image of what has been developing in Turkey. Curious, huh?

Anyone starting to see a little chaos developing in Turkey right about now?

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