CNN-Linked “News” Agency Releases Video of Kurdish Lawyer Tahir Elci Shooting – Spawns Some Staged Anti-Government Protests

by Scott Creighton

The rush to create Greater Kurdistan is in full swing. And as usual, at the center of the media manipulation drive we find CNN.

Today, a new video is out purporting to show a shootout between some gunmen and plain clothed security members who were there to provide protection for Kurdish lawyer, Tahir Elci. The scene took place at a press conference staged by Elci and was filmed by something called the Dogan News Agency.

In footage from the Dogan News Agency, gunshots are heard, and plainclothes police officers respond with gunfire. Elci and journalists stand behind police.” CNN

According to the official CNN report, Elci was shot during the confrontation, but it was not captured on camera. Instead what we have is a blurry picture of a body lying on the ground.


So the press conference was called by Elci himself and appears to have been set up to take place outside in the street. And as it just so happens, someone decided to attack them, with the cameras rolling, right out in the middle of the street… and the “heroic” pro-Kurdish lawyer is killed, off camera, making him a martyr for the cause.

During the “gun fight” you’ll notice not a single bullet strike can be seen hitting either the van the security officers are hiding behind nor is there one I can see on the street. Plus, that large crowd of reporters standing directly behind the gunman returning fire remains unscathed as well.

The security officers returning fire start shooting in multiple directions as if the targets down the street from them that they first targeted, somehow made it around behind them. It’s very dramatic and really pulls the viewer into the video. Of course, the cameraman never films the people attacking the group, which I would imagine should be the focus of a reporter on the scene, not filming the guys returning fire. But that’s just me.

(Actually, when you see the full video below, you will notice they HAD to keep the cameras on the security guys rather than focusing on what they were shooting at otherwise they would have recorded Elci and his aides helping him lay down on the ground while they poured fake blood near his head. That’s why the camera didn’t turn in that direction)

So no one gets hit. The van doesn’t get hit. And the cameraman seems content focusing solely on the security guys returning fire. Then suddenly… Elci is dead in the street via a blurry shot from behind.


Now… who is Tahir Elci?

Tahir Elci is a prominent pro-Kurdish lawyer who recently argued that the terrorist organization, the PKK, should not be considered a terrorist organization and that there should be some kind of political reconciliation between the Erdogan government and the Kurds (which Erdogan did not that long ago until some faction of the Kurds or the Gulen movement decided to dismantle). This supposedly got him arrested and garnered him some death threats.


Now, here’s the official “alternative” story that folks like us are supposed to believe: Erdogan is killing off his political rivals and hoping to destabilize the country so he can put it in lock-down thus repressing the Kurds even more.

There’s a website called Covert Geopolitics which, in it’s header, features such “heroes” as Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, “Edward Snowden” and CIAnonymous.  See there? All the right alternative “truth-telling” heroes for your consumption in one single web-browsing stop. Can’t get more credible than that, right?

This website (brought to you by something called eClinik, which promises to heal you with some kind of blood electrocuter thingy) claims that the state police were simply “posing” as the PKK and they attacked the group looking to kill Elci because, I suppose, he is such a political threat to the party that just won an election with 51% of the vote.

Yeah… right.

Anyway, Covert Geopolitics goes on to say:

Certainly, it is not the Kurdish community that has the right motivation to do so as it is already gaining political power even from results of the last elections, while the entire Erdogan government is certainly losing integrity at home and abroad due to its shooting down of one warplane and its pilot, and the now public knowledge of ISIS oil and arms smuggling collusion…

Fueled by oil and blinded with a grand delusion to revive the Ottoman Empire, Erdogan commits his 3rd blunder for the week. For Erdogan, ordering the assassinations of all his political rivals is much easier than ordering the shooting down of any Russian plane.

If the Kurdish community starts to mobilize as it is doing right now and link arms with the journalists currently under state suppression, the Erdogan government will be forced to proclaim a state of emergency to legitimize a much wider crackdown that will then trigger bigger mass movements across the country. Covert Geopolitics

So not only do they cite all the current regime change propaganda in one shot that I have been writing about for a couple of weeks now… but notice the striking contradiction in the analysis from Covert Geopolitics.

Saying the Kurds have no motivation to stage this attack in one paragraph, then laying out the actual motivation in another just a few sentences further into the article seems outrageously stupid in my opinion. They want to use this staged scene as motivation to mobilize the Kurds, get them out in the street, stage some more shootings and eventually destabilize the Erdogan government and make it ready for regime change.

And that’s not me saying that… it’s the pro-Kurdish Covert Geopolitics analyst saying it.

The company that produced the video and made it ready immediately for CNN consumption is called Dogan News Agency. Here’s a little background on them…

Doğan News Agency (DHA; Turkish: Doğan Haber Ajansı) is a Turkish news agency which was founded in 1999. It is owned by the Doğan Media Group. It provides news in English, German and Chinese as well as Turkish.[1] In 2011 it had 41 offices in Turkey and 26 abroad.[2] DHA is known for its critical coverage of the regime of the turkish president Recep Tayip Erdogan. [3]

Doğan Media Group (Doğan Yayın Holding A.Ş.) was a Turkish media conglomerate, part of the Doğan Holding conglomerate. The company was established in 1997 to bring together Doğan’s media properties. These include the Posta, Hürriyet (including Fanatik), and Radikal newspapers, the television channels Kanal D and CNN Türk, and the Doğan News Agency.

Doğan Holding is one of the top industrial conglomerates in Turkey operating in the energy, media, industry, trade, insurance and tourism industries.

Dogan News Agency is also the group that just happened to snap that photo of “Alan Kurdi” lying “dead” on the beach which kicked off the “refugee crisis”

These guys are always at the right place at the right time to kick off some new globalist agenda, aren’t they?

So let’s review: the “media” outlet that released this video hates Erdogan, created the “Alan Kurdi” refugee crisis, is linked via ownership to CNN’s affiliate in Turkey and is wholly owned by a massive, globalist neoliberal conglomerate that can’t wait to regime change the Erdogan government so they can roll on with more privatizations and “free market” wonders in Turkey.

Does that about sum it up?

Here’s the ridiculously staged-looking video of the great shoot-out:

Over at CNN and Covert Geopolitics alike, they are ranting about the “massive” protests taking place in response to the shooting of this guy.

One way you can tell when something is a psyop or a staged destabilization event, is when tiny little groups of pro-regime change upper middle class protesters are presented as “massive protests”

Here’s one of the photos from that “massive protest”

Notice the signs they had ready to go only go back about three rows into the “massive” crowd. That’s because it’s only about 40 people or so and they take the photo from down low in order to try to make it look bigger.

Here’s the requisite “emotion grabbing protester” photo. It’s the “money  shot” as they call it.

Yeah, there’s the pro-Kurdish anti-Erdogan cover of TIME magazine. The spirit of freedom rising in the repressed people of Turkey … who just happen to have a government they elected who oppose the IMF and neoliberal economic austerity ideology…


This, ladies and gentlemen, is a formula. It’s been done over and over again and looks to me to be one more effort in the strategy of tension being ratcheted up in Turkey in order to force a regime change in the country.

The project for Greater Kurdistan requires a piece of Turkey be sacrificed to the “Next Nation” on the planet and a keen sense of sympathy to be cultivated for the Kurds.

For those of you out there paying attention… it’s not just that the Kurds are a particular favorite of Israel but if you think about it… I mean really think about it… is this just another form of Zionism taking shape?


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5 Responses

  1. Those doggone Dogans are at it again.
    It appears there have been plans all along for Greater Israel or Eretz Israel. This site has a bunch of maps comprising plans for future activity, in which case “Greater Kurdistan” would fall into place right above it like a jigsaw puzzle:

  2. Yet more stagecraft, Scott. The pistols in that video, although real guns, are firing a type of non-lethal training ammo called Simunitions.

  3. First time poster, love the site, keep up the good work!

    I watched the video frame by frame, and in fact there’s a guy dressed in black running down the street (he comes into view at about 1″ in, all the way up the street), who the guys behind the van start shooting at (for whatever reason). At about 10″ in, he runs past the white van (he’s only in a couple of frames), with two guys (and then three) shooting at him. That’s why it seems like they’re all over the place.

    Just my 2 cents…

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