CNN-Linked “News” Agency Releases Video of Kurdish Lawyer Tahir Elci Shooting – Spawns Some Staged Anti-Government Protests

by Scott Creighton

The rush to create Greater Kurdistan is in full swing. And as usual, at the center of the media manipulation drive we find CNN.

Today, a new video is out purporting to show a shootout between some gunmen and plain clothed security members who were there to provide protection for Kurdish lawyer, Tahir Elci. The scene took place at a press conference staged by Elci and was filmed by something called the Dogan News Agency.

In footage from the Dogan News Agency, gunshots are heard, and plainclothes police officers respond with gunfire. Elci and journalists stand behind police.” CNN

According to the official CNN report, Elci was shot during the confrontation, but it was not captured on camera. Instead what we have is a blurry picture of a body lying on the ground.


So the press conference was called by Elci himself and appears to have been set up to take place outside in the street. And as it just so happens, someone decided to attack them, with the cameras rolling, right out in the middle of the street… and the “heroic” pro-Kurdish lawyer is killed, off camera, making him a martyr for the cause.

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