A Super Secret “Whistle-blower” Warned of Erdogan Downing Russian Fighter Back in Oct. says Neoliberal Gulen Supporting Rag

by Scott Creighton

Hi guys. If you want your daily dose of “hate on Erdogan”, head on over to that stellar news and information site, Prison Planet (over at InfoWhores, they call him a “mafia don” and with a nifty little picture of him next to explosions, they practically suggest he shot down the plane himself)They got all kinds of good stuff for you there. I think neoliberal Zero Hedge also has some fodder for you as well. Then again, so does the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News… you get the picture.

Meanwhile over here, there’s an interesting story being run by the neoliberal Gulen movement rag, Today’s Zaman. They claim that Erdogan and the popularly elected new government of Turkey, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), decided to shoot down a Russian plane in order to “remain in power” and use the super secret whistle-blower “Fuat Avni” as their proof.

“She also quoted statements of Turkish Twitter whistleblower Fuat Avni who claimed in October that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were  planning to down a Russian jet to bring Turkey to brink of war with Russia to ultimately keep its power. “This is very interesting,” Zakharova said.” Today’s Zaman

Just the other day, the ruling party in Turkey announced the new government they formed, kicking out the likes of the Gulen movement followers and various neoliberal technocrats favored by the US and the IMF.

They had won a strong majority in the recent election (51%) and were well underway to setting up the government they wanted, absent the ‘debt monsters’ from the neoliberal factions in the country.

So what do they do according to Today’s Zaman and their super secret “whistle-blower”? They decide what they really need then is to attack Turkey’s strong ally Russia and down one of their planes for no apparent reason.


Turns out, Zaman is run by some rather interestingly far right wing, neoliberal Muslims who support all kinds of public/private ideologies, the kind that are favorites among globalist across the world.

Today’s Zaman, along with its parent Turkish-language paper Zaman, is operated by followers of the religious Gülen movement,[1][2] but Fethullah Gülen himself is not the owner… The movement has attracted supporters and critics in Turkey, Central Asia, and in other parts of the world. The movement is active in education with private schools and universities in over 180 countries as well as many American charter schools operated by followers. It has initiated forums for interfaith dialogue. It has substantial investments in media, finance, and for–profit health clinics

Gulen now lives in the United States. He is closely associated with both the London School of Economics as well as the Chicago School of Economics. Both neoliberal institutions promoting globalist, neoliberal free-market economic ideology.

Hakan Yavuz said, “Gülen is more Turkish nationalist in his thinking. Also, he is somewhat more state-oriented, and is more concerned with market economics and neo-liberal economic policies.”[20]

Gulen opposed the Gaza flotilla before it left saying they needed Israel’s permission to deliver aid to the Palestinians. He later said it was an ugly affair, but it’s basically what they deserved since they defied Israel’s authority.

This so-called “whistle-blower’s” comment came back in October and he has a long history of accurately predicting some official developments.

Fuat Avni, the pseudonym used by an unknown government whistleblower, has so far revealed many government-initiated police operations to the public before they have taken place. Fuat Avni’s identity is unknown and has prompted wide speculation, but the account has previously revealed numerous details that would appear to indicate that the user is close to or inside the government and the account has attracted a large following. Today’s Zaman

More likely, Fuat Avni is simply an intelligence operation from the US, Israel or Britain backed by leaks from corrupt, Gulen movement followers in Turkey’s military or intelligence communities. Back in 2005 there was a document leaked to Turkey’s US ambassador which purported to be plans for an upcoming military coup run by Gulen movement followers. Later it was claimed that the document was a forgery but more than likely it wasn’t.

And now we have this.

The history of Western support of Gulen’s neoliberal free-market approach to Islam and their demonizing of the more secular/socialist Erdogan government is well defined and not just by this writer (me) though it certainly seems I am quite alone out here on this branch these days as the MSM and fake alternatives like Webster Tarpley ready the masses for the next Greater Kurdistan regime change operation.

Back in 2014, Boiling Frogs posted a rather detailed explanation of how the New York Times and the CIA were already priming the pot for regime change in Turkey with Gulen to become the heir apparent.

The New York Times began parading various agenda-driven analysts and experts, showcasing Gulen-connected figures, and attacking Turkey’s Erdogan in a one-sided lobbying effort. Before I go any further, allow me to illustrate the New York Times’ vehement, bold and one-sided defense of Gulen with verbatim quotes [All Emphasis Mine]:

“Mr. Erdogan’s Islamist government and the supporters of Gulen, who promotes a moderate, pro-Western brand of Sunni Islam that appeals to many well-educatedand professional Turks.”

I know our regular readers and supporters here at Boiling Frogs Post don’t need the bold emphases to explain the propaganda with its carefully picked words. For those who are not familiar with our extensive coverage of Mullah Gulen (See here, here, here, here and here), take notice of how Erdogan’s government is being characterized with one word, Erdogan’s Islamist government- a word often used and highlighted by Western propaganda outlets, aka mainstream media, with negative connotations and in close association with global terrorism. Now, please pay attention to all the false positive adjectives and characterization used by NYT to present Mullah Fethullah Gulen: Moderate, Pro-Western, Well-Educated, Professional. Oh, golly- Who is the Mullah here?! Sibel Edmonds, 2014

Sibel also points out, it’s not just the neoliberal zealots here in this country that wanted Erdogan gone, but also a couple residing in a country we call our best friend in the region:

“In January this year, The Washington Post dutifully provided a platform for three outspoken Israel Lobbyists who are jointly calling on the Obama Administration to overthrow the current Turkish Administration. You heard it right. Morton Abramowitz, Eric Edelman and Blaise Misztal jointly penned a hysteria-reeked article to declare Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan a despot, and a great threat to democracy and U.S. interests” Sibel Edmonds, 2014

And now we have a full-on attack on the legitimacy of Erdogan, Davutoğlu and their political party which has legitimately won control of Turkey in a fair and open election.

All you guys can ignore all the signs of this being an internal false flag event designed to force regime change in Turkey if you want… but I can’t.

Now that the military has released an audio recording of the air traffic controllers warning the Russian pilots they were going to shoot them down, in English mind you for our consumption, not Russia’s or Turkey’s, it seems pretty obvious to me someone inside Turkey’s military establishment might just happen to have some larger ambitions like some did in Egypt and Thailand not that long ago.

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19 Responses

  1. ‘Neoliberal ZeroHedge’. Sadly, that is an accurate description. The Pods are everywhere now.

  2. I am quite confused about your take on Turkey and Erdogan. Perhaps you could clarify a few things about your theory:

    1 – Are you saying an ambitious Turkish Air Force rogue element ordered the shoot down without Erdogan’s permission, to destabilize Erdogan and eventually bounce him out of power?

    2 – if “yes”, then why did Erdogan’s government take full credit for the shoot-down as an intentionally ordered act? Why not say it was a mistake, to protect their hold on power and isolate the rogues in the military who ordered it (who one would suppose to be Erdogan’s rivals)? Why did he ‘own’ it?

    3 – if “no”, then why did Erdogan shoot down the Russian plane? What does he have to gain from that if he’s NOT a tool of NATO, that is, if he’s not helping NATO escalate the western anti-Russian propaganda and provoking Russia to do something aggressive to a NATO country (which would be right in line with what US anti-Russian pro-war factions seem to want), thereby justifying increased US belligerence toward Russia?

    If he’s NOT with the US, how could he think that attacking Russia would facilitate keeping him in power?

    Are you saying he’s playing the NATO mutual aid mandate against both sides to benefit himself only? Wouldn’t that be a stupid gambit – leaving oneself with no allies and only pissed-off former allies who are far more powerful and control a lot of your vital resources?

    4 – Are you saying Erdogan is not supporting and supplying ISIS? How is it that our foreign mercenaries could be pouring into Syria from Turkey if Erdogan is A) any kind of socialist, and B) against the western hegemon in any way?

    5 – Who do you think ISIS’ oil is being sold to? Many seem to think it is being sold through Turkey to Israel and possibly others.

    6 – Do you think the US and Russia are unaware of precisely who is selling and buying ISIS’ stolen Syrian oil?

    7 – Do you think ISIS is essentially an American proxy?

    8 – Are you thinking that ISIS are NOT being supplied through Turkey? Basically I don’t understand what you think Erdogan’s relationship is with ISIS (or the FSA for that matter).

    9 – If Erdogan isn’t supplying and supporting ISIS, what are you thinking their supply chain looks like?

    10 – Didn’t Erdogan come to power fully supported by CIA asset Gulen? Are you saying yes he did, but that now Erdogan is turning coat and going native…against Gulen and US/IMF interests?

    Thanks for any clarification you might offer.

  3. Gulen and his movement are definitely funded by the CIA. But this does not necessarily mean that Erdogan isn’t. Think of it this way: it’s a win-win, no matter who gets into power in Turkey, from a US foreign policy perspective. And don’t forget, the major goal here is regime change in Russia.

  4. Thanks for the compliment, but regime change in Russia? That seems astronomically unlikely…impossible actually. Where does that idea come from?

  5. But I also agree that it looks like the US supports both Erdogan and Gulen, and if they become enemies of each other that does absolutely nothing to change the fact. The US seems to just be betting on two horses in the same race – the only thing the US cares about is that one of the two horses “win”, the only undesirable scenario for the US is if neither “win”.

  6. This comment is referring back to the “Fuck Chomsky” article, which does not seem to be accepting my comment. https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/fuck-noam-chomsky-the-sellout-is-helping-push-for-regime-change-in-turkey-for-israels-greater-kurdistan-project/#comment-108721

    Scott, i would say that most readers of your website come here because we respect your keen nose for bullshit and your ability to recognize and propaganda campaigns.

    I personally agree with you that there is a demonization campaign being waged in the West against Erdogan and his party. And I agree that the most likely reason for this demonization is, as you pointed out, Erdogan’s domestic economic policies. That is, his reduction or elimination of debt to the IMF In other words, the bankers want him and his party out.

    But Erdogan’s domestic economic policies are surely quite separate from Turkey’s, i.e., Erdogan’s military or geopolitical policies regarding Syria. You asked for proof that Turkey (i.e., Erdogan) is a major player in the war against Syria. Well, the Syrian Foreign Minister has recently made statements that point the finger not only at Turkey but at Erdogan himself. I think we can all agree the the Syrian Foreign Minister is not speaking for the bankers here. And I think you would agree that he is both sincere and accurate in what he says. Links to these statements are – http://tass.ru/en/world/840083 and http://tass.ru/en/world/840059.

    So it seems to me that Erdogan is doing the bidding of the NATO-NWO crowd concerning a military (terrorist / mercenary) overthrow of the government of Syria but is not doing their bidding concerning Turkey’s fiscal policies. Therefore, the puppet must be overthrown, to be replaced by another puppet who does the bidding of the NATO-NWO crowd on BOTH issues.

    But your linking of all this to the Greater Kurdistan plan is still confusing for me. We have known about this plan for a long time, and the fact that the prime mover behind the plan is Israel. You seem to imply that this plan is all that the war against Syria is about but surely the breaking up of the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis is also a major reason for this war. The control of oil pipelines and the oil reserves in Syria itself, including the Golan Heights would also be another major factor.

    What exactly is the linkage between these efforts by the West to oust Erdogan with the Greater Kurdistan plan? As I said, your whole article is based on linking the two but I can’t see the linkage.

    And do you see any flaws in my interpretation of all this?

    • That’s a decent analysis. My research also tends/seems to corroborate your idea that “Erdogan is doing the bidding of the NATO-NWO crowd concerning [the] overthrow of the government of Syria but is not doing their bidding concerning Turkey’s fiscal policies.”

      It’s weird for Turkey because if Syria falls and Greater Kurdistan is created, that can’t be good for Turkey. There are many rocks and many hard places in this mess.

      • again, I wonder just how in control of the military Erdogan really is. If they have retaken some control of the government, either by working a deal with Erdogan or simply usurping him behind the scenes, then it would appear as if he is backing NATO when he really isn’t. Of course, I am not there so I don’t know and the only thing that will ever make it clear is if they stage a coup and a junta takes over. Then’s its too late though, but it will be clear at that point.

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