UPDATES: Eclispsius Resurrected and Lavrov Unbound

by Scott Creighton

Today is the day. Eclipsius is in the shop and the head is machined and the gaskets are ready for pickup. Looks like I will be back on the road again very soon. Thanks to all who have been able to help with that process. I’ll be running around most of the morning facilitating that earth shattering global event of biblical proportions.

well… it is too me. so there.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov did an interview and Q&A this morning and he suggested that they are still looking into what they believe to be a deliberate provocation, the shooting down of their fighter jet. Seems like he thinks “reasons of domestic politics” may have been involved in the decision making process in Turkey. He also said it is well known that there is a lot of terrorism training taking place in the country and suggested that Hollande’s idea of sealing the border between Syria and Turkey might be a good idea. He then said the US was opposed to the idea which makes his second suggestion as to motive seem reasonable and that is that the order to shoot down the Russian fighter was the result of their “relationship with the allies and senior partners” of the coalition, meaning the US of course. He didn’t say it, but he certainly implied it.

Putin has said they are certainly not going to war with Turkey over this.

Turkish officials have said the Russian jet was in their airspace for a total of 17 seconds. Russian officials say it wasn’t but even if it was, that is hardly any reason to shoot down their fighter which was actively engaged in fighting the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists in Syria.

Lavrov also said it was obviously premeditated because they filmed it.

I still think this was an attempt by someone in Turkish military circles to destabilize the current government, drive a wedge between them and the Russians, put an end to the Turkish Stream pipeline deal and possibly retaliate for the Russian demolition of all those tanker trucks that have been stealing Syrian oil and selling it to British companies in Turkey as well as the Israelis.

I’m sure the picture will become clearer today and when I get back, I’ll post what I find on a new thread. Feel free to leave comments and links if you find something.

Take it easy guys. I’m off to see if Eclipsius will rise from the dead. Wish me luck. And avoid driving down here in Tampa at all costs. I’m back…. (evil laugh)

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