Davutoğlu Reportedly Claims He Gave Order to Shoot Down Russian Jet While Globalist Favorite Babacan Left Out of New Government

by Scott Creighton

It’s yet to be confirmed and I have only found one source for this story, but Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu says he gave the order to shoot down the Russian jet a few days ago. The Russian pilot has finally spoken out about the ordeal saying they were given no warning by the Turkish jet and said they were not in Turkish airspace when it happened.

That would mean it had nothing to do with the current bad-boy de jour, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After all, it’s the Prime Minister of Turkey who serves as the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. Not the president.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu today revealed that he personally gave the order to down the Russian Su-24 fighter jet that lead to the death of one pilot.

“Despite all the warnings, we had had to destroy the aircraft” Davutoğlu told a meeting of his AK party. “The Turkish Armed Forces carried out orders given by me personally” ThinkPol

“A Russian airman who has survived the downing of his warplane says Turkish jets did not issue any warnings. Capt. Konstantin Murakhtin said Wednesday on Russian television that his plane was flying over Syrian territory and didn’t violate Turkish airspace.” AP

ThinkPol provides no link to reference the statement they claim the Prime Minister made accepting responsibility for the shoot-down order.

It should be noted that this morning, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said in an interview that he thought one possible explanation for the shooting down of the Russian jet might be “reasons of domestic politics”

As it just so happens, today, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the conclusion of their efforts to form the 64th government of Turkey.

As expected, former Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan was not offered a new seat in the government. Babacan was very popular with the neoliberal investor class and globalist business leaders who took interest in this recent election. In short, the decision to exclude this man by Davutoglu and Erdogan was a slap in the face to the Western masters of the debt servitude universe.

“There was particular speculation about the fate of former Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, a darling of investors who has long played a leading role in managing the economy. His possible appointment was seen as a key barometer of how much influence Erdoğan wields. Ultimately, Babacan was not offered any seat in the cabinet, although he was tipped for a possible role at the Foreign Ministry.” Hurriyet Daily

Babacan had said he wanted full control over the economy.

Babacan speaks to United States President Barack Obama, along with other Turkish, Swiss and Armenian foreign ministers.

Babacan has an interesting past:

Babacan had the duty to steer a painful economic reform program, which was backed by multi-billion-dollar IMF loans…He stayed always away from the rough-and-tumble of the Turkish political arena and focused solely on the economic reform, acting rather as a technocrat without indulging into populism

As government minister Babacan has attended several international meetings including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and the Bilderberg Group.

So let’s review: just at the moment when the popular party is forming it’s new government after the election without the globalist Bilberberger neoliberal technocrat loved by Washington and the IMF… it just so happens that someone gives the order to shoot down a Russian plane, screwing up Turkey’s good relationship with Russia (and the Turkish Stream pipeline) and putting the new government into a new crisis.

Does that do it justice?

And what did Lavrov say?

“Reasons of domestic politics” may have caused our plane to be shot down.

Makes you think doesn’t it.

21 Responses

  1. The Davutoglu statement is indeed confirmed, and it’s official. It is all over Turkish media (here is a sample link: http://www.cumhuriyet.com.tr/haber/siyaset/431535/Davutoglu__Ucagin_vurulmasi_emrini_bizzat_ben_verdim.html)

    Although, I should mention that his words could be translated as saying he “gave instructions to the the head of armed forces”, not “ordered” the shoot down. If that is the case, then this could mean that he instructed the army to shoot down IF they violated air space, and he was not really on a hotline with the airfare ordering them to shoot.

    However, him and Erdogan are so connected, and their mutual rise to power are so intertwined, that Davutoglu could not even go pee without Erdogan’s knowledge.

    I am aware that we seem to differ in out perception of Turkish power structure, the characters in it, and the prevailing winds blowing for or against Erdogan… So i have no intention of butting heads with you on his matter… Suffice it to say, Davutoglu is nothing but a seat warmer as the PM, and is pushing on the long term agenda of amending (in fact rewriting) the constitution and ultimately transform Turkey to federal governance and a US style office of the presidency. I believe the idea is, a federal system can then allow certain neighboring states (like Azerbaijan) to join the federation under the auspices of self determination.

    • From what I understand, you are correct regarding what they plan to do with the constitution. You are also correct when you point out how close the two of them are. Erdogan created the popular political party and lead it for 10 years and now he since he reached his term limit, Davutoglu is heading it up with Erdogan serving in the largely ceremonial position of president.

      I am less concerned with what Turkish media presents though. I know for a fact that billionaires control much of the media there, as they do here, and also, there are elements in Turkey, religious elements, as in the states as well, who control them. And we have already established the fact that many of those privately owned media outlets have been caught publishing lies about Erdogan in the past in the lead-up to the election.

      So, until I hear Erdogan himself saying he gave the order to stage a pretext to shoot down a Russian plane, I’m not buying it.

      Also, after I post all of this valuable info on the subject, I’m still basically confronted with the Tarpleyesque “his family has ties to ISIS” theory.

      Of course Davutoglu told the military leadership to down planes that violate their airspace. Every nation has that standing order. That’s a far cry from saying Erdogan gave the order to break all geopolitical ties with Russia and scrap the Turkish Stream pipeline deal.

    • and look at this…. the Turkish MILITARY has released a recording they claim is of their controller ordering the Russian jet to leave their airspace and warning them they will be shot down if they don’t…

      interestingly enough.. it’s in English.

      So I Turkish air traffic controller is telling a Russian fighter pilot to leave or be attacked… in English. Yeah, right.

      • Actually, English is the language of aviation. All pilots study it and all comms of an international nature take place in English.
        As far as the situation in Turkey, I believe your analysis is the most correct one.

  2. “Reasons of domestic politics” may have caused our plane to be shoot (sic) down.”…Not sure what one is supposed to think about that statement. Is it a “cover” for what really might just be an admission of impotence? If one gives any thought to the statement, such reflection would immediately lead to the assertion that the incident itself was way bigger than a “domestic” political issue. All political spectacles these days are “globalist” rather than “domestic”, where even “local” political phenomena are some way or other connected to the globalist superstructure (Agenda 21, for example – act local, think global). So, from that perspective Lavorov’s statement can be seen as little more than an apologia for his nation’s helplessness (at least for the moment). He too must know by now that every so-called “domestic” act is just another thread in the globalist tapestry. His statement, however, obscures, or ignores, that fact. One admires Russia’s efforts to resist a globalist incursion and take-down. One has to wonder, however, how much more bitch-slapping (evidently from even puny “domestic” johns like Turkey! like Egypt! like Ukraine!) before they too capitulate to becoming another “working girl” for Big Daddy the globalist pimp lurking around every corner in his window-tinted bullet proof stretch limo Cadillac. At least that’s what the Russian FM’s statement makes me think.

  3. See, Scott, this is exactly why I can’t take you seriously any longer. At one time I used to read you for the sense you made, and try and ignore the increasingly frequent occasions when you seemed to slip off the straight and level path. But that changed sometime in 2013 at which point you went to a level where you began making sense less and less, and began trying to twist every fact, every statement, to suit your preconceived notions.

    For example, how would you explain Erdogan’s statement here:


    Or, if you don’t want to go to antiwar, here’s the quote from the original Reuters article here:


    “President Tayyip Erdogan made no apology, saying his nation had simply been defending its own security and the “rights of our brothers in Syria”. He made clear Turkish policy would not change.”

    Yet, somehow, it’s not Erdogan’s fault…simply because you, Scott, have already decided in advance that it’s not Erdogan’s fault, and the sun and moon will stand still in the sky and you will still insist it’s not Erdogan’s fault.

    As David Hazan said above, “(Davutoglu) and Erdogan are so connected, and their mutual rise to power are so intertwined, that Davutoglu could not even go pee without Erdogan’s knowledge.”

    It’s really sad seeing how far you’ve fallen, Scott. I’m left with mournful memories of the great articles you once wrote, about the Cheonan sinking, for example, or the lies about the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden.

    • How far I’ve fallen, huh?

      How do I explain that… it’s Reuters. You know, the same ones who were writing constantly about how Gaddafi was bombing his own people. The same ones who are currently writing everyday about Assad dropping barrel bombs on his own people. And the same ones who were writing back in 2002 that Saddam had WMD.

      Clearly, folks like yourself seem determined to push the “Erdogan did it” theory at all costs, without regard for the facts. Here’s an example, you seem to have completely missed on another part of Hazan’s comment which basically said the real translation was that Davutoglu told the military leaders to defend the country if their airspace was violated…. well, he didn’t say “stage a justification and set up a video camera then shoot down a Russian jet” and that is quite different.

      He also didn’t say the Prime Minister directly order THAT plane shot down.

      So, I am simply reporting on the facts as I always have. And for some strange reason, I seem to have a lot of folks here doing Webster Tarpley’s job trying to demonize Erdogan in the alternative news websites.

      hmm…. and I just had to erase that A-hole’s comment from the Nevada National Security facility?

      • There’s little to be said if you’re determined to pretend that Erdogan is ignorant of what his prime minister is doing, when he himself has never made the slightest attempt not to take credit for the shooting down. Just as he never made any attempt not to take credit for the shooting down of a Syrian plane over Northern Syria in 2014…when he was the prime minister. Just as he was on audio (when he was the prime minister) planning with Davotoglu to stage a false flag attack to justify an invasion of Syria. Just as he, when prime minister, sent an F4 over Syria in June 2012 which was shot down over Latakia. He did all that…and yet suddenly he’s an innocent.

        You amaze me, Scott. It’s really sad. I mean, it’s not as though I dislike you or anything. I just wish you still had the actual analytical ability you once used to have, back when you discussed Kony or the lies used to justify the bombing of Libya.

        I worry for you.

        • You keep on supporting the regime change in Turkey plan and I will keep on reporting the news as I find it. Hows that for a deal? And you can just keep ignoring the facts that Erdogan is hated by Israel, hated by the IMF, hated by the neoliberal technocrats he kicked out of the new government… and hated by folks around here who don’t wish to see the Turkish Stream pipeline completed. All that is secondary of course, right? After all, Erdogan has some strange motive for wanting to wage war on Russia, right? Couldn’t possibly be his generals have a plan to facilitate not only him being forced from office, but his entire political party as well. Nah, that couldn’t possibly be it. No US or Western interests EVER go behind the local government’s back and enlist the military leadership to help them out, now do they?

          Except… that’s what they always do.

          • What regime change i Turkey plan? Erdogan has been a good boy and followed the script ever since he was given a taste of what might happen at the Gezi Park “protests”. As far as the terror campaign in Syria goes, he’s stuck exactly to orders by trying to keep the moderate cannibals alive. Once Russia and Syria secure the Turkish border, the terror campaign is dead. No matter how much they try, the Saudis and the rest won’t be able to infiltrate terrorists across the open deserts of Southern Syria.

            This “regime change plan” exists only in your own imagination.

            • “In January this year, The Washington Post dutifully provided a platform for three outspoken Israel Lobbyists who are jointly calling on the Obama Administration to overthrow the current Turkish Administration. You heard it right. Morton Abramowitz, Eric Edelman and Blaise Misztal jointly penned a hysteria-reeked article to declare Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan a despot, and a great threat to democracy and U.S. interests” Sibel Edmonds, 2014

              any other questions?

              • As plenty of actual, you know, Turks, have pointed out ad naueam, Turkey under Erdogan has always remained a close ally of the ZIonist entity. Even after the Gaza flotilla raid Erdogan did absolutely nothing to cut off relations with Zionistan. All he did was spout words.When the zionazis were bombing Gaza to scrap last year, Erdogan did not a thing to stop it. How do you explain any of that? Of course you don’t. Because you see only what you want to see. And that, precisely, is the problem nowadays with you. You’ve so totally closed off your mind it’s like you’re no longer the same person you were.

                • you keep going on and on with that meme, don’t you? That I’ve “changed”. That stupid insult is not going to win over any supporters for you here. And what did you expect Turkey to do when Israel attacked Gaza? Invade? And since they didn’t they must be in cohoots with them? That’s the most ridiculous argument every made here. Erdogan condemned Israel for killing mothers and children which is a hell of a lot more than Obama did that’s for sure. You keep on with the Prison Planet, InfoWhores propaganda if you like. Just do it someplace else.

  4. An article from VT on this very topic:

    “But once again, a Middle Eastern leader believed what the imperialists told him. Like Qaddafi, who thought cooperating with the West and abandoning his WMD would be appreciated, and like Saddam Hussein, who thought that if he only waged wars the West told him to wage he would be fine, Erdogan believed NATO when they told him, in early 2011, that he would get to run Syria very very soon, just as soon as they got rid of Assad…on the condition that he join the regime change operation.”


    • three things:

      1. Putin is not going to “carve up” Erdogan

      2. It was clearly not Erdogan’s “decision” to shoot down the fighter jet

      3. Kevin Barret aside (who I like most of his work) VT is a website where the owner himself says 60% of the stuff they publish is pure propaganda and bullshit

      • “1. Putin is not going to “carve up” Erdogan”

        – True. Putin won’t attack Turkey, but only because he doesn’t want a war with NATO. However, if there is another Turkish attempt to attack a Russian plane, that Turkish attack will be turned into scrap metal.

        “2. It was clearly not Erdogan’s “decision” to shoot down the fighter jet”

        – Utter bullshit.

        “3. Kevin Barret aside (who I like most of his work) VT is a website where the owner himself says 60% of the stuff they publish is pure propaganda and bullshit”

        – True. It is a disinformation site on the same level as Sorcha Faal or Natural News.

  5. Scott, can you lay out a brief synopsis of what you DO believe Erdogan’s game plan, loyalties, etc., are, and what significant players believe his game plan SHOULD be, if different? Either that, or point me to where it’s already laid out. I’m having trouble following the discussion.

    My own boiling down has it that Erdogan doesn’t want a Western (or unified) Kurdistan, and other people do. Everything Erdogan seems to do is designed to prevent that eventuality. Shooting down a Russian bomber doesn’t seem to fit, unless the Russians are assisting in the non-Kurd ethnic cleansing of the north Syrian strip.

  6. “Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking in Ankara on Thursday, rejected the accusations. “Shame on you. It’s clear where Turkey buys its oil and gas … Those who claim we are buying oil from [Isis] like this must prove their claims. Nobody can slander this country.

    “If you are seeking the source of weaponry and financial power of [Isis], the first place to look is the Assad regime and countries that act with it,” he said.”

    Erdogan’s credibility is zero or below.

    • Turkey is not buying oil from “ISIS”… that isn’t even the accusation except on places like Fox News or Prison Planet. They claim is that they are “allowing it to pass through Turkey” via either the British oil company or, according to some, through his son’s company (actually, he two sons with two different oil transportation companies, if I remember correctly)

      Why do you not provide the source for that unsourced quote? Because it’s the Guardian (yes, I found it) who published that without providing a link for the readers to where they found it? Of course, the Guardian is a British company as well aren’t they?

      • The quote was widely reported and Erdogan has made the accusation before.

        It is absurd to suggest that Assad is buying oil from ‘ISIS’.

        I don’t know whether the allegations against Erdogan’s family are true or not. That’s a separate issue.

        Yes, the Grauniad is British and yes, it is trash.

  7. The Guardian has gone downhill in the last few years. You might be interested in an alternative called OffGuardian. It has been set up by former contributors to the Guardian comment section fed up of being moderated and banned from commenting.


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