Putin: Russia will not tolerate this “stab in Russia’s back” delivered by “terrorism accomplices”

(Seems to me, if someone wanted Erdgan out of power, a coup put in his place and Russia to be weakened by the loss of another friendly state, then giving the order to shoot down this Russian fighter might just be the perfect solution. Just saying…)

from TASS

Russia will not tolerate crimes like the attack on the Russian Su-24 fighter jet shot down by the Turkish Air Force in Syrian skies, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday at a meeting with King of Jordan Abdullah II.

“I understand each country has its own regional interests, and we have always respected that. But we shall never tolerate crimes like today’s one,” the president said.

The Russian leader stressed that the downed fighter-bomber was posing no threat to Turkey.

“Our pilots and jet posed no threat to the Turkish Republic. This is obvious. They were conducting an operation against ISIL,” Putin said.

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Russian jet downed when returning to Hmeimim airbase — Defense Ministry

from TASS

The Russian Sukhoi Su-24 warplane was downed when returning to Syria’s Hmeimim airbase, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday

“The Russian Su-24 warplane was downed in Syria’s territory by a Turkish F-16 fighter jet. The objective control data analysis has shown unmistakably that Turkey’s air space was not violated,” the ministry said.

The Russian plane was downed by an air-to-air missile fired by a Turkish F-16 fighter when it was at an altitude of 6,000 meters at a distance of 1 km from the Turkish border. The Defense Ministry said earlier that pilots had managed to eject from the aircraft. Their whereabouts were being established.

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Turkey Shoots Down Russian Military Plane Near Syrian Border


Turkey’s foreign ministry summoned the Russian charge d’affaires on Tuesday, after a Russian warplane was shot down by Turkish jets along the country’s Syria border, a Turkish official said.

Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane near the Syrian border on Tuesday after repeated warnings over air space violations, but Moscow said it could prove the jet had not left Syrian air space.

It was the first time a NATO member’s armed forces have downed a Russian or Soviet military aircraft since the 1950s and Russian and Turkish assets fell on fears of an escalation between the former Cold War enemies.

A Kremlin spokesman said it was a “very serious incident” but that it was too early to draw conclusions.

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