The End of the 4-Year Regime Change Operation in Syria Approaches

by Scott Creighton

President Obama’s 4-year-old regime change operation in Syria appears to be coming to a close with the “evil doer” Assad set to remain in power. That at least is the spin various MSM outlets (check here and here) are putting on the story.


The headline from the “progressive’ Huffington Post this morning as they channel their inner George W. Bush

According to The Atlantic, “the Syrian dictator’s sinister plan” was to embolden ISIS™ and empower them in order to make his own Satanic visage appear more acceptable by comparison. That, according to the “progressive” Atlantic, is Assad’s “devil’s gambit”

“Assad’s plan, it seems, is to deliberately aid the rise of ISIS—what I call the devil’s gambit. The logic is simple and ruthless: radicalize the opposition so that the Syrian dictator looks like a lesser evil to domestic and foreign audiences. Here, Assad benefits from the inherently polarizing nature of civil war, as a cycle of atrocities and revenge pushes all sides to the extreme. He has further spurred radicalization by focusing the regime’s fire on moderate enemies, while reportedly releasing jihadists from jail and purchasing oil from ISIS. In recent months, the Syrian military allegedly used air strikes to help ISIS advance toward the city of Aleppo. Khaled Khoja, a Syrian opposition leader, claimed that Assad’s fighter jets were acting as “an air force for ISIS.” Dominic Tierney

Seems to me what Mr. Tierney is describing is the fallacy in the Obama administration’s overall plan and that is, by creating this “Great Satan” called ISIS™, they presented an option worse than Assad in order to justify attacking Syria. However, in so doing, they created an option… worse than Assad. Understandably, with every false flag or fake beheading video they created, they made the elected government of Syria look better and better by comparison.

So it wasn’t a “devil’s gambit” by Assad that did this… it was one crafted by President Obama and his rather, shortsighted advisers.

The key point to this article written by Tierney back in Sept. can be found a bit further down as he describes the endgame of the gambit:

“The devil’s gambit, then, appears to have succeeded. The Obama administration has recently backed away from insisting that Assad must relinquish power, and signaled instead that the dictator could stay in power for a transitional period as part of a peace settlement.” Dominic Tierney

Tierney’s Faustian references aside, seems to understand the approaching failure of the regime change operation. He painfully admits the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists are either dying or fleeing from the Russian bombs and cruise missiles while he finally admits the game is pretty much over. Assad will remain.

This morning, the Associated Press said exactly that: Assad wins, will remain in power.

“As the United States has turned its attention to defeating the Islamic State group, it has softened its stance on the Syrian leader. More than four years ago, Obama demanded that Assad leave power. Administration officials later said Assad did not have to step down on “Day One” of a political transition. Now, they are going further.

A peace plan agreed to last weekend by 17 nations meeting in Vienna says nothing about Assad’s future, but states that “free and fair elections would be held pursuant to the new constitution within 18 months.” To clarify the timeline, the State Department said this past week that the clock starts once Assad’s representatives and opposition figures begin talks on a constitution. The vote would determine a new parliament, though not necessarily a new president.” AP

Notice that key sentence “More than four years ago, Obama demanded that Assad leave power”

If you recall, when the color revolution first took off with the CIA’s “moderates” terrorizing Syria in hopes of forcing a regime change, President Obama took the position that he was simply watching the events unfold in this “civil war” along with the rest of the world and said the Syrian people had to decide Assad’s fate. Once an emergency election was held some 6 months or so later and Assad’s popularity among the people was established again, that’s when President Peace Prize announced they had to remove the “evil” Assad.

The key sentence from the AP seems to me to be a little slip exposing the regime change nature of the program from day one.

The narrative transition started in earnest yesterday during the Sunday morning talking heads programs. Former Sec. of Def. Chuck Hagel told CNN that it was time to stop fretting over Assad and focus exclusively on ISIS™.

Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Sunday the United States should be more focused on defeating ISIS than ousting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Hagel, who was President Barack Obama’s second secretary of defense, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that “ISIS represents the real threat to our country — the world.”

Insisting that Assad must go eventually, though, puts the United States at risk of confusing its allies and adversaries, he said. CNN

Clearly Mr. Hagel is attempting to make it seem like it’s some kind of gracious gesture from the US to the Syrian people, letting them keep their elected government. What he fails to mention to CNN is the fact that several nations held a conference and set in place a program to bring about the end to Obama’s regime change operation. The US and John Kerry specifically had nothing to do with it and we all know things would have continued and even gotten worse in Syria were it not for the Russians bombing the CIA’s “moderate” terrorists.

On a side note, according to the Guardian, President Obama special envoy to the coalition of the willing, Brett McGurk (sounds like a character from Fallout 4, doesn’t it?) admitted on Face the Nation that those 50 Special Ops troops Obama said he was sending into Syria to serve as human shields for the CIA’s “moderates” were never sent.

Dozens of US special operations troops will arrive in Syria “very soon” as promised by president Barack Obama’s administration, a senior official has said.

The troops will help organize local forces battling the self-proclaimed Islamic State in northern Syria, according to special envoy Brett McGurk.

“They will be going in very soon,” McGurk told CBS television’s Face the Nation.

As I posited back when they first announced the Special Forces Human Shield program, it seems they simply made the announcement to make the Russians think twice before bombing the CIA’s assets in Syria. Since they wouldn’t be able to tell Special Forces operators from the Wahhabist terrorists from Saudi Arabia, they figured it would slow down those Russian cruise missiles and hell-fire rockets.

Didn’t turn out that way, did it?

And thank goodness they didn’t actually send them in there. They may in the future once they try to take a little piece of Syria for the Kurds, but at least for now they didn’t seem to want to risk a full on mutiny from the armed services sending them in there to stand next to the CIA’s al Qaeda linked terrorists.

Smart move. Bad bluff, but a smart move in the end.

So it would appear at least for now that President Peace Prize isn’t going to get his Syrian prize to hand over to his friends at the Soros institute or the Clinton Global Initiative or Goldman Sachs this time.

It might also signal the 4-year-old Syrian regime change via CIA-backed terrorism operation is drawing to a close.

4 years. That’s a college degree. That’s almost the average marriage these days, isn’t it?

Let’s hope this developing trend in the official narrative of the Syrian “civil war” story doesn’t freak out the crazies too much and force them to unleash their inner Dick Cheney. Could an Assad-backed 9/11 be brewing in their twisted little PNAC minds? Let’s hope the New American Century doesn’t demand a sacrifice … again.

Either way, for now it’s good news. Whenever these crazies lose a piece of their New World Order, it’s cause for a little celebration. A little trepidation… and a little celebration. The two go hand in hand these days.


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7 Responses

  1. Didn’t think you could get better, Scott, but you proved me wrong. Again! Great article!

  2. I don’t think Barry Soetoro would be reelected in a election for a imaginary third time, and with that logic he must be more of a ‘devil’ than Assad.

    Good article BTW.

  3. So, what to do, what to do? If very instinct you’ve ever had has been wrong, the opposite would have to be right. The Coalition of the Colonial used to do something and then regret it the rest of the day. Now, they plan to do the opposite and do nothing…

    “Nov 25, 2015. Sykes-Picot challenged by heavyweight American and British foreign policy figures

    LONDON—The borders and states laid down by British and French diplomats, Sykes and Picot in Iraq and Syria nearly a century ago have been challenged by two former senior foreign-policy makers on different sides of the Atlantic in a powerful sign of a major rethink of Western policy.”

    Challenged? The Sykes-Picot borders? 99 years later? By the White Man’s Burden Committee? You couldn’t make it up.

    “Former British Foreign Secretary, William Hague wrote in the Daily Telegraph that ‘the UK and our allies should signal their openness to new solutions. The borders of Syria and Iraq were largely drawn by two British and French diplomats in 1916. They should not be considered immutable. If the leaders of either country cannot construct a state where all communities can live together, it will be right to consider international support for their partition. Kurds have shown their ability to run their own affairs. A subdivided Syria might now be the only one that can be at peace.'”

    It almost sounds legal and morally sound. Then again, it also sounds like my mother sanctioning my brother and I for having squabbled over a toy, back in the day. “If you two can’t play nicely…”

    Can it get any more hypocritically unbelievable?

    “Separately, in the New York Times, the former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton argued that ‘Today’s reality is that Iraq and Syria as we have known them are gone. The Islamic State has carved out a new entity from the post-Ottoman Empire settlement, mobilizing Sunni opposition to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and the Iran-dominated government of Iraq. Also emerging, after years of effort, is a de facto independent Kurdistan.'”

    It must break Blessed John Bolton’s saintly heart. 99 years of selfless post-Ottoman settling flushed down the toilet, in the twinkling of an eye, by the Dread Pirate Rolex and his nefarious band of “ISIS” brigands. Wait though, is he for or against the “ISIS” entity out-carving? I can’t quite tell.

    “He concluded that ‘rather than striving to recreate the post-World War I map, Washington should recognize the new geopolitics. The best alternative to the Islamic State in northeastern Syria and western Iraq is a new, independent Sunni state.'”

    You have to admire Bolton’s traditional laissez faire approach. Just let it the chips fall where they may, he has always said. Let the tribes sort it out themselves. Sit back and recognize the new geopolitics… which have unfolded… all by themselves.

    “Bolton added that ‘The functional independence of Kurdistan reinforces this approach. The Kurds have finally become too big a force in the region for Baghdad or Damascus to push them around. They will not be cajoled or coerced into relinquishing territory they now control to Mr. Assad in Syria or to Iraq’s Shiite militias. The Kurds still face enormous challenges, with dangerously uncertain borders, especially with Turkey. But an independent Kurdistan that has international recognition could work in America’s favor.'”

    So, that’s Kurdistan, Sunnistan and Shiastan (I’m sure I saw that arrangement on a map somewhere), springing up as part of the natural order of the Universe. The Coalition of the Colonial won’t believe their luck. Three cheers for Messrs Hague and Bolton and their courage in challenging the Sykes-Picot borders! Hip, hip…

  4. Tried another long post. Same result. Into the void. (I tried to post the same comment twice, so you’ll probably find two in the lost property box.)

  5. Do you suppose there’s a character limit or something?

    • I found it. I don’t know what it is. Sometimes it’s links. Sometimes it’s something else. But at least they are just sent to the pending folder and not erased

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