Scott Creighton Will Be on Real Politik Radio With James Tracy Today at 3pm

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday  I had the pleasure of doing an interview with James Tracy of Memory Hole blog and it will be aired on his show, Real Politik, on Truth Frequency Radio today at 3pm.

You can listen to it here.

James has been working in alternative media for quite a while now. He’s a researcher as well as an educator and his work on Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing garnered him a lot of national media attention.

(James) Tracy is a media scholar, educator and political analyst located in South Florida. He received his PhD from University of Iowa in 2002. His work on media history and politics has appeared in a wide variety of academic journals, edited volumes, and alternative news and opinion outlets including Global Research, Lew Rockwell, Activist Post, Information Clearing House, and Infowars.

I’ve had a good deal of respect for his work for sometime now and doing the interview was an enjoyable experience. We covered a lot of topics in the hour long interview and I think it will make for good listening. For the record, he’s done some really good interviews in the past with people like Brandon Turbeville, Shawn Helton, Sofia Smallstorm and Patrick Henningsen just to name a few. You can check out the archives of his podcasts, here.

Anyway, it’s a good interview. James is a dedicated researcher and critic of media propaganda like I am and it was an honor to be asked on his show. I hope you tune in and let me know what you think. If you can’t make it today, I’ll let you guys know when it will be up on his podcast.

Have a good one.

12 Responses

  1. I haven’t listened to the interview yet (but I will). However, I have a general question and this seems as likely as spot as any to ask it. I apologise if I’ve broken any protocol.

    When events like Paris occur, I usually follow an identical trajectory. First, I accept the news reports at face value. Soon after, though, when I notice something stupid about the narrative, or when others do and publish their thoughts, I almost automatically add that event to the false flag list and go in search of corroborating evidence.

    My question is: What are the chances that I simply want those events to be false flags, and conduct my later investigation tanked up to the brim with confirmation bias? Am I, by now, able to make an objective review of all the evidence, or do I simply see what I want to see? Might I be the opposite of the person who will never doubt the official narrative?

    Is there any unbiased literature on this potentiality? I’m actually more interested in knowing the truth than being proven right regarding my suspicions.

    • I follow that trajectory for the same reason I pull my hand off of a hot stove: because I’ve learned to.

      I don’t start from the point of everything being a false flag, first of all. I usually wait a day or so to write about it so I’m not playing the click-bait game and so I can wait and see which evidence shakes out to be at least partly legit. Then I delve into them. I do tend to look at them from a certain perspective, but all that does is insulate me from the ridiculous BS the MSM is certain to produce.

      Flight 370 is a fine example. I don’t think it was a false flag and never said it was while others were talking about it being remote hijacked so they could use it later in the next 9/11. remember that crap?

      I came to the conclusion it was probably downed by accident during those exercise in the South China Sea and to this day, I have yet to see anything to make me think otherwise.

      On the other hand, Flight 17 was certainly a false flag and I don’t care how tightly you squint your eyes, it’s almost impossible not to see it as such.

      I evaluate each event on it’s own merits. And it’s hard when everyone says the intelligence agency’s creation, “ISIS”, did something… not to see it as a false flag… because “ISIS” is ours in the first place. So yeah, those are kind of a gimmie.

      then you factor in the faked beheading videos and that’s pretty much all you need to say there.

      As for “seeing what I want to see”: are you kidding? I would LOVE to see the MSM as my friend and the government as never lying to me. That would be joy. Certainly on some level I spend time looking at these events HOPING to discover that they are real and conducted by some evil, far off enemy we can all collective gather together and hate. It would be much better than what you and I both know is going on.

      No. I don’t “want’ to see the world as it is. I want to be numb to it like so many others. But I’m not.

      It’s like when you’re in the dark room and you can’t see the monsters until your eyes adjust. It’s dark and scary, but nothing close to the real horror of it all. Once your eyes adjust, like it or not, there’s no going back.

      Certain things you simply can’t “unsee”. Try as you might, we take this awareness into all of our investigations and it’s perfectly reasonable to do so. How good would a prosecutor be if he failed to learn and remember the lessons of all his previous cases. For that matter, how good would any artist or craftsman be if he forgot what he learned project to project?

      • Great response. Thanks.

      • Well, I’ve never arrived at a false flag conclusion then later doubted that conclusion. I’ve found that once I have one piece of hard evidence, the rest just keeps mounting up. Later on, we ‘kooks’ are usually joined by ‘respected citizens’, like architects and engineers and sundry other experts and whistleblowers. I guess those people feel they have more to lose by coming out before there exists lots of support for the idea (even though they know it’s BS from day one).

        Funny, I’ve never been able to nail anything down about flight MH370. I’ve never been presented with that first glaring narrative anomaly that points the finger at the authorities. All I’ve been able to do in that particular case is discount the various official attempts at selling me a “Well, we might as well use this to further an agenda” story that they obviously have no hard evidence for, such as the Muslim pilot suicide, etc. I suppose it’s really difficult to reach a conclusion where there is no ‘body’ or video.

        With respect to “wanting” it to be a false flag, I suppose I meant that I now don’t trust any news report that has the potential to be a Problem Reaction Solution. As soon as I hear “…this is scary, so we plan to…”, my BS radar starts whirring. I don’t really need any more evidence to confirm that governments are purposely crooked.

        Your last paragraph reminds me of an oft-corrupted quote by George Santayana. It’s usually presented as “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” or “Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” That wasn’t the essence of the original quote in its entirety, which has nothing to do with history or the general ‘past’. The full quote is: “Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. In the first stage of life the mind is frivolous and easily distracted, it misses progress by failing in consecutiveness and persistence. This is the condition of children and barbarians, in which instinct has learned nothing from experience.”
        George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905

        Although we can’t ‘unsee’ things, many people elect not to retain certain experiences. So, for instance, they’ll never receive the evidence inherent in the fact that many “terrorist attacks” since 911 have reportedly taken place during or hours after an emergency response drill for each type of “attack” was undertaken, or that titanium passports persist in fluttering out from infernos. And, of course, they never allow themselves to *collect* evidence at all. No two pieces of evidence are allowed to enter their consciousness at the same time. As such, they find it easy to dismiss each piece as an anomaly or pure chance. A steel-framed building HAD to be brought down by office fires some day! Er, three fell down. Cue denial and hostility.

        In wondering about my own motives, I’ve often mused on their motives. How can a person dismiss such overwhelming *collections* of evidence. Santayana provides the answer. They are selectively children/savages, who lack the capacity to retain certain experience… by choice. You could lay out all the dots you want, they’ll never let themselves connect them.

        Thanks for your work on this site.

        • well, with Flight 370, it kinda cinched it for me when they totally ignored the witness who saw a passenger plane burning in the sky in the area where it went off radar and then they made up that ridiculous story about it turning and heading, off the radar, back over Malaysia. I knew then something was seriously wrong with the story they were feeding us. That witness ended up being fired from his job on the oil rig by the way. That was right after that documentary on Flight 800 came out and was so damaging to the official story. There’s never been a case where a passenger jet crashed and was never found. Never. And then I discovered the South China Sea is about 100 feet deep in most places in that area. They could see it from the sky if they were really looking. That’s why they had to divert the search area so quickly. Then, once I confirmed the fact that there were two cruise missile destroyers in the area conducting drills that night… I put 2 and 2 together. But as you said, with no concrete evidence, no bodies, no plane, they’ll never be a definitive version of the story.

          An interesting observation from Santayana. Never read his work. I should

          and you are welcome. glad to do it. thanks for coming by and taking the time to leave comments.

          • You’re welcome. Isn’t it always the way? I left that comment and went for a look around YouTube. I found Russianvids’ It’s a Flat Earth, After All (that’s my title, not his). Felt my brain actually stretch (not in a good way). My conclusion after watching some of it is that I have no idea what shape the Earth is. The Prussians TOLD me three things about it: 1. That it’s ’round’, 2. That people used to believe it was flat, 3. That, even though all the culprits have been dead for centuries, I should take time out of my busy schedule to ridicule the idea that people thought it was flat, and use that as a contemporary insult for people who question official stuff.

            I’ve never navigated a plane in a straight line ‘around’ the ‘globe’, so, what do I know (although, I’ve always been a little suspicious about 3). This questioning everything can get exhausting. As for choosing between the versions, what was the middle one again?

      • I responded at length, but the post didn’t appear. It might be in that other box. I have a copy of the post, but I’ll wait a while to see if you can retrieve it before reposting.

  2. Great question! I’m in the same boat as you (which is kind of funny given our usernames!) I’d be interested in other takes me on this but I haven’t been able to find any “unbiased” sources – either they parrot the official story or see everything as a false flag/hoax. I try to read both and make up my own mind but usually I end up not knowing what to believe. Scott does a great job, however, and even when I disagree with him, he’s always food for thought.

  3. Above Top Secret and Godlikeproductions are both doing great work…? Can you qualify that? Were you joking?

    Do you rely on those two outlets for their analysis in everything? I am still in disbelief that is what I heard you say.

    • GLP and ATS have one thing going for them still and that is they have a lot of readers, some are clearly trolls and influence peddlers, but the others are still there and still at least trying to provide each other with links and facts regarding certain topics that are being discussed. And I think in terms of the conversation, he and I were talking about how readers provide insight into the articles we write. Everywhere you go you are going to get a number of trolls, if the work you are doing is on a certain level. Yes, both of those forums have been hijacked like Blogger was years ago. But that doesn’t mean you avoid them altogether.

      Do I really on them for my work? Have you EVER read a thing I have done referencing either site? In fact, it’s been so long since I have checked either site for anything, I can’t even be sure they are still up and running.

  4. […] Scott Creighton Will Be on Real Politik Radio With James … Scott Creighton Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing an interview with James Tracy of Memory Hole blog and it will be aired on his show, Real Politik, on Truth Frequency Radio today at 3pm. You can listen to it here. […]

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