Fuck Noam Chomsky: The Sellout is Helping Push for Regime Change in Turkey for Israel’s Greater Kurdistan Project

by Scott Creighton

Noam Chomsky can kiss my ass. I’ve tried to be forgiving when the guy says what he says about 9/11 or JFK for far too long. I gave him credit for a lifetime of activism and some of the most important critical writing regarding the inner working of deep state politics any US writer has ever produced. But it’s time I gave up on the notion that he is anything more than a scared, old sellout who isn’t even a shadow of the man he once was.

I write this today because I came across an article written by Chomsky and some globalist hack and UNESCO Mockingbird named Christophe Deloire which used almost every single regime change buzzword they could come up with in order to demonize Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for cracking down on the inflammatory, destabilizing “journalism” being produced in Turkey by globalist, for-profit media outlets serving the West’s regime change agenda.

Look, I believe in free press. Obviously. But when these globalist assets start using their media outlets to incite internal discord by publishing outright lies in order to make the popular government look evil, you don’t get to screech about the loss of the “free press”

This is what institutions pushing Hillary Clinton’s “soft power” did in places like Iran during the Green Revolution, Russia in the lead-up to the last election and in Ukraine just prior to the neo-Nazis taking over the country with the help of the likes of George Soros.

And if anybody understands how this fucking shit works, it’s Noam Chomsky. He literally wrote the book on “Manufacturing Consent”

Recent developments have made it perfectly clear that the Obama administration has decided to give up on the 4-year-old regime change operation in Syria with the caveat that they be allowed to bust off a piece of the country, the north eastern part, as a “safe zone” for the Kurds.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s one third of the Greater Kurdistan project right there and next, they have to take a little piece of Turkey to see it completed.

Enter the piece of shit Noam Chomsky to prepare the fake left for that regime change operation.

This is disgusting. Let’s take his little ideological treason one step at a time, shall we?

“Sidelining opposition media has become a bad habit in Turkey, which is ranked 149th out of 180 countries in the latest Reporters Without Borders World Press Freedom Index. ..” Noam Chomsky

First of all, this report was published by the UNESCO program, Reporters Without Borders, that is run by the globalist Mockingbird, Christophe Deloire. Check here as Chris extols the heroism of “Pussy Riot“. Check here to read how Chris demonizes Assad back in 2013 for arresting some globalist shill journalist trying to stir up regime change in that country.

Do you know who they list at the bottom of that press freedom ranking list? Just all of the governments in the world who stand opposed to our globalist agenda, that’s who.

  • 152 – Russia
  • 154 – Libya (after the election)
  • 168 – Yemen (new Yemen)
  • 169 – Cuba
  • 173 – Iran
  • 174 – Sudan
  • 176 – China
  • 177 – Syria
  • 179 – North Korea

Anyone seeing a pattern developing here?

Want to see who’s doing well in terms of press freedom according to this list?

  • 12 – Germany
  • 13 – Czech Republic
  • 25 – Australia
  • 34 – UK
  • 38 – France
  • 39 – South Africa
  • 49 – United States

Here’s the kind of “evidence” that they use to justify this extremely disingenuous propaganda piece:

“On Nov. 17, 18 editors and publishers will go on trial for “terrorist propaganda” because of a photograph. They face up to 7½ years in prison. One of these journalists, Cumhuriyet editor Can Dundar, already stood accused of “spying” by Erdogan, who has vowed that Dundar “won’t get away with it.” His paper published evidence that Syria-bound trucks leased by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization had, as suspected, been carrying arms.…” Noam Chomsky

I wrote about this propaganda when it happened. They took photos of some NGO’s trucks being loaded up with medical supplies and possibly weapons on route to support our “moderate” terrorists in Syria and used them to imply that it was Erdogan sending weapons to ISIS™

The propaganda was ridiculous and certainly designed to be inflammatory to the local population of Turkey.

Used to be in this country it was illegal to publish deliberate lies in the media. They changed that. Said the media corporations were “persons” and thus they had a right to free speech, which includes lying to their audience.

That’s not “freedom of the press” people. And just because it’s a privately owned corporation doing this shit targeting “the evil statists” doesn’t make it right or just.

How many fucking times do we need to explain FASCISM?

Making up outrageous lies about a popular government or political party in order to foster a climate for regime change is not something I defend or condone. And that’s what these media companies were doing. They do it in all sorts of places that we wish to change for the sake of “stability”

Just ask Reporters Without Borders. They’ve been publishing pro-regime change propaganda with regard to Syria and Libya for years now.

“… The metastasizing Syrian conflict and the resumption of fighting with Kurdish rebels have accentuated governmental paranoia about critical journalists…” Noam Chomsky

The Syrian “conflict”? There’s not a “conflict” in Syria. It’s a regime change operation via irregular warfare. It’s terrorism. Not a “conflict” as Mr. Chomsky puts it.

“Kurdish rebels“? You mean like the Syrian rebels we are supposed to love? Like the Contra “rebels“? Or for that matter the al Qaeda “rebels” fighting in Afghanistan during the 80s?

And what is that about governmental “paranoia” regarding them trying to defend themselves against this kind of color revolution agitation? Is it paranoia what we did in Ukraine? How about Russia before the election? Does the Green Revolution in Iran ring any bells?

How the hell did Chomsky think he could get away with publishing this kind of blatant neoliberal regime change propaganda without being called out for it?

But if you think that’s bad, just check this out:

“They need a stable Turkey to help limit the spread of the Syrian chaos and to guarantee its people’s security and prosperity. The Turkish government must stop fueling tension and, for this, it is essential that the truth can be told. Reopening the space for democratic debate is essential for stabilizing the country. Freedom of information is part of the solution.” Noam Chomsky

This seems to be taken straight from Neoliberal Regime Change Propaganda 101. It’s got everything.

Yes, it’s all about “stability” from the “chaos” and protecting the people’s “security and prosperity”, isn’t it?

Fucking bullshit. It’s about forcing a regime change so they can secure various assets for various globalist institutions and their prosperity!

The Turkish government must stop fueling tension? Is that a joke? The Kurds are starting up their terrorism campaign in Turkey once again while the globalist media outlets are doing their level best to frame Erdogan for acts. And of course, the Western MSM is busy linking him to ISIS™ every chance they get while alternative sellouts like Tarpley and others do the exact same thing.

The key to understanding major propaganda campaigns as they unfold is taking a look at how they reach across the artificial political divide in real time. Like the build-up to the illegal invasion of Iraq back in 2002 and 2003, when everyone starts running with the same bullshit propaganda, you know it’s an important objective to the masters of the universe.

In this case, they already have Iraqi Kurdistan and are in the process of invading, occupying and relocating the indigenous population of north eastern Syria.

The formation of Greater Kurdistan is a major objective to the U.S. and Israel alike.

Here is how I recently estimates the new country to appear:

NEW map

And this is how it was drawn up by military planners a couple years ago:

However the details work out, this is currently the major prize the masters of the universe have their eyes set on. They want Erdogan demonized like Assad and Gaddafi before him in order to justify either a full on regime change operation or at least, a “compromise” like they are currently working on in Syria.

But ultimately, this is about creating a new nation, Greater Kurdistan, run by the dictator Barzani for U.S. and Israeli interests.

Just like Iraq was in 2003 or Libya was just recently, Turkey is being set-up as the next big thing in the regime change program in order to fabricate a new, massive, oil producing region with the capability to establish one single pipeline route connecting the Black Sea and the Mediterranean the Persian Gulf.

If you combine that with the routes already in place in friendly nations like Georgia and Azerbaijan and you have the endgame to the great race to the Caspian Sea basin locked down.

That is the endgame. That is what they want. And the fact that we have the likes of Noam Chomsky actively participating in the cliched propaganda that the globalists use to make it happen just goes to show you how important it really is. He is rarely used to protect deep state interests like 9/11 and the JFK assassination… but when he is called upon to prop-up this kind of bullshit… watch out.

To be honest, I can’t be sure Noam had anything to do with writing this article. Having read a good deal of his writing, I can tell you it doesn’t read like his work. Not even close. It seems to me it’s possible this globalist shill fuck, Christophe Deloire wrote it and just slapped Noam’s name on it for credibility. But I can’t imagine anyone doing something that despicable without first obtaining permission from Chomsky.

So though it doesn’t sound to me like he wrote this globalist drivel, the fact that his name is attached to it exposes Noam Chomsky for what he is and what many others have been saying he is for quite sometime.

Please pardon me for the use of such harsh language folks. You know I don’t normally write like this. But when I see something this offensive it pisses me off.

Fuck Chomsky.

That sell-out piece of shit can kiss my ass.

And, sorry. That’s about as civil as I can be about it.


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29 Responses

  1. yes, positive vitriol at it’s best, another amazing piece Scott

  2. Nice report again Scott. You may be the last actual journalist left.

    • thank you, but I think there are a few of us out here still. I really like that Hennigenson (is that his name?) from over at 21st Century Wire. You should check out his work.

  3. You know what? While we are at it, FUCK Webster Tarpley too!!!!!

    His “ISIS is loosing, that’s why they are on the offensive, that’s why they attacked” spin on the Paris attacks is unbearably contorted and disingenuous, to say the least…. He even uses the killing of Jihadi John to embellish his version of things. Using fake things that happened to fake entities to support a fake story about a fake terror attack!!!

    • Tarpley has just gone all in on supporting the glorious War on Terror, huh? I don’t even listen to him anymore. I knew he was supporting the official story of Paris when I saw someone I follow on Twitter retweet one of his comments. Remember back when he was screeching that anyone questioning what happened in Benghazi was a cognitive infiltrator out to harm ObamaGod’s chances of reelection? The guy is a fucking tool. so yeah, FUCK WEBSTER TARPLEY TOO

  4. So Erdogan isn’t participating in purchasing stolen Syrian oil from IS ?

    Not rhetorical, just getting facts straight.

    • It’s hard too say who’s buying that oil since it’s sold off the books. We know that Israel is getting a lot of it via Iraqi Kurdistan and other nations are taking advantage of it as well. But until Putin releases that info that he mentioned the other day, we won’t know for sure where it’s going.

      It’s like this though.. some businesses in Syria are certainly buying it on the black market. So that means the MSM and Assad detractors get to say Syria is buying it… and thus… Assad is buying it. I read an article today from Reuters making that very claim. I’m sure there are businesses in Turkey that look to support “ISIS” and the overthrow of Assad and are interested in saving some money by buying the stolen oil. But, to me, that doesn’t mean Erdogan has approved it or it’s part of his policy. Of course, I could be wrong and will have to wait like everyone else to see if Putin ever releases that info.

  5. You are right, it doesn’t read like Chomsky at all. I think he just has to pick his battles; he’s been told to put his name to it so…

    On the other hand, as you point out, it uses every buzzword and catchphrase that Chomsky himself has brought to our attention in numerous works. Perhaps this text is a test for his MIT students…?

    I thank you for deconstructing it for for us – Chomsky is indeed a valuable weapon when it comes to spreading disinfo

  6. Scott, I’m a little confused so I hope you can add a few words of explanation. I agree with almost everything you wrote, including the nature of Chomsky & Deloire but I find it confusing that you seem to be defending Erdogan when he and the Turkish government are playing a major supporting role in the terrorist destabilization of Syria.

    If you are in fact defending Erdogan, then I assume it’s mainly because he opposes independence for Turkey’s Kurds and the creation of Greater Kurdistan. But that is another confusing point for me. If he opposes the creation of Greater Kurdistan then why is he supporting the overthrowing of Assad, with the almost certain breaking up of Syria that would result if Assad were to be overthrown?

    • (Continuing my post)

      There’s a third point that confuses me although I admit I am not following Turkish politics very closely. Since Erdogan is obviously supporting the overthrow of Assad, why would NWO (or Neocon, take your pick) acolytes like Chomsky & Deloire be attacking him? Is Erdogan not sufficiently doing the bidding of his masters?

      • Maybe Deloire wrote this one under Scott’s name?

        • A key point is to what extent those journalists oppose Turkey’s participation in the war against Syria. Without having looked closely at this, it seems to me that they are opposing the war, since they published photos of those trucks going into Syria and since they seem to believe that the recent bombing of the peace gathering in Turkey was not the work of ISIS but actually the work of certain intelligence agencies, blaming ISIS.

          Scott seems to be assuming that the “destabilizing” efforts of these journalists against a “popular government”, as he wrote twice, is all for the purpose of supporting Kurdish independence in Turkey. If these journalists are in fact agitating for an end to Turkish support for the war against Syria then that should be praised, not criticized.

          Scott is right to point out the disingenuous or even fake nature of Neoliberals (as he calls them) and progressives like Chomsky & Deloire, who, when the chips are down, basically support the Neocon agenda but with a more humanistic face. As for forgiving Chomsky for his 9/11 and JFK stances, I think his JFK stance was already cause for deep suspicion but his 9/11 statements should have eliminated all doubt about him.

          There are hints of Cass Sunstein’s program of “cognitive dissonance” here, concerning the topic of Turkey.

    • Who says he is playing a major role supporting ISIS or the CIA’s moderate terrorists? I’m just curious. Because that seems to be the main point of all your questions.

      • This is ridiculous. Are you claiming that Turkey has not been the major conduit for arms, supplies and terrorists destined for Syria? Are you saying that there are no terrorist training camps in Turkey?

        I suggest you make this a topic of a major article on your website, under the heading, “Who says Turkey is playing a major role supporting the war on Syria?”, in which you back up your contention that Turkey is NOT playing a major role.

        • what I’m asking is you provide links to the sources saying Turkey is the main conduit for the supplies to these terrorists (either the CIA’s “moderates” or “ISIS”)

          I would be willing to evaluate what you provide.

        • and let’s talk about all that “ISIS” oil for a second. Over at Prison Planet, race-baiter and globalist shill Paul Joseph Watson cites an article saying Turkey is buying 800 million dollars worth of oil from “ISIS”. Case closed right?

          Then you actually go read the article:

          “Key allies in the US and UK led war on Islamic State (IS) are covertly financing the terrorist movement according to senior political sources in the region. US and British oil companies are heavily invested in the murky geopolitical triangle sustaining IS’ black market oil sales.

          The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq and Turkish military intelligence have supported secret IS oil smuggling operations and supplied arms to the terror group, according to Kurdish, Iraqi and Turkish officials.

          One British oil company in particular, Genel Energy, is contracted by the KRG to supply oil for a major Kurdish firm accused of facilitating IS oil sales to Turkey. The Kurdish firm has close ties to the Iraqi Kurdish government.

          Genel operates in the KRG with the backing of the British government, and is also linked to a British parliamentary group with longstanding connections to both the British and KRG oil industries.

          The relationship between British and Kurdish energy companies, and senior British politicians, raises questions about conflicts of interest – especially in the context of a “war on terror” that is supposed to be targeting, not financing, the Islamic State.”

          Oh wait a minute… that’s a British COMPANY in Turkey… not Erdogan, buying all that stolen oil. That’s exactly what I was talking about earlier.

          But to PJW, who is British, that part isn’t important, that British company that is. No, to him, it’s all about Erdogan buying 800 million dollars worth of stolen oil supporting “ISIS”

      • http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/05/21/us-mideast-crisis-turkey-arms-idUSKBN0O61L220150521#zJhZoRJOMh4QwQlP.97

        This is just one link, but a rudimentary search will provide many more… In the above example, the tracks at the border, whose declared cargo was humanitarian help supplies like medical supplies, was stopped by the local police chief who was not in on the plan. Under a single layer of medical supplies, all four trucks were packed with ammunition, arms and rocket propelled grenades. It was also discovered that all 8 men (drivers and assistants) worked for the Turkish Intelligence Agency MIT.

        It is a well established fact that Turkey has ben the main conduit for supplying arms across the Syrian border, training fighters in their “refugee camps”, which are a stone’s throw away from Incirlik US base…

        Not only that, but Erdogan’s son Bilal has made himself a few billion dollars in the past ten years or so carrying arms into the region getting the oil out of the region with the help of the Turkish intelligence agency MIT, US aerial and radar support and the US and UK ground troops masquerading as ISIS.. He has, just a few months ago, purchased two additional oil tankers.

        It should also be noted that, in anticipation of a possible defeat in the recent elections, Bilal Erdogan has relocated to Venice, Italy to avoid possible prosecution.. He is dirty beyond belief, and has already been caught red handed bribing and receiving bribes as many secret recordings had leaked in 2013 and 2014.

        One aspect that is also important to note is that the recent palpable erdogan bashing that has been going on in the west could be due to the fact that every time Erdogan publicly butts heads with the West or Israel (like the infamous flotilla psyop) he gains some of his lost credibility in the Muslim world, which is essential to keep the deception going. It is just for show. As they say in that part of the world, Erdogan and Israel pee in the same pot, and feed off the same hands: US, Qatar, Saudis, and by extension, Israel and the zionists.

        Lastly, it has been known for years that Erdogan’s big game plan is to switch Turkey’s political system to a federal system and become the president himself (as opposed to the theoretically ceremonial presidency he is residing over at the moment). His party currently has a majority in the parliament, and considering the support that the right-wing minority party MHP has given him by having its supporters vote for Erdogan’s AKP in the recent elections, he might finally have this objective within his reach.

        In this calculation, the Kurds have been promised semi-autonomy in return for supporting all things american in the region while they get plumped up with petrodollars in the protected northern Iraq. However, this does not mean that the Turks will not double-cross the turks when the time comes, or that the US will not double cross the Turks…

        • Yes, and don’t forget when Erdogan got caught planning a false flag on the tomb of the Suleyman Shah.


          Erdogan still runs the country despite the presidency being a position of limited power in Turkey. He’s trying to change the constitution to change that so he can rule to in the open. The recent election was a sham.

          He’s repeatedly shut down social media and carries out military air strikes on his own country.

        • My last sentence should have read : “… this does not mean the Turks will not double-cross the KURDS… “

        • “as many secret recordings had leaked” hmmm… wonder who leaked those.

          all I am saying here is this: all this talks about “tracks” leading from Turkey into Syria… the 4 trucks owned by regime change NGOs loaded with weapons that just happened to be found and someone tracks the operators back to Turkish intelligence….. all that is well and good… but think about this for a minute…

          The powers that be certainly wanted Erdogan to leave office this last round of elections in Turkey. They even staged a terrorist attack to motivate the voting public. It backfired and Erdogan’s party won handily (and no, it wasn’t rigged as many MSM outlets would have you believe)

          Erdogan is not a friend of Israel. Tarpley is doing his level best to ready the alternative media crowd to cheer when the guy is regime changed while Webster continually blames “ISIS” for the Paris attacks…

          … and believe it or not, Erdogan isn’t responsible for every NGO truck that leaves Turkey heading into Syria.

          Think back to Egypt and their first elected president Morsi. Was he responsible for every corrupt thing al Sisi did when he was his general? Was al Sisi already in cohoots with John Kerry even before he directed the coup and put himself in power?

          How about what happened in Ukraine when their president had the audacity to reject EU membership and those IMF loans? Did TPTB already have an in with his military/intellegence leadership?

          Thailand, anyone?

          And here’s the last one… was the military industrial complex and intellegence industry here in the US under the full control of the President back during the Cuban Missile crisis or even the Bay of Pigs? How about just before Dallas?

          Point is, seems to me there are forces at work, the usual suspects shall we say, pulling strings in Turkey with the express purpose of getting rid of Erdogan and reducing the power of the popular political party he represents.

          What do I know about his brother? Nothing. I do know however that they demonized the Gaddafi family as well. I know that.

          I’ve seen this shit before. Seems to me there’s a coup in the making in Turkey coming up real soon (fighter jet being downed may be part of that) and the fact is, Turkey is next on the Greater Kurdistan project.

          So you can keep running down Erdogan all you want. But I’ve been doing this shit for quite sometime and I see the pattern even if you don’t.

  7. This is all very interesting. I better consult Syria Perspective’s Ziad Fadel to see if he has reversed course on Erdogan. But of course I gotta add : the stance on 9-11-2001…blowback…mihop…lihop…being
    definitive on who is an Elitist shill and who an anti-Elitist?
    Only in your dreams.

  8. I think it’s a mistake to state that any head of state, or any government, is *obviously* doing this or that, or *obviously* has this of that goal. For all anyone knows, there could be a global elite (that controls all individual governments and HoS, each separately in their own lands, or together over all) and a hoi polloi, and all the posturing, over Syria and everything else, is just that, posturing, to fool the sheep into believing whatever nationalistic or threatening BS the various individual governments feel they need to serve up to keep their little local flock in line, producing and consuming.

    For all we know, the G20 summits, etc., are used to decide the next few months of the global soap opera plot. “We’ll do and say this, while you do and say this…”

    Your indoctrination may make that hard to swallow, but it goes down easier if you keep the following cosmic law uppermost in your mind: “Money talks and bullshit walks”. Bullshit is everything that’s not money, to include the idea of nations, sovereign governments, HoS, democracy, etc.

    Syria is presently being carved up by the permanent members of the UNSC, as usual. The fact that such members exist should tell us something about “sovereign nations”, democratic principles, the UN Charter’s equality crap, etc.

  9. Thank you, Scott, for the explanation of your statements about Erdogan on this page and especially in the comments section of https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/putin-russia-will-not-tolerate-this-stab-in-russias-back-delivered-by-terrorism-accomplices/#more-36172, written November 24, 2015.

    That’s all I was asking for in my original post, above, an explanation.

    So, in summary, you are saying that Erdogan is pretty much a “good guy” President of Turkey who does not have much control over Turkey’s participation in the war against Syria. And, moreover, the NWO crowd are aiming to oust him and his party from power. Your position does seem to be quite logical.

    I remember, after Operation Cast Lead, when Erdogan walked off the stage in anger at some meeting after Shimon Perez, who was also on the stage, made a statement there. After that, I thought that Erdogan was a good guy but after Turkey started supporting the war against Syria, I changed my mind about him – I thought that his walking off the stage had been simply for show for his domestic supporters and that he had fully joined in with the NWO-NATO crowd.

    You need to keep in mind that some of us are relatively new readers of your website, so we have not been following your writings on this topic for years. Perhaps a link to your definitive, detailed position on this topic would be a good idea whenever you write an article like this one about Erdogan, Turkey, Kurdistan etc.


    I used to go to Rivero’s website as my first port of call for political news but, especially after he threw his weight so enthusiastically in support of Trump, your website is now top of my list. The video you posted about Trump praising Netanyahu did it for me. Rivero, a supposed strong anti-Zionist, has never addressed this point. And as for Tarpley, a classic “progressive”, I realized he was a deep disinfo agent a long time ago.

    • I don’t think Erdogan is a good guy like I didn’t think Saddam was or Gaddafi was for that matter. At times they all served the interests of the masters of the universe. It just seems to me they needed to get them out when they stopped dancing to the tune the masters decided to play and at that point, they all became the next Hitler. And yes, I do understand about you being new readers and I unfortunately don’t keep that in mind as often as I should. I will also strive to provide more links to subject matter that I write and take as a given when it is for me. I need to remember, if I make a claim, even one that I have covered in the past, that it’s always best to support it, for readers new and old alike.

      thanks for the comment. and yeah, Riverio turned out to be a big disappointment to me as well. it was a while ago and regarding different subject matter, but pretty much I have the same feeling about him and his routine that you do.

      thanks again

  10. Thierry Meyssan (Voltaire) has a new article that pretty much agrees with what Scott is saying about the plan for Kurdistan. The title is, ”
    France and Israël launch a new war in Iraq and Syria”.


  11. Scott, i would say that most readers of your website come here because we respect your keen nose for bullshit and your ability to recognize propaganda campaigns. I personally agree with you that there is a demonization campaign being waged in the West against Erdogan and his party. And I agree that the most likely reason for this demonization is, as you pointed out, Erdogan’s domestic economic policies. That is, his reduction or elimination of debt to the IMF In other words, the bankers want him and his party out.

    But Erdogan’s domestic economic policies are surely quite separate from Turkey’s, i.e., Erdogan’s military or geopolitical policies regarding Syria. You asked for proof that Turkey (i.e., Erdogan) is a major player in the war against Syria. Well, the Syrian Foreign Minister has recently made statements that point the finger not only at Turkey but at Erdogan himself. I think we can all agree the the Syrian Foreign Minister is not speaking for the bankers here. And I think you would agree that he is both sincere and accurate in what he says. Links to these statements are – http://tass.ru/en/world/840083 and http://tass.ru/en/world/840059.

    So it seems to me that Erdogan is doing the bidding of the NATO-NWO crowd concerning a military (terrorist / mercenary) overthrow of the government of Syria but is not doing their bidding concerning Turkey’s fiscal policies. Therefore, the puppet must be overthrown, to be replaced by another puppet who does the bidding of the NATO-NWO crowd on BOTH issues.

    But your linking of all this to the Greater Kurdistan plan is still confusing for me. We have known about this plan for a long time, and the fact that the prime mover behind the plan is Israel. You seem to imply that this plan is all that the war against Syria is about but surely the breaking up of the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis is also a major reason for this war. The control of oil pipelines and the oil reserves in Syria itself, including the Golan Heights would also be another major factor.

    What exactly is the linkage between these efforts by the West to oust Erdogan with the Greater Kurdistan plan? As I said, your whole article is based on linking the two but I can’t see the linkage.

    And do you see any flaws in my interpretation of all this?

  12. Yeah, Noam Chomsky’s a piece of shit traitor for objecting to the imprisonment of journalists. Fuck him and his “human rights”.

    “Look. Of course I believe in press freedom.”

    It doesn’t sound like you do. See, if you truly believed in press freedom, you would recognize that journalists have a right to publish information even if the government finds it unflattering.

    ‘Agitating’ and ‘destabilizing’ are both favorite words of authoritarian regimes who want to justify locking away journalists or dissenters. Not surprising you would use them too I suppose. It’s just unfortunate to see someone (particularly someone on the left) defending the imprisonment of reporters by foreign dictators.

    Let me fix your statement for you: “I believe in press freedom – as long as the press doesn’t publish pieces critical of the government.”

  13. This guy is far of being an intellectual. He is a puppet used for imperialistics games. The only thing we hear of him is kurds.
    Why he didnt say a work about the coup attempt in Turkey.

    He is serving dark missions under the name of anarchy against imperialism. He is himself a great puppet of them.

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