The Refugee Crisis: Understanding the Globalist Weapons of Mass Migration Campaign

UPDATE: They are reporting 120 arrests in a clash in Germany when left-leaning people who support welcoming the refugees went up against far-right nationalists who wish to close the borders. This is exactly what the masters of the universe wanted.


by Scott Creighton (H/T Observer)

from the Huffington Post: Barack Obama posing for photo-op with cute little refugee girl to promote his Weapons of Mass Migration campaign

From the very beginning of the manufactured Refugee Crisis, I have been writing that it was created in an attempt to further destabilize a number of nations across the globe with a particular interest in the remaining semi-socialist European nations.

A reader here, Observer, found a book from 2011 written by Kelly M. Greenhill titled Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy published by Cornell University Press which sheds quite a bit of light on the subject of creating various crises in order to generate a number of refugees who can then be used to destabilize targeted nations in a variety of ways.

It’s important to understand that Ms. Greenhill isn’t simply some university professor researching and writing obscure opinion papers which no one reads. Her credentials are listed on her university webpage and they conclude:

Greenhill currently serves as Research Fellow and Chair of the Conflict, Security and Public Policy Working Group at Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Belfer Center

Greenhill’s research has been supported by the Social Science Research Council, the MacArthur Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, the Eisenhower Foundation and the Neubauer Foundation. Outside of academia, Greenhill has served as a consultant to the Ford Foundation and to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as a defense program analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense, and as an economic policy intern in the Office of Senator John F. Kerry. She sits on the editorial boards of Sage Publications as well as the journals Security Studies and the Journal of Global Security Studies. She previously served as Associate Editor of Security Studies.

So Ms. Greenhill is a think-tank research fellow funded by globalist institutions like the Eisenhower, MacArthur and CIA-linked Ford foundation who also served as a program analyst for the Department of Defense.

I would love to know which programs she helped analyze.

Greenhill’s understanding of Weapons of Mass Migration campaigns appears to be second to none as she carefully lays out the programs of coercive engineered migrations and their desired results in her published paper (PDF):

“Coercion is generally understood to refer to the practice of inducing or preventing changes in political behavior through the use of threats, intimidation, or some other form of pressure—most commonly, military force. This article focuses on a very particular nonmilitary method of applying coercive pressure—the use of migration and refuge e crises as instruments of persuasion“…

Coercive engineered migrations (or coercion-driven migrations ) are “those cross-border population movements that are deliberately created or manipulated in order to induce political, military and/or economic concessions from a target state or states.”…

“Coercive engineered migration is frequently, but not always, undertaken in the context of population outflows strategically generated for other reasons. In fact, it represents just one subset of a broader class of events that all rely on the creation and exploitation of such crises as means to political and military ends—a phenomenon I call strategic engineered migrationKelly Greenhill

The paper itself is a fascinating look into mindset of those think-tankers and foundation-funded crafters of deep-state politics. It shows just how cold and calculating and diabolical these people really are.

Yesterday, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari gave a speech before the United Nations during a summit on the Syrian refugee crisis. He spoke in depth about the real causes of the crises that are at the center of this current issue and specifically described who these refugees are.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that the main causes for immigration are terrorism, the Israeli occupation of Arab territories, the military invasion of Iraq, and aggression against the region’s countries like what happened in Libya, foreign interference in states’ internal affairs, and unilateral economic “sanctions,” and depriving people of their countries’ resources.

In a speech at a session held on Friday at the United Nations to discuss the issue of illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean area, particularly Syrian immigrants, al-Jaafari said that immigration needs to be addressed as the global phenomenon it is, and that limiting the discussion to a single geographic areas, or focusing on Syrian refugees alone, implies that there are political motivations behind proposing the issue rather than humanitarian motives. SANA News Agency

As you can see if you look past the carefully manipulated and controlled MSM evaluation of the refugee crisis, there are a number of other contributing factors that created the current Weapons of Mass Migration campaign. Most notably, the refugees themselves come from a number of neoliberalized or currently destabilized countries which the United States forced our own brand of “freedom” upon such as Libya, Pakistan, South Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria (just to name a few). These are what Greenhill describes as coercive engineered migrations.

These Weapons of Mass Migration campaigns produce a myriad of potentially positive and profitable outcomes for the elites who like to conduct them. Very rarely are the results positive for either the populations of the targeted nations or the refugees themselves.

The other day, George (Soros) chimed in on the ongoing refugee ‘crisis’ via an OpEd for Project Syndicate, billed as a “global opinion” website. It’s a website where you have folks like Gordon Brown pushing the refugee “crisis” as justification for his global charter school scam, Henry Miller telling everyone to stop believing all those lying scientists when they say GMOs are bad for us and Richardo Housman telling us all we have nothing to fear from the IMF

Essentially, what Mr. Regime Change Billionaire says in his 6-point plan is that the EU and other Westernized nations have to accept a universal asylum program which will take from the various nations their right to determine who enters their nation and how while also suggesting all of those nations take out trillions of dollars in various forms of loans in order to pay for the relocation of these individuals.

And oh yeah… he also says we should allow various corporations to become “sponsors” of these immigrants, ensuring they will all get an equitable piece of the cheap labor workforce. Scott Creighton

But perhaps most importantly, aside from all the precious money this current refugee crisis will create for the elites and the masters of the universe at the for-profit central banks as they loan various nations trillions of dollars to handled the refugees, the most useful result of this destabilization campaign may just be a variation on the old “divide and conquer” trick.

Let’s go back to the Ford Foundation expert for more on that:

“Like immigration and refugee policy more generally, real and threatened migration crises tend to split societies into (at least) two mutually antagonistic and often highly mobilized groups: the pro- refugee/migrant camp and anti-refugee/migrant camp” Kelly Greenhill

In that section of her paper, Greenhill carefully explains how the planners of these Weapons of Mass Migration campaigns understand and manipulate both the anti-refugee camps as well as the pro-refugee camps. They do this in order to drive emotional wedges between the population of the targeted countries. Between each other and between the people and the elites who rule them. Her evaluation of it is extremely well documented.

People have been asking themselves why plant fake Syrian passports when they staged the recent false flag event in Paris. At first glance it would seem counter-intuitive in that it doesn’t help with their campaign to force the refugees on the various countries across Europe and here in the states. For a while, I didn’t really understand that one myself.

But thanks to Observer posting this link and having read her paper I think it seems likely that they not only wish to impose these millions of refugees on the targeted nations and their citizenry, but they also want there to be as much internal conflict on the issue as possible as they do it. That enables them to further weaken the resolve of the targeted populations and once again, drives them further apart from one another, preventing a coming together on mutually agreeable grounds.

It’s brilliant when you think about it.

So before you start thinking someone is on your side, whatever that side may be relating to this issue, remember: the campaign being waged depends on heated, emotional, public conflict between the anti-refugee camps and the pro-refugee camps. Once again, it’s more WWE crisis politics.

I strongly recommend you read Ms. Greenhill’s paper. And thanks to Observer for finding the link to it. It certainly puts it in perspective and I hope more alternative websites read it and try to understand the current Weapons of Mass Migration campaign being run by our leaders against us.


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12 Responses

  1. Syria itself hosted over a million Iraqi refugees with little to no help from the west. What monsters.

    Then they got sanctions and demands to neoliberalise.

  2. This is a well known tactic (“devise”) in political science called, “Balkanization”. It’s gone on strong here in it’s current form since NAFTA went south of the border to privatize the peasants and show them how corruption really works. As all beneficiaries of our good will policies, ordinary people found they could no longer operate intergenerational farms and ranches, live autonomously from heavy regulation and taxation (that corporations are spared from), or support their families. So like any victims of economic hardship, war, or the ever popular, war of economic hardship, they moved in the direction of those who took their wealth to be dishwashers, gardeners and laborers. Many were college graduates working towards careers in their countries. It was win/win for the elite policy makers. They got to rape and plunder the host countries without those pesky labor and health regulations. They got a tidal wave of cheap labor into the US, and, Lord knows, Capitalism loves slavery, and they were compliant, fearing deportation and the ability to send money back home. But with these noble immigrants the floodgates were open for drug gangs and an variety of underworld labor waiting to be mobilized to help the Dark State, way off the books. Most of us would never agree with the Birch Society, Pat Buchannan, and worse right-wing loonies who warned of this, because it reeked (and still does) of racism. But no matter, it was meant to be. After 9/11 when grandmothers and children were being strip-searched in airports the toll was up to 20 million who-knows-who from who-knows-where had crossed the borders. The impact of many of these immigrants was not to raise the quality of their lives but to increase the competition for the race to the bottom of US workers. This is, of course, no reason for punishing the victims, the immigrants but just another warning to the American people that we are allowing the worst criminals to write our laws.

    “Would it not be easier
    ….for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?”
    Bertolt Brecht 1953

  3. Scott, are you familiar with the “Rivkin Project”. It’s along the same lines I think (haven’t read the entire link I am providing).

  4. That’s a very interesting article Crys – “Minority Engagement Strategy” (!) – great find.

  5. When are we going to start putting names on the puppet masters? So we can get the sheriff and his posse and maybe some pitchforks and go Round em up? Seriously how much longer is the crap going to go on?

  6. Just fleshing out the two posts above in relation to the “Weapons of Mass Migration” material:

    here’s Crys’ excellent link from two posts above again. It’s a very interesting article about a Wikileaks leaked document regarding the multiculturalization of countries, particularly Europe, and how it is intended to lead to US hegemony.

    A commenter on that link mentions that it is the same plan as the “Kalergi plan” which I had not heard of before. That turns out to be a plan devised by international aristocrat Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi, which was first delineated in his 1923 manifesto “Pan-Europa”, and is a very historically important geopolitical plan that appears to have been the original globalist proposal of the European Union. This is very interesting stuff.
    It is interesting to note that Count von Coudenhove-Kalergi is supposed to be the real life basis for the fictional resistance hero Victor Laszlo, the Paul Henreid character (Ilsa’s husband), in “Casablanca”, which is indeed quite an interesting side note in the present context in relation to what is said about Hollywood in Crys’ link above.
    The entire Wikipedia article is quite interesting because it shows a very robust continuity of these ideas at the highest levels, and some of Count von Coudenhove-Kalergi’s statements in “Pan-Europa” are quite striking in today’s context.

  7. Love the analysis, and the site greatly.
    I do question one hypothesis in the piece.
    Why would the Obama administration bring in DSA terrorists posing as refugees, with the intention of having them wage “terrorism ” here domestically?
    It would be political suicide for the Democratic Party in 2016.
    Or, are the FSA refugees being sent to destabilize other nations, while the US takes on exclusively corporate sponsored slaves?

    • *FSA, not DSA*

    • I’m not saying he would bring the FSA “moderates” here to wage an unconventional war against us. But, the plan is to force every EU nation to accept a number of them, and certainly there are a few targets within that subset of countries that destabilizing would be useful. So yeah, my guess is we would be taking in a few corporate sponsored slaves while the Wahhabists get to see other parts of the world.

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