Paris Attacks A Chilling Coincidence ENG Subtitles

by Scott Creighton (H/T M )

For the record: Confirmed: Multi-site Attack Exercise Held Hours Prior to Friday Night #ParisAttacks – Shades of 9/11 and 7/7

  • FEMA set up camp at Pier 92 on Sept. 10, 2001
  • On 7/7 in London they were holding drills for the exact same kind of attack and in the exact same locations as the attacks
  • On Friday the 13th in Paris they held mass casualty drills for “penetration wounds” preparing doctors and EMTs for what would happen a few hours later

10 Responses

  1. Freakin’ nuts!
    I sure hope they warn folks when and where they’ll be doing drills for chemical, biological, and dirty bomb attacks … Which of course they won’t.

  2. What is awesome is the incredible intelligence capabilities of the terrorists: hey always know in advance EXACTLY what simulations are planned and tailor their attacks to fit the same scenario! Time and again!

    • That’s right. I was just talking to someone about that. One of them owned a bar that had been recently shut down for dealing drugs to customers. That’s some kind of fanatical Muslim, isn’t it?

  3. New developments from the Paris event.
    Adult theme, Strong language…

    • wow. See, that’s why I think the fact that it was a sold-out show factors in. they controlled the venue, controlled who would be there to give testimony to the shooting. I’m sure there will be more curious ties discovered before it’s all over. Good find.

    • I’ve already mentioned the fact that one witness was a journalist who just happened to be there. There is the journalist outside in the alley who just happened to get up on the fire escape to record people fleeing that back door before they started coming out. Now we have this actress as a witness and of course, Pierre Janaszak, is another witness who just happens to be “a TV and radio presenter”

      It sounds almost like they decided they were getting too much flack on their other operations regarding the crisis actor witnesses who were just god-awful so they decided to step up their casting procedures by getting people who were actually skilled and trained.

      Julien Pearce, a radio reporter – said “He was like a random guy holding a Kalashnikov.”

      CNN iReporter Chris Morrow from San Diego was staying just a ten minute walk from Bataclan – ” I then looked out of my window, the lights were out but I saw four men carrying guns by the restaurant area.”

      “The journalist who filmed people running for their lives during an attack on a Paris concert hall has described the moments after he started recording.

      Le Monde newspaper reporter Daniel Psenny captured the footage on his mobile phone from the balcony of his second-floor home, which overlooks the venue’s emergency exits.” BBC

  4. Could the world be beginning to wake up? An article in the Mexican edition of Forbes magazine titled “La sombra de una operación de falsa bandera se cierne sobre París”, which is Spanish for “The shadow (spectre) of a false flag operation hangs over Paris”.

    The article suggests that Paris may have been a false flag, cites some of the evidence, cites some evidence for Charlie Hebdo also being one, cites some evidence for 911 also being one, gives genral reasons for “Islamic attack” false flags occurring, and suggests which Western agencies might be behind them.éxico%29&ref=yfp

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