Intelligence Industry Assets CIAnonymous claims ISIS has plans for Sunday – refuses to release proof

UPDATE: Raw Story has now updated their article saying the FBI is reporting (to CIAnonymous) that the threat to the WWE event this Sunday is “not credible”. I guess the billionaire who owns the WWE got pissed off because he still had tickets to sell. So, to all my readers who are fans of the WWE, there you go. FBIanonymous says you can go spend your money at the show tonight. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Raw Story follows up this bit of fear-mongering with some good old fashioned race baiting. Sad, what’s happened to that site, isn’t it?


Some more baseless fear mongering from Raw Story (title adjusted for accuracy in reporting)

Anonymous, the loose collective of online activists, said Saturday it has uncovered information about Islamic State group attacks in Paris as well as on locations in the U.S., Indonesia, Italy and Lebanon, all apparently set for Sunday. OpParisIntel, a group within Anonymous, released a statement saying it had collected information about imminent attacks by the militant group — aka Daesh, ISIL and ISIS — on the French capital a little more than a week after a series of coordinated attacks there left 130 dead and hundreds injured.

Anonymous also said the Islamic State group is planning an assault at the WWE Survivor Series event scheduled to take place in the Philips Arena in Atlanta Sunday at 7.30 p.m., as well as attacks at multiple events in Paris…

Speaking to International Business Times, the group behind the attack said it had passed proof to MI5, CIA, FBI and the Australian government but has no plans to release it publicly. “If we share the proof [publicly] everyone will start calling it fake because screenshots can be edited and accounts can be deleted. We have purposely not shared account links publicly because they would be shutdown immediatly and then no one would believe the proof.”

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  2. Anonymous can’t tell how they just walked across the hall at Langley (CIA headquarters) to the ISIS office and saw it posted on their “to do” list!

  3. I don’t see what’s wrong with exposing Trump for the fascist piece of shit he and his supporters are. The IS fearmongering is garbage though. They’ve updated the story and say the threat isn’t credible now. Raw Story is a pretty awful site. Were they once good or something?

    • I don’t think exposing Islamaphobic a-holes is a bad thing either, that’s what makes this kind of divide and conquer project effective. I’m sure they would counter with the notion that it’s not a bad idea to refuse these refugees at a time like this when so many of them are at least believed to be ISIS infiltrators and that anyone wanting to bring them in is doing so for an ulterior motive. It’s easy to come down hard on one side or the other and get very emotionally attached to the position. That’s why it’s brilliant. The trick is watching the level of passion and rhetoric they use to stir up resentment on one side or the other. While Trump is talking about the “terrorists”, Obama is posing with little children in these photo-ops. Obviously, they’re not all terrorists and not all innocent as babes in the woods, so you would think a careful, honest discussion would have to take place in order to resolve the issue and that could happen in about 5 minutes, but they wont do that because they want the division between the pro and anti refugee camps. The story about his followers attacking a black activist, in truth it was probably staged and certainly the BlackLivesMatter crowd isn’t above deliberately going in there looking to cause such a ruckus. I’m sure they found it easier to agitate Trump’s followers than they did Bernie’s, but I don’t think it’s indicative of ALL of his fans. You do though. And, of course, this story just feeds right into it… the “rightness” of your side. Which is the point I was trying to make.

      Raw Story used to be something worth checking everyday. You have to go back to the Bush administration era, but it was. A lot of things changed on the left after CHANGE took office.

  4. CIAnonymous seems to be furthering the federal agenda in several areas. They were active in the Ferguson and Baltimore police protests and the Black Lives Matters movement. I guess they may be a tool for the campaign to repatriate the billions in cash every year sent from Washington to the state and local police. Federal agents may be better trained, but their is no recourse other than costly litigation for a citizen who believes that their rights are being abused by the feds. The Inspector General’s Office of the FBI, etc., is a joke, and, they simply do not have anything like a civilian complaint review board like many city police departments.

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