A Crisis Producer Gets Exposed – Adrian Gee and his Phony “Honesty Test” (video)

by Scott Creighton

Say what you will about the various Gladio events, you cannot deny the rise of the use of crisis actors over the past few years to shape various policy agendas and promote certain groupthink trends via social media.

If you want an entourage to follow you around for a night to make you look like a celebrity or a gaggle of protesters to stand on a corner waving signs you made in your garage, you can hire them to do that.

You can also hire them to take part in mass casualty event drills (and even the final production)

You can hire them to go to Ferguson and you can hire them to stand around a statue in Iraq and cheer when the US military propaganda department tears it down.

Occasionally this kind of crap gets exposed for what it is. And when that happens, you know I’ll be here to share it with you.

An up and coming crisis producer wannabe, Adrian Gee, was recently exposed for creating a fake video purportedly showing random people stealing from a blind man. It was totally fake. Gee hired actors (regular people who are actor wannabes) via a starnow.com post and staged little scenes on the streets with his producer/cameraman and the unwitting actors. They were told it was some kind of film and then he turned around and portrayed it online as some sort of “honesty test”

Adrian Gee is actually Adrian Gruszka and he is also a crisis actor with a page on Starnow.com.

Of course the actors were portrayed as being real people stealing from the pretend blind guy (Adrian Gee himself) which did very little to help the personal lives of the actors themselves who were easily identifiable in the little towns they lived in.

Gee says he did this, created this hoax, for Youtube views. That’s bullshit. He did it in order to pad his crisis producer resume.

There has to be an entire cottage industry set up around the making of these kinds of fake reality “news” productions. The Gee character apparently wanted to bust into the industry with this tacky piece of work.

It’s funny watching him go from self-satisfied “aw shucks” hero to running away when his little gig is exposed. I hope the actors in this thing sue the shit out of him.

So in reality, the only dishonest person exposed in Adrian Gee’s “honesty test” is Adrian himself. And he ran away like the little weasel he really is once the light was turned on.

If you wonder how this little asshole thought he could get away with this, just remember, this is the era of the crisis production… where major news networks, police departments and even political administrations all feel they can literally make up any event they want to and no one will ever expose it for what it is. It’s only natural that the little guys, the wannabes, would try to jump on the bandwagon for a payday.

Funny how trickle down morality seems to follow trickle down economics, ain’t it?

6 Responses

  1. Say it aint so. Next you will tell us Mark Dice’s man in the street videos for FOX are fake too. Or that Mark Dice is a stage name.

  2. When Big Business gets hold of public education, and real teachers are out on the streets with tin cups, then they’ll get the public they’ve been longing for—one that’ll believe anything they’ve been shown

  3. He actually quotes Winston Churchill on his Google Plus page, quite appropriately. “A lie get’s halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get it’s pants on.”

    -Winston Churchill

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