Paris Attacks Video from Inside Bataclan and Conflicting “Witness” Reports

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: According to reports, this was a sold out performance. When did it sell out? Were the tickets all purchased by one entity and the people there given the tickets? However that works out, the fact that it was sold out means random people couldn’t have walked up to the venue and entered to watch the show which means one way or the other, the audience for the attacks had been determined prior to the event. Were the tickets sold to some fans of the band and the rest given to some crisis actors? I don’t know. But I do know random people from the street that night were not allowed inside the venue.


A video has surfaced purporting to be of the first moments of the shooting in the Bataclan nightclub on Friday the 13th in Paris, France. The video is interesting in that it was reported that something like 1,200 people were supposedly watching the show and yet this is the first and only video of the attack from inside the venue as far as I know and the video cuts off rather quickly before the houselights are turned back on (which supposedly happened immediately in spite of the fact that the house lighting technician was reportedly killed)

I have also noticed while researching this topic this morning that accounts of exactly what happened during the attack seem to conflict with one another and some, like the one below with Wolf Blitzer of CNN, directly contradict themselves.

Blitzer: Julian, I understand you were inside the theater during this concert…

Pearce: Well, I’ve seen two terrorists from my point of view… They were in masks and wearing black clothes and they were shooting at people on the floor, executing them…

Blitzer: Julian, with these terrorists you say you saw three or four, you say they were dress the in black. Were their faces covered with masks? 

Pearce: They were not wearing mask. They were unmasked. I’ve seen the face of one guy, one terrorist. He was very young. He was like 20 years old, 25 maximum. He wasn’t wearing a beard or something. Like a random guy holding a gun, that’s all. There were not masks.

So the guy says he saw two guys wearing masks until Wolf reminded him of the official story and suddenly the witness changes his story to seeing 3 guys NOT wearing masks?


Who was the witness? Pearce or Wolf Blitzer?

Apparently Pearce is actually Julian Pearce who just happens to be a journalist who just happened to be there that night and was ready and willing to serve as the mouthpiece for the “witnesses”

Globalist rocker, Bono, also just happened to be in Paris that night and he made sure to get a PR photo taken of him and his band of aging, boring sell-out musicians paying tribute to the victims. That will help sales of his next boring, redundant, cliched corporate album, don’t ya think?


Interestingly enough, the only other video of the attack, the one from up on a roof outside the building, shows the ally behind the Bataclan club as a bunch of audience members attempt to rush out when the shooting started.

That video was shot by yet another journalist, Le Monde reporter, Daniel Psenny.

In video footage captured by Le Monde reporter Daniel Psenny, rifle blasts keep emanating from the theater as concert-goers, some of them already wounded, struggle to flee out the alleyway entrance. USA Today

The “new” video below has been out for at least two days. I found it on a 9news website dated Nov. 15, 2015. That site also made the claim that the “terrorists” took people in wheelchairs back behind the stage to shoot them before shooting more hostages later. If they were going to kill the handicapped first, why take them away from the future witnesses and do it “off stage”? Why not just shoot them right there?

Witnesses told The Mirror that the cowardly attackers targeted people in wheelchairs first.

“They went into a back room and just started shooting them,” witness Helen Wilson said. 9news website

The 9news website does not make it clear who provided this new video of the scene inside the club during the first moments of the attack nor does it try to explain what happened to the rest of the footage.

The Youtube page which has posted this video also doesn’t state who provided the video. Instead, in the ‘about” section of the page, they simply quote a news article explaining what the new owners of the club said about it.

Bataclan owner, Arnaud Lagardère, describes an “absolute horror”

Arnaud Lagardère, whose group has owned it since the end of September of the Bataclan theater, testified of “absolute horror” of the situation, after having visited the site Saturday at midday.

“This is really the absolute horror, it’s a war field. (…) I have not seen it all, I was not allowed to see everything because it’s really even more horrible one can imagine, “said the owner of the Lagardère group.

“I now imagine the sadness and loneliness of all families. Their life changed in a moment like that, it’s absolutely frightening,” he added. Arnaud Lagardère wanted to go there “as soon as possible” to “show (…) both solidarity, sadness and especially the support of the entire group, not only of course to the families, loved ones and then all teams Bataclan who were there and who have a very complicated work, very hard. “

The video below is not graphic. It simply shows a view of the stage at the beginning of the shooting event.

Some say the video was produced by the girlfriend of the frontman for the band. Some kind of porn star or something.


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45 Responses

  1. What does the show being sold out have to do with anything? You think because it’s sold out they couldn’t have gotten in? That statement makes no sense and proves nothing.

    • Oh please jesuspleasus… It means that it would have been a managed and controlled crowd, which in turn renders the site a managed and controlled site, avoiding any unnecessary surprises for the perpetrators.

      In a space packed with some 1200 people, if the objective of their mission was to inflict a lot of pain and high body count, a semiautomatic weapon can easily spray the crowd with enough bullets to kill hundreds… But, instead, they hand picked their victims and shot them execution style,,,

      • I’ll repeat the question since you didn’t answer it. What does the show being sold out have to do with anything? What does the amount of tickets sold have to do with them carrying out the attack? What does that have to do with anything? How is a sold out crowd managed and controlled? What would you say if only 1150 tickets were sold.

        • In that case, I will have to repeat my answer, since you didn’t seem to WANT to understand it:

          “It means that it would have been a managed and controlled crowd, which in turn renders the site a managed and controlled site, avoiding any unnecessary surprises for the perpetrators.”

          The exact number of tickets has nothing to do with anything… The fact that this might have been a staged attack (with real victims) and that they would want to know who exactly is in there and who is not, has to do with EVERYTHING.

          If there were 1150 sold, that would mean there would be the possibility of having 50 “unknown” and unvetted people in there and hence increase the chances of having unknown risks in the operation… The main objective of a military operation is to eliminate, or at least minimize this risk factor. So it needed to be a controlled and sealed environment.

  2. Sold out implies that the venue was full to capacity. How do we know for sure? How about a couple of dozen crisis actors?

    And with 1200 people in a very dark, noisy environment, wouldn’t there be a mass panic with hundreds trampled under foot?

    • What does the venue being filled to capacity have to do with anything?
      How do you make the connection of a sold out show to crisis actors?
      He said since the show was sold out maybe one entity bought them, implying whatever. Or maybe it implies that 1200 people bought tickets. But that would be crazy, right?

      • Sold out implies that anyone trying to buy tickets in, let’s say, the last few weeks before the concert would not have been able to. So maybe no actual tickets ever went on sale. See? So the venue may have been full of crisis actors laying down on the floor, posing as dead for the benefit of the photos released to the media. See here:

        It’s from Jimstones’ site as other media sources have pixelated the bodies.

        • In general, I do not believe that the “crisis actor” phenomenon is mutually exclusive with having real dead bodies… I feel the temptation to believe in 100% crisis actors stems from a subconscious (but perfectly reasonable) disbelief in the fact that any government would be capable of doing something like killing their own citizens in cold blood. I am afraid they are, and I am afraid they do.

          I have quite a few friends who live in Paris, and so far I have reliably confirmed 2 real deaths and 1 real injured at that night (1st degree acquaintances/friends of my friends). And, in a somewhat bizarre coincidence, when i went to the candlelight vigil organized in Brooklyn NY on Sunday night, I ran into a neighbor of mine who lives on my block, who told me that a friend of his was dead… What are the chances, right? It’s not like there were thousands of casualties… The official numbers of wounded and dead add up to roughly 500…

          That said, (I can’t bring myself to asking them, at least for the moment, at which one of the venues these people were) it’s perfectly conceivable that one of the venues was staged and the other two were real (the stadium is most certainly bullcrap anyway, with suicide bombers blowing themselves up with zero people around them) I have a feeling that a similar tactic was used in Boston, where one of the bombs was real and caused real injuries, while the other one with Jeff Bauman and all he other shady characters was not…

          (on a side note: I also know someone whose cousin and her husband both lost a foot each in the boston bombing, and the shooting in Santa Barbara Elliot Rodger shooting took place right in front of where my niece lives… There must certainly be mathematical explanations to this, but….)

          So, none of what I am saying proves or disproves anything. But, I would certainly want to discourage people from going down the actors-all-the-way path… Unlike in our towns here (Sandy Hooks and Auroras and even Bostons), Parisians are a very close knit society with very strong family ties. I can’t imagine a lack of real victims going unnoticed in a place like that.

        • I think that’s quite the leap, but I understand your point. Thanks

  3. Oddly, when you attempt to go to the Eagles of Death Metal official website, it redirects you to their Facebook page, which has a minimal amount of information. Only two days worth. From Nov. 10 to Nov 12.
    It would be interesting to see if there were ads for that show to buy tickets. Most music groups have info about upcoming as well as past shows that they leave on their sites indefinitely. Perhaps they never had an official site or have taken it down for whatever reason.
    It gets curiouser and curiouser.

    • I clicked on the link, and the Facebook page, although it just loads up o Nov10, keeps loading older entries if you scroll down to the bottom of the page all the way back to 2004…

      I don’t trust this band so much either, but their FB page seems legit.

  4. Has anybody said how a cadre of guys with Kalashnikovs got into the hall in the first place? If the show was sold out, one would imagine they would have a somewhat difficult time getting in, being stopped at the door and told it’s sold out. Forcing their way in would have raised alarm. How did they get the assault rifles and all the ammo in without raising alarm?

    • Some people, especially those who point out the odd connections between the band, Israel, zionism, etc. have speculated that it was through backstage… At least the weapons… The shooters could then come in with legit tickets if the weapons were already brought in with band equipment, waiting for them inside.

      However, for the weapons to be taken inside in advance, one does not necessarily need the band’s complicity.

      • From band member, Josh Homme’s Wiki page…

        —Following a performance by QOTSA at the Jay Z-owned Made in America Festival in 2013, Homme made comments about Jay Z during a radio interview with CBC Radio 2’s Strombo Show. He explained that his band was frisked by the event’s security team prior to the performance and referred to Jay Z’s personal interaction with the band as a marketing stunt:

        “He has his security frisking the bands on the way in. I just told them if you open up my bag I’m not playing so I guess it’s up to you whether we are playing or not… the idea they frisked all my guys, means you’re in some different place, no-one has ever done that [to me]… he also gave us some champagne and wanted us to take a photo with it. And I thought, that’s not a gift, that is a marketing tool. So I destroyed it. Because I thought it was rude overall. And you shouldn’t frisk my guys, you should fuck off.[61]—

        So, remember, if The Eagles of Death Metal are playing a concert, better not even try to frisk them on the way in. Seems like a nothing story to recount on CBS and include on Wiki, unless you want that fact made well known.

      • Can you post some good links to info about the odd connections between the band, Israel, zionism, etc?

    • Good point. It seems that this «bataclan» episode has lots os mistakes. I also wonder, how you get a lot of european people killed in this so told massacre. You have one from Turquey, another from Portugal, another from Germany… and so on. Was this heavy metal band so popular around Europe, in order that it would get a sold out show in Paris? I asked this today to somebody here, in Lisbon and the aswer was so typical: «Well, you see, Paris is such a big city. So many things happen there.»

      • A report says 20 foreigners from a number of countries were killed… out of 129 total fatalities. That seems suspect, especially since the “attacks” purportedly took place away from tourists areas.

        Also, this report from the BBC is accompanied by many photos of the “deceased”. One thing that strikes me is the relative universal facial attractiveness of the victims. It’s like the fake marketing inventory of the average dating site.

        • It’s true. Another thing that strikes me is the time to identify all the victims who were killed by bullets. At this hour, we should have had all the names of the victims and families wanting to know what happened.
          Another thing that strikes me odd, is that this band was supposed to be a «heavy metal» band from USA and that these victims should have been familiar to the music. A «heavy metal» fan is quite different to a pop music one, but all these victims and the ones who were photographed inside the concert seemed like «pop music» lovers.
          It is a strange story, quite simple to understand for the ones who don’t bother with details.

          • Right, the only one who looks like he should have been there is the English guy (long hair, leather jacket), who is reported to have possibly been selling gig merchandise inside. The rest look like they should have been at a Maroon 5 concert.

            Seems that in all false flag attacks, one of the principal planning motivations is to make me feel like they think I’m a complete idiot. It’s like “How far can we go into the realm of ridiculousness before the sheep start scratching their heads and asking questions?”

            The only reason for “individually executing” people in such circumstances is to separate the crisis actors from the witnesses who will be released to tell the world what they saw. As I say, all of these people are attractive enough to have sought out a career as an actor. We have to imagine that crisis actors are recruited from the vast pool of desperadoes who didn’t make the Hollywood cut.

          • I don’t think they are a heavy metal band. The name appears to be a sly joke.

  5. It gets worse…

    Fox News anchor, Shepard Smith, introduces an interview with Fox News host, Geraldo Rivera, by telling us that Rivera’s daughter, Simone, was “inside that concert hall”. Rivera corrects that telling us that his daughter was inside the Stade de France, watching the soccer game.

    That’s 21 year old, American, female child of Geraldo Rivera, just happening to be watching a friendly international between France and Germany, in Paris, in NOVEMBER… as she would. nothing suspect in that, at all. She probably just took time off college to go, since it was such an important match.

    You can listen to the rest of the nonsense here:

    Who is Simone Rivera?

    LinkedIn: I am a junior at Northwestern University majoring in Political Science and Legal Studies. I am interested in attending law school following graduation and eventually pursuing a career in law or government. I was born and raised in New York City and I enjoy sailing, playing the saxophone and exploring different cultures.

    Experience: Summer Associate
    Fox News Channel
    June 2014 – July 2014 (2 months) New York area, USA

    So, supposed to be in school. No interest at all expressed in sports beyond sailing, let alone soccer, let alone friendly internationals between two European nations.

    Side note: Northwestern University (NU) is a private research university with campuses in Evanston and Chicago in Illinois, United States, as well as Doha, Qatar. – Wiki

    • Later, Fox News interviews Geraldo and his other daughter, Isabella. Isabella volunteers that she didn’t have prior knowledge that Simone was in the stadium, because “She doesn’t like soccer. this is the first soccer game she has been to. And she said this morning that she didn’t initially want to go, because of Friday the 13th and she’s a bit superstitious. And then her friend said that’s silly and that we should go…”

      So, that’s American girl, 21 years old, in the exciting City of Light, probably for the first time without parents, supposed to be in college in the US, no expressed interest in sports beyond sailing, doesn’t like soccer, has other reasons making her not want to go, is convinced by her friend to go to a friendly international soccer game, between France and Germany, instead of, say, go to a bar or nightclub. And just happens to be Geraldo Rivera (who once considered moving to Israel and running for the Knesset)’s daughter, who is studying law and hopes to land a job in “government”.

      If planes can make cartoon outline holes in buildings, why couldn’t this happen?

  6. Another thing that has struck me in the aftermath is the fact that “AP: 35 Dead. 100 Hostages At Concert Hall” couldn’t be a headline without inside information. How could anyone know how many “hostages” were inside the concert hall? Did Al Pacino come out into the street and demand sandwiches for 104?

    • Hush, little baby, don’t say a word.
      Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird

      And if that mockingbird won’t sing,
      Papa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring

      Just out of curiosity, Eggman… What exactly is the Al Pacino reference? (forgive my ignorance please)

      • His role as Sonny Wortzik in Dog Day Afternoon (possibly before your time, but a classic and a must see).

        • Thanks Engman…

          Sadly, it is not before my time…

          And I have seen the movie multiple times… but I suppose not carefully enough to recognize the reference

          • Well, that was a hostage situation. There are some bad guys, who are holding some good guys inside a building for a purpose, usually to do with helping them negotiate their getaway. And the authorities know that there are hostages, and roughly how many, by noting that the known number of good guys who were inside the building doesn’t tally with the known number of good guys who are currently outside it. Or, by asking the bad guys, who are usually only too willing to impart that information.

            Since nobody could have known that a) all the good guys hadn’t run out (I’m sure the police didn’t have knowledge of either the number that went in or the number that came out screaming and running in all directions), or b) whether anyone left in there was still alive (and eligible for hostage status), and since the bad guys were not talking to the police and giving them any clues, we must treat as suspect news reports of a “hostage crisis”, and as extremely suspect their reports of the number of hostages being 100.

            Where did the other 1100 people go? They ran outside and…?

            The 100 hostage figure was sown in people’s minds, so they could more readily accept the 87 dead figure. Since the 100 figure has been shown to be extremely suspect, we have grounds to cast reasonable doubt on the veracity of the 87 figure as well. If 87 didn’t die, How many did. I say none.

            Like you, I don’t know how that works, or how nobody notices that people aren’t missing. I expect that there’s an element of Emperor’s New Clothes to it. Someone at Mercury records asks where those three employees worked, and two or three others mention that it disrespectful to ask such things, and the first person decides not to ask again.

            The first casualty in a false flag is always a person’s right to ask for clarification. That guy should take his tin foil hat and go and get a life. Doesn’t he know that people suffered on that tragic night?

            • One of the so called «Survivors» of the so called «Bataclan massacre» gave an interview yesterday or today. He wasn’t shocked or nervous and told the interviewer he saw many corpses, blood and… «human flesh». Now, this I find a bit over the top. The people were shot dead. So, how could he have seen «human flesh»? Was there a bomb explosion at Bataclan? It is said that it was a shooting and even a selective shooting. Also, this young person interviewed seemed very at ease, for something so horrible as a massacre.
              The situation is now becoming a bit exaggerated, as some journalists are interviewing children and asking them what they feel about these terrorist acts. They are pushing a bit too far in order to make a big story.
              It is dreadful and it does not help the situation at all.

  7. Meanwhile, in the Just Sayin’ category… From Eagles of Death Metal band member, Jesse Hughes’ Wiki page.

    Hughes revealed that his band mate Josh Homme gave him “The Devil” nickname when he was thirteen. “I used to get picked on a lot by Karl Doyle” says Hughes, “And when I would get picked on severely, or if it really made a point to me, I would get vengeance, but I would get vengeance in the way that I could, which was mostly clever and all consuming. Joshua once witnessed me in the moment I was about to enact vengeance upon someone, and he just said, ‘You’re the fucking devil dude,’ and it stuck.” –

    This is the pro-Israel band, right?

  8. Were the suicide vest guys who did no damage just bit players. Maybe ‘newbies’. This gives it the ‘feel’ of an ISIS attack.

    It seems as though the guys in the black SEAT/Merc did the damage and were very professional. They could have been the ones who supposedly entered the club and ‘killed 87’? White, clean-shaven, muscular pros. And they got away (abandoned car some way away).

  9. I don’t know what bomb vests look like but it wouldn’t be difficult to make a jacket containing explosives, remotely detonated of course, to look like a flak jacket.

  10. So The Eagles of Death Metal, with a lead singer nicknamed “the Devil” has a new documentary called “Redemption of the Devil” (released a few months ago) was singing “Kiss the Devil” when the “shooting” started. And the new movie/concert trailer with “the Devil” is called Gutterdammerung (translated Twilight of the Gods) is not being shown for 7 days.
    At least the script writers have a sense of humor if not timing.

    If in the coming days we find out George Lucas just happened to be there filming the “carnage” then we know it is an homage to Altamonte.

    Yo can verify for yourself they were playing “Kiss the Devil” by viewing both videos.

    • So there is a push (successful I might add) to push EODM cover of Duran Duran’s Save a Prayer to #1 on the charts. They only recently started covering this song. And coincidentally (hehe) the company who has released the tune is UMG, a subsidiary of Vivendi. And who has a 40 percent stake in Vivendi? I will give you a hint. It start with “L”.

      Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran) has already publicly stated they will donate their royalties from the song. It all seems a bit staged.

  11. […] Willyloman – Paris Attacks Video from Inside Bataclan and Conflicting “Witness” Reports […]

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