Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks on RT (must see video)

This guy nails it on RT the day after the attacks.

(And yes, the French are already rounding up dissidents in France and forcing more to stay in their homes under house arrest. People who have done nothing. This guy talks about intellectual terrorism, where the state is going to be going after “conspiracy theorists” and those of us who know and expose the real nature of this new, global ramping up of the fake Global War OF Terror)

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  1. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    That’s an unusual sight, a reporter making the right questions and comments in an unbiased matter. I thought they were extinct! I guess only in the U.S. they are in the brink of extinction.

  2. Did anybody notice the legless guy from Boston was there?

  3. I saw this earlier. I differ on a few points, but very good interview indeed. He was with on The Sunday Wire yesterday with Vanessa Beesley for approximately the last two hours. Henningsen went for nearly 5 hours! It was good stuff and went into more detail on some of the points mentioned here, plus other topics not covered in this interview.

  4. “Nails it”, is right. Thanks for the post, Scott.

    Let’s also consider this NY Times headline:
    “Encrypted Messaging Apps Face New Scrutiny Over Possible Role in Paris Attacks”


    The article opens as follows: ” American and French officials say there is still no definitive evidence to back up their presumption … ”
    But what the hell, let’s crack down on this too.
    After all, it might help round up a dissident or two, no? And wouldn’t that be lovely …

  5. “French jihadists are also fighting in Syria. Jacques Bérès, a doctor from Médecins Sans Frontières, said last year that many of the patients he treated in a hospital in Aleppo were jihadists from Paris. Responding to the revelation that French terrorists were fighting the Assad government in Syria, French “anti-terrorist” judge Marc Trévidic smiled and said “they are our friends, how can we call them terrorists.” It is difficult to know if Trévidic’s smile was meant to indicate the unutterable absurdity of French foreign policy or rather an open admission that the French security state will decide who is a terrorist in accordance with its geopolitical interests.

    In an interview with French state radio France Inter on January 5, Trévidic warned that an unlawful system of incarceration similar to Guantanamo Bay could be put in place if France was to experience a wave of terrorist attacks. Yet this same judge openly admits that the French state is aiding Islamist terrorists in its war on Syria. In a normal society Trévidic would have been accused of condoning Islamist terrorism. But ours is not a normal society!

    On January 11th Trévidic was interviewed again by France Inter where he was asked if the French jihadists fighting the Syrian government could present a danger to French national security, Trévidic declared that:

    There are many young jihadists who have gone to the Turkish border in order to enter Syria to fight Bachar’s regime, but the only difference is that there France is not the enemy. Therefore we don’t look on that in the same way. To see young men who are at the moment fighting Bachar Al-Assad, they will be perhaps dangerous in the future but for the moment they are fighting Bachar Al-Assad and France is on their side. They will not attack us. Here (in Mali) the problem is that we are not on the same side.

    Trévidic went on to warn that if the Assad regime does not fall, Assad could attempt to bomb Paris! Terrorists are ok as long as they serve our political interests. Assad and not Al Qaeda could bomb Paris. Reality is turned upside down!”

    – Gearóid Ó Colmáin, January 2013

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