My Take on the New “ISIS” Threat to D.C.

by Scott Creighton

“ISIS” polls low on the hearts and minds concern studies… so… BINGO! A threat to D.C. comes out two days later

Even though Americans are told ad nauseum that the drive-by shooting spree in Paris was an attack on “the whole world” (and not just on anti-war progressives in the leftist city of Paris), it seems we are logically more concerned with things like living conditions, the economy, the far-right austerity measures loving crazies in DC and issues that more directly effect the quality of our lives and those of the people we keep dear to us like family, friends and neighbors.

It’s not that we don’t care about the people in Paris effected by this tragedy. We do. We’ve just become kind of desensitized to all the various American Gladio operations over here and all the fake beheading videos created to make us fear the latest boogie man of the al Qaeda variety.(and frankly, that fake-ass Charlie Hebdo shooting didn’t do much to help you case either… just sayin…)

Since false flag terrorism is apparently the only play in our one-trick-pony government’s playbook, it’s not hard to understand that even the most brain-dead of our citizenry is starting to pick up on this particular head-fake and are failing to fall for it for the hundreth time.

And of course, that is too say nothing of the “fool me once” law as it applies to 9/11, which I personally believe most Americans have become wise to over these past 14 years.

69 to 21% is [t]he ratio by which voters rank domestic issues as a priority over foreign policy matters such as terrorism and ISIS.

Seems reasonable, right?

In fact, I saw something on MSNBC on Sunday talking about the Democratic debate Saturday night and the reporter said a poll taken right before the debate showed that 70% or so of the likely voters in the Democratic primary were concerned about domestic issues primarily (economy being the most important to them) whereas only 8% were concerned about terrorism. And that was right after the Friday the 13th attacks.

I can’t find that poll on MSNBC but I did find this:

On Friday, terrorism went from almost a non-issue in the Democratic primary to the most important one, at least for Saturday’s debate. According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, just 2% of Democratic primary voters said that terrorism was their top concern, while another 4% picked foreign policy and the Middle East. MSNBC

One has to assume that the 8% number reported on Sunday was up from the previous 2% due to the attacks in Paris. That hardly accounts for the article’s assumption that it’s now “the most important” issue to Democrat voters. They provided no proof of that claim. They just made it. I suppose because we are suppose to automatically think it the moment they say it.

So, it would appear that the huge hearts and minds campaign that is the “ISIS Crisis” isn’t yielding the desired results here in the land of the big PX.

That could certainly be a problem with Obama looking to find a way to put US troops in harm’s way in order to support al Nusra terrorists in Syria and Kurdish Barzani fascists in Iraq.

It could also be a problem in the coming months when the fake progressive Obama is going to use his bully pulpit to push through fascist trade deals, the TPP and the TTIP and TiSA.

So now we have “ISIS” releasing a shiny new video of theirs where they promise to “bring the pain” to America via an attack on D.C.

Frankly I can’t see where that threat could possibly effect that many Americans. President Obama is currently enjoying approval ratings about as low as “W” had toward the end of his crappy administration and goodness knows the American people are sick and tired of congress with their approval ratings in the low single digits over the past 8 years or so. So “D.C.” isn’t really a fan favorite right now.

The Redskins did win big on Sunday, so they got that going for them. As a skins fan I figure that’s the only positive thing in D.C.


Obviously I am not suggesting “ISIS”, a creation of US, British, Israeli intelligence agencies, should attack Washington like they did Paris the other night. However you look at whatever you think “ISIS” is, the reality is, they kill some individuals in order to induce fear and panic and that creates the various business opportunities the fog of war can produce for the MIC and the Intelligence Industrial Complex and it’s cowardly and criminal behavior from cowardly and criminal people. And mentally ill people (and you asshole trolls from around Beltwayland reading this article know I’m talking about you, right?)

Don’t… ya… find… it… kinda… odd…

… that the polls show Americans don’t really care that much about “ISIS” and terrorism in the grand scheme of things and all of a sudden, a new video from the “ISIS” production team directly threatens our capital on the “Homeland”?

I guess the “ISIS” folks pay attention to such things. Almost like they live by them. Who else does that? hmmmmm….

If I am correct and “ISIS” is merely a hearts and minds campaign orchestrated by the for-profit US intelligence contractors, one thing is for certain, they wouldn’t have to spend too much on travel expenses if they targeted D.C.

Heck, that would be like having home court advantage for them.

I certainly hope these desperate fuckers that produce these “ISIS” events aren’t desperate enough to leap to the forefront of American’s issues ratings over a couple dozen more dead bodies… but you know what they say about desperation right? Desperation and powerful, soulless, greedy men is a really bad combination.

The bad news is: after 9/11, the American Gladio operations, the Amerithrax Attacks and all the various fake beheading videos, the American public has become immune to the virus that is false flag terrorism.

The really bad news is: the terrorists who know only one trick and use it constantly to get whatever it is they want, understand this and therefore they also understand the need to plan something big so they can rocket back to the top of the charts where they get to be the unaccountable kings and potentates once again of this, the shining city on the hill.

Good news? 69% to 21% …. which basically means the vast majority of the American public is smarter than the real terrorists. Which leaves me with one last thing to say to our “patriotic” intelligence assets who are reading this article:


p.s. go skins.

p.p.s. fuck Nixon


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2 Responses

  1. It seems who made this picked on Guérin-Sérac’s emotionless prose:

    «Two forms of terrorism can provoke such a situation [breakdown of the state]: blind terrorism (committing massacres indiscriminately which cause a large number of victims), and selective terrorism (eliminate chosen persons)…

    This destruction of the state must be carried out under the cover of ‘communist activites.’ (In this case, radical muslim). Popular opinion must be polarized… that we are the only instrument capable of saving the nation.»

    Even the portuguese state, by its police, influenced by these attacks, assaulted some gipsy houses this morning, in order to arrest weapons, who they said were being smuggled. Doors were broken, for the owners to repair them. No weapons were found. A few moments later, we have the chief of police saying that this was an impecable operation.

  2. The overt “non-conspiratorial” support of Israel and the chess moves with usually temporary Arab and other collaborators thus needed to maintain Empire in the Mideast are enough to prompt occasionally effective honest revenge attacks. This particular gambit was started by the Polish Russophobe Brezinski animating the people he could have cared less escaped the leash after his enemy collapsed.
    I do not believe there was a high percent of Americans immune and opposed to the strategy at the time, nor do I necessarily believe Rand Paul has, for most of his campaign really wanted to run from his dad’s non-intervention policies, so as not to appear cowardly before the
    all too hawkish sheeple.

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