The COMPLETE Timeline of the Paris Attacks Viewed in Context of the Failing Regime Change Operation in Syria

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: (H/T ninel) The ultra-stealthy black SEAT car that was able to avoid all police detection while they went on a multi-site prolonged shooting rampage in busy Paris Friday night has been found… abandoned… in a nearby town. The perps were nice enough to leave behind all their weapons as the got away Scot-free. So aside from the assailants who were found dead or blew themselves up… the only living ones… escaped.


Drive-by terrorism in a SEAT car? Suicide bombers electing to blow themselves up with no victims around? Lengthy monologues delivered to future “witnesses” mentioning “Iraq and Syria”? Three suicide bombers at a stadium full of people and only one victim outside (a person walking past the stadium)? Not one attacker taken alive? How did the guys in the SEAT car get away after witnesses reported the make and model of the vehicle, described it’s “spoke alloy wheels” and even gave them the number of the license plate (GUT 18053)?


Details of the Paris attacks this past Friday night are finally taking shape and they are confusing at best.

However, looking at only the events of that night, you will miss the entirety of the event: how it fits in the geopolitical context of what is currently happening, who the players are and what is at stake.

If the story is “ISIS did it because of Syria and Iraq” then we have to look at the whole picture of what recently happened in Syria and Iraq leading up to the attack. Not to do so would be like looking at a murder investigation and not trying to examine the motive involved.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the timeline of events, shall we? The complete timeline of events that is. Not just what happened that night.

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