#ParisAttacks : Racist Islamaphobe Rita Katz is Selling “ISIS™” Warning of Further “Storm” of Attacks Via Site “Intelligence” Group

by Scott Creighton

Here’s a shocker: racist Arab-hating Rita Katz is making a buck off the Paris attacks by literally selling a new threat she claims “ISIS™” made about this just being the beginning of a new wave of attacks.

Now I can’t publish or quote anything on her race-baiting website regarding this important new information because Rita has put a legal edict front and center on the article itself claiming no one can reproduce any of the content of the page without explicit permission from SITE “Intelligence” Group… meaning you have to pony up some cash before you can report this “news” to the world about pending attacks from “ISIS™”

Shocker, right?

One might think this is an important development in this story and would therefore be considered open to direct quotation for the purposes of informing the public. Of course, that would be true for any other news service, but not Rita Katz’ opportunistic money-grubbing “intelligence” service.

So, I just thought you would like to know. Disinfo asset Rita Katz has some more hate-mongering disinformation for you, but you got to pony up a couple pieces of silver before she’ll let you share it with the world. After all, business and profits come first right? Oh no wait… Israel comes first. Business and profits come in at a close second.

2 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on Scoop Feed and commented:
    Katz is almost certainly an Israeli intelligence asset; her father was a executed by Iraqi authorities for his activities in this regard.

    A larger question: Why does any serious journalistic outlet take at face value and reproduce anything Katz and SITE solicit? Perhaps because they are of the same cloth.

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