#ParisAttack Broke the Internet

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Oh wait! Now they are saying there are TWO magic passports: one Syrian and one Egyptian. Nice tie-in to Flight 9268, wouldn’t you say? Gotta love those magic passports. Yoda smells a rat…



I was going to #ParisAttack to see if there were any new photos of the magic passport that survived the suicide vest of one of the “terrorists” when I came across this:


I had noticed there were an awful lot of comments on that hashtag calling this event into question. I wonder if they will still be there once it’s back up and running.

Either way, it looks like the last victim of the Paris attacks was Twitter. Blew it right the f@ck up.

3 Responses

  1. How stupid do they think we are? How stupid are we??

    • The state of our world is not mainly caused by the psychopaths that rules it – it’s mostly because a majority of the population belong in the tragic part of the IQ-scale. And if you think about it, average intelligence is just a couple of points above mentally retarded.

  2. Wow … Non of our three-letter agencies, nor the wonderful British MI groups picked up any “chatter” about this one … tsk, tsk. Nobody’s perfect, I guess.

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