Paris Attacks: The History of Convenient Violence of the Thing Called “ISIS™”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Right on cue… now they have found a Syrian passport near the body of one of the terrorists. I wonder if it was one of the fake ones we gave all those “moderate” Wahhabist Takfaris from Saudi Arabia. Either way, I’ll bet it is pristine condition.

UPDATE: Taking a page directly from the staged Charlie Hebdo “attacks”, CNN iReporter films gunmen from building

UPDATE: “ISIS™” has claimed responsibility giving details on the attack long after those details were made public. France’s faux leftist leader, Hollande, says it’s an act of war planned from the outside with “complicity from the inside” meaning they are going to have to start rounding up the real leftists and clamping down on various freedoms. Can you say Vichy France?

UPDATE: As Victor G. aptly points out, Russia is about to release their findings on what caused the downing of Flight 9268 and it’s almost a sure bet that somehow, “military grade” high explosives were involved. This new development will only help those intent on blaming “ISIS”


“ISIS™” has supposedly attacked a rather “progressive” area in the middle of Paris France leaving scores dead in the wake and France’s fascist leader Hollande ready to implement security measures in the country the likes of which they haven’t seen since they were occupied by the whole of the German war machine.

And it’s said as many as 30 guys MAY have taken part in this attack.

It took Hitler and the Nazis to get France to surrender back in the ’40s… now it takes 30 guys? Progress?

This attack took place on the eve of the Vienna summit during which scores of nations were to send representatives to finally hash-out a political solution to the Obama administration’s 4-year-old regime change operation in Syria. Russia’s involvement in Syria have forced Obama’s hand as they continue to bomb our CIA-backed “moderate” terrorists in the country.

This new terrorist event will certainly have a chilling effect on those negotiations, strengthening Obama’s hand when he demands his “coalition of the willing” be allowed to enter Syria and defeat “ISIS™” because, as Obama put it just hours after the attacks started…

“This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. Paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress” President Obama

Clearly President Obama was looking to exploit this event immediately after the carnage and as the timing shows, while hostages were still being held by “ISIS™”. Perhaps an astute cartoon might make things a little clearer.

boogie woogie woogie woogie! Boogie woogie woogie! em… boo?

Of course, the question becomes one of culpability. Is the neoliberal, regime change oriented West simply taking advantage of an organic event born of the “blow back” theory or is something more nefarious at play here? It would seem to be a rather strange coincidence that “ISIS™” would choose this particular moment in time to launch their biggest, humanity threatening attacks on antiwar progressives of Paris on the eve of a peace deal which appeared to be a given up until about midnight last night. But coincidences do happen, right?

Well, not this often they don’t.

It’s only a few hours after the event therefore it’s impossible to evaluate the specifics of the evidence with so much misreporting and speculation floating around the blog-o-sphere.

But what we can take a look at is the current events surrounding this attack and the context they will serve with respect to those current events. Plus, we can also take a look back at the history of convenient violence of this thing called “ISIS™” and we can ask ourselves if we see a pattern developing.

SPOILER ALERT: Yes, there is a pattern.

A History of Convenient Violence

If the timing of this seems a little contrived to you, that might be because “ISIS™” has a habit of staging attacks in various countries right before an important decision has to be made or right before some new policy in that country was to be implemented in spite of massive public resistance. It’s their trademark, if you will.

As is the case with almost every single incident of supposed “ISIS™” terrorism, the Paris Attacks last night need to be considered in terms of current events in order to understand the objective they serve to achieve. Doing that, figuring out the most probable motive, usually points directly to the culprit. The real culprit.

“ISIS™”, if you recall, only came onto the scene back when the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries began their quest to retake their nation in the absence of US troops. These were mainly Ba’athist former Saddam loyalists from the military and a few other Sunni tribes from the north who were dead-set against allowing our occupation of their country to continue via the puppet regime we set up in the country before leaving.

In spite of all the weapons and intelligence services we provided for Maliki for him to use to keep the people from rising up against him, the GMCIR was winning big in their revolution, and making their way to the very outskirts of Baghdad.

President Obama, who had been touted as finally achieving one of his campaign promises, getting us out of Iraq, what he called “the wrong war” upon leaving, had to figure out a way to justify sending the military back into Iraq either as boots on the ground or with an air campaign. But he couldn’t do that against a secular popular uprising against our neoliberal puppet. Not to simply defend the corporate gains garnered under the Bush/Cheney regime. That would never do.

So “ISIS™” was born. And since that time, “ISIS™” has popped up everywhere President Obama needed a justification to attack anywhere on the globe.

Obama wanted to step up actions in Syria in order to assist the CIA’s terrorist regime change operators, so “ISIS™” was there.

Obama needed to help our puppet regime in Libya when they lost an election and looked like they were losing control of the country, so “ISIS™” showed up there.

Obama had to justify helping Saudi Arabia bomb the people of Yemen after a revolution in that country kicked out our longtime dictator in that country and threatened Hunt Oil profits, so “ISIS™” was exported to that country as well.

Obama’s new puppet dictator in Egypt was having a hard time quelling the legitimate uprising in Sinai, so we called them “ISIS™” and the drones started flying.

And along with each and every one of these new venues for the “ISIS™” traveling road show to play, there was always a Rita Katz video production produced at the beginning of the tour. A little teaser of propaganda to get the people behind the new campaign.

From Japan to Canada to Australia to France, “ISIS™” has always shown up right on time to help their government’s promote a new, fascist agenda which would normally be opposed by the vast majority of the general population. And as I have shown with regards to Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, the same holds true with the United States.

One would have to be blind not too see the pattern developing here. Like PNAC calling for a “New Pearl Harbor type event” to help them promote their program for the New American Century of total, endless unilateral warfare exactly one year before 9/11, it takes work to ignore coincidences like these.

At this point one has to work hard to achieve that level of blindness.

Current Events Hold the Key

The history of convenient violence associated with this thing called “ISIS™” is unmistakable from it’s inception to last night’s attacks in Paris. They always serve a purpose. They always serve a greater good which is quite often standing in direct contrast to what the casual onlooker might consider to be their own ideological interests.

Doesn’t it seem odd that when peace is at hand and a new plan to back out of Syria is taking shape in Vienna, “ISIS™” would strike a diabolical blow to the heart of the very antiwar crowd in France that has been calling for an end to Hollande’s involvement in the country? Why would they target the middle class antiwar faction of Paris?

This is the land of hipster socialists. These neighborhoods recently elected a female socialist mayor, as well as a slew of Green Party candidates, even as the rest of the country voted for the more conservative and anti-immigration parties on the Right.

The attackers, whomever they may be and whatever their motives, went after the heart of progressive Paris. They did not attack the more touristy Champs-Elysées or Notre Dame, or the more bourgeois and conservative left bank, where most of the government ministries are located.

You could argue these attacks were made to look like an “ISIS™” operation while in fact they were conducted by a neo-Nazi fascist stay-behind force like Gladio or perhaps the nationalists from Ukraine. Far right fascism is on the rise in France and all across Europe there is a growing hatred and fear of the refugees flooding into the country.

Either that or they could have been staged by far-right fascist elements in our collective intelligence services who saw a possible end to the gravy train they’ve been riding for so long since 9/11.

Of course, the Mossad is always a consideration when it comes to acts of terrorism for political gain. Israel is a huge supporter of the Greater Kurdistan project, they want to bust off a piece of Syria now that they have found oil in the Golan Heights and of course, they have a recent bone to pick with the EU now that they have passed regulations saying products produced in the occupied West Bank have to be labeled as such.

However you choose to look at it, at this early stage in the investigation, the only thing we have to go by when evaluating what happened is the history of these “ISIS™” operations, when they took place and what purpose they ultimately served.

Was it staged? Was it real? Were there victims? Was it another Hebdo theater production? Another fake beheading video played out live on the streets of Paris? These are certainly important questions which I’m sure will be examined at length in the future. At this point, that’s impossible to accomplish.

Right now all we can look at and evaluate is the history of convenient violence of this thing called “ISIS™” and to me, that history denotes a pattern. A distinct, unmistakable pattern much like a fingerprint left on the history of mankind. And for once, I agree with President Obama….

“This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share”

Damn right it is. The question is… who did it and why.


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12 Responses

  1. Thanks, Scott.
    One small correction, if I may to your opening paragraph, ” … the likes of which they haven’t seen since they [were occupied by] collaborated with the whole of the German war machine.

    • point taken. It seems someone in France is certainly collaborating with this new threat as well, doesn’t it?

      • The CNN iReport looks like footage of the police. Also, CNN iReport is a way for citizen journalists to submit things to CNN. So it’s not suspicious like at the Charlie Hebdo incident where there was an actual Israeli reporter that filmed the “headshot” of the gendarme on the ground. Still, it certainly appears to be yet another false flag terror attack.

  2. Today seems like a good day to review:

  3. Personally, I think this was a hoax. I wasn’t on the computer yesterday, so I was forced to watch the entire event unfold on cable news. There was *no* footage of anything but the same few seconds of police and soldiers running around, played over and over, hypnotically on a loop. Flashing red and blue lights, the same old talking heads telling us how we should react and describing the events for us according to some obvious script. That’s not how journalism works, folks. Much of this took place at a concert and a sporting event, for heaven’s sake! Everyone would have had their cell phones out taking pictures. Paris is one of the most sophisticated cities in the world, there would have been footage everywhere! And here’s Shepard Smith on Fox News describing things in dramatic detail like he’s a radio reporter getting reports in via teletype. Show me some pictures, dammit!

    • As usual (and what a sad thing to say about such an event: “as usual”), real killings are not mutually exclusive with what you are calling a “hoax”, and what I would classify as a staged false flag.

      I just wanted to pint out that I do have many people I know who live in Paris, and, although the exact number and identities can be disputed, there are indeed real people who are dead and injured… Two of them (1 dead and 1 injured) whom I do not know, are only 1 degree operated from me.

      That said, this whole thing reeks to high heaven. France, and perhaps the neighboring countries (SKY news reports 3 terrorists lived in Brussels) will go on a Boston style search and shut down with emergence laws enacted, with the French Military having been authorized to “shoot terrorists at sight” as recently as end of October 2015.

      Paris In Lockdown As Attack Accomplices Hunted

      C’était fin octobre: Les militaires français bientôt autorisés à tirer en pleine rue

  4. EU orders consumer warning labels on goods produced in Israeli occupied lands
    Posted on November 11, 2015 by willyloman
    Holy Jumpin’ Jeekers, Batman! You don’t suppose this could have been the last straw? That the Coalition of the Shilling Triumvirate (COST, as in “cost of doing business”) would do anything so diabolical for money and power? Again

  5. I feel bad for the French who were wounded and killed. Many friends and family members will be suffering also. That said….. I pray they do not get fooled by this act of terror….. yet, with the lock down and armed men shooting ‘suspects’, it will probably be very scary to be ‘aware’ of what is really going on. Many will be quiet and submissive ….the real terror act is just beginning for France.

  6. The Strategy of Tension Documentary is a very good docu, and yes, this was made some time ago – but these same strategies exist today. At this point, it is almost irrelevant whether the events were a false flag attack or simply allowed to happen – because no crisis shall go to waste, in the eyes of the neo-liberal and now global elites. Meanwhile, the atrocious pending trade agreements will sail through without much public opposition, because the attention is now being directed towards more immediate events.

  7. You really should try to learn more about history before you attempt to make analogies between current events and supposed “historical” events. Your ignorance in that area defeats your admirable quest for the “truth” of what goes on in this world today (thought many self-righteous “alternative” bloggers suffer from such blind spots). Everything going on today is part of a lengthy continuum, and did not just start, say, after WWII. Your own unexamined clichés regarding the past make you no different than the people you believe it’s your mission to “wake up” with regards to current socio-political phenomena. That said, I otherwise applaud and encourage your work.

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