#ParisAttacks UPDATES: EMT Talking About a “Drill” and CIA Chief Met with French Intel Oct. 28th

by Scott Creighton

A couple new aspects of this story have been brought to my attention. I’m not saying either is critically important, but they  need to be registered in the archives here, so… have a look.

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#ParisAttacks : Will NATO mobilize in wake of the Paris Attack?

(H/T James Tracy, ScoopFeed )

French president Hollande has said this is an “act of war” which will free up NATO to attack Syria via the “ISIS Crisis”. This on the eve of the peace conference in Vienna.

#ParisAttack Broke the Internet

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Oh wait! Now they are saying there are TWO magic passports: one Syrian and one Egyptian. Nice tie-in to Flight 9268, wouldn’t you say? Gotta love those magic passports. Yoda smells a rat…



I was going to #ParisAttack to see if there were any new photos of the magic passport that survived the suicide vest of one of the “terrorists” when I came across this:


I had noticed there were an awful lot of comments on that hashtag calling this event into question. I wonder if they will still be there once it’s back up and running.

Either way, it looks like the last victim of the Paris attacks was Twitter. Blew it right the f@ck up.

#ParisAttacks : Racist Islamaphobe Rita Katz is Selling “ISIS™” Warning of Further “Storm” of Attacks Via Site “Intelligence” Group

by Scott Creighton

Here’s a shocker: racist Arab-hating Rita Katz is making a buck off the Paris attacks by literally selling a new threat she claims “ISIS™” made about this just being the beginning of a new wave of attacks.

Now I can’t publish or quote anything on her race-baiting website regarding this important new information because Rita has put a legal edict front and center on the article itself claiming no one can reproduce any of the content of the page without explicit permission from SITE “Intelligence” Group… meaning you have to pony up some cash before you can report this “news” to the world about pending attacks from “ISIS™”

Shocker, right?

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Paris Attacks: An Attack on Progressive French Society and Remembering Operation Gladio

by Scott Creighton

“Destabilize the public order to stabilize the political order and justify a repressive intervention that would be welcomed with relief by the population. People want to live in peace. They don’t want to walk into a bank or a train and die by a bomb from some unknown killer.”

A reader, Observer, has left a link to a video reminding us what Operation Gladio was. In light of what I wrote earlier this morning about the targets of the attacks last night, specifically their socialist/leftist inclinations, I thought it might be informative to post a quote about the nature of the people targeted last night alongside that video reminder left to us by Observer. Because when you look at it in this context with the timing involved, it seems pretty obvious what is going on here.

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Paris Attacks: The History of Convenient Violence of the Thing Called “ISIS™”

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Right on cue… now they have found a Syrian passport near the body of one of the terrorists. I wonder if it was one of the fake ones we gave all those “moderate” Wahhabist Takfaris from Saudi Arabia. Either way, I’ll bet it is pristine condition.

UPDATE: Taking a page directly from the staged Charlie Hebdo “attacks”, CNN iReporter films gunmen from building

UPDATE: “ISIS™” has claimed responsibility giving details on the attack long after those details were made public. France’s faux leftist leader, Hollande, says it’s an act of war planned from the outside with “complicity from the inside” meaning they are going to have to start rounding up the real leftists and clamping down on various freedoms. Can you say Vichy France?

UPDATE: As Victor G. aptly points out, Russia is about to release their findings on what caused the downing of Flight 9268 and it’s almost a sure bet that somehow, “military grade” high explosives were involved. This new development will only help those intent on blaming “ISIS”


“ISIS™” has supposedly attacked a rather “progressive” area in the middle of Paris France leaving scores dead in the wake and France’s fascist leader Hollande ready to implement security measures in the country the likes of which they haven’t seen since they were occupied by the whole of the German war machine.

And it’s said as many as 30 guys MAY have taken part in this attack.

It took Hitler and the Nazis to get France to surrender back in the ’40s… now it takes 30 guys? Progress?

This attack took place on the eve of the Vienna summit during which scores of nations were to send representatives to finally hash-out a political solution to the Obama administration’s 4-year-old regime change operation in Syria. Russia’s involvement in Syria have forced Obama’s hand as they continue to bomb our CIA-backed “moderate” terrorists in the country.

This new terrorist event will certainly have a chilling effect on those negotiations, strengthening Obama’s hand when he demands his “coalition of the willing” be allowed to enter Syria and defeat “ISIS™” because, as Obama put it just hours after the attacks started…

“This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. Paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress” President Obama

Clearly President Obama was looking to exploit this event immediately after the carnage and as the timing shows, while hostages were still being held by “ISIS™”. Perhaps an astute cartoon might make things a little clearer.

boogie woogie woogie woogie! Boogie woogie woogie! em… boo?

Of course, the question becomes one of culpability. Is the neoliberal, regime change oriented West simply taking advantage of an organic event born of the “blow back” theory or is something more nefarious at play here? It would seem to be a rather strange coincidence that “ISIS™” would choose this particular moment in time to launch their biggest, humanity threatening attacks on antiwar progressives of Paris on the eve of a peace deal which appeared to be a given up until about midnight last night. But coincidences do happen, right?

Well, not this often they don’t.

It’s only a few hours after the event therefore it’s impossible to evaluate the specifics of the evidence with so much misreporting and speculation floating around the blog-o-sphere.

But what we can take a look at is the current events surrounding this attack and the context they will serve with respect to those current events. Plus, we can also take a look back at the history of convenient violence of this thing called “ISIS™” and we can ask ourselves if we see a pattern developing.

SPOILER ALERT: Yes, there is a pattern.

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