#JihadiJohn – Jihadi John has been Evaporated! Santa is Avenged! WE HAVE THE PHOTOS!

by Scott Creighton

So you think this is just some more stupid propaganda pumped out by the warmongers down here in Tampa, huh? Well, have I got news for you.

Unnamed sources which must remain a deep dark secret for no apparent reason other than the fact that they don’t exist,  have released to me a photo of Jihadi John’s remains. This is breaking “news”! I have the DOCUMENTS! kinda… not really…


So suck on that you debunkers and nay-sayers out there. Oh wait… that’s my article. Now I’m confused.

All you haters take note: that’s all the proof the American public needs to show that Jihad John has been done away with by the great and powerful Oz Obama.

And he deserved it too. Just recall what that British, Christian-hating ebil Muslim did to Santa this past January! The FIEND!


Oh just FEEL the evil!

Now we got to get rid of Jihad WILLY, that baby juggling bastard!


It simply doesn’t get more evil than this.

(They really should offer me a job. I just don’t understand it. 😦 )


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14 Responses

  1. Wow, Scott… Exclusive photos of JJ… And they are just as stark and real as the beheading videos… Well done! Forget a job, they need to give you a Pulitzer.

    (In case the sarcasm does not read right, I’ll just say the above is a joke…. Except for the part that Scott deserves a Pulitzer)

    • I wonder how much I will get when I pawn the Pulitzer? Can’t be a big market for those down here in the hood in Tampa. Oh well. But yes, my work here is just as stark and real as the videos themselves, which should be enough to get me on CNN and Fox “news”… I’ll just hold my breath…

  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3317776/Paris-attack-sees-150-dead-Eagles-Death-Metal-concert-hostages-killed.html#ixzz3rPfX9gUo Based on the evidence presented on the linked page of the daily chimp(ht chris spivey) this is a hoax.No evidence of mass murder(people blown up,shotgunned,AK47’d at clos e range ,etc) in any of the photos(where is the blood?) or videos.Lots of security posing for the cameras and doing absolutely nothing,lots of people looking bored and talking on their phones,lots of people being herded and not knowing WTF is going on.I was just in a bar/restaurant where the patrons were repeating the tv headlines verbatim.”This is for Syria”,”Allah Akbar” et al.(you know the whole speel) And we sit around wondering if they could rig an election.

  3. They (you know who) needed something really big right now.
    The Russians are just about to release the findings of their investigation into the downing of Metrojet flight 9268. Whatever deal Putin offered them to keep secret what Scott has already surmised must have been rejected. This event was rolled out to distract from and postpone the immanent Russian announcement.
    In France, it’s known as “Grand Guignol”.

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