#JihadiJohn – Jihadi John has been Evaporated! Santa is Avenged! WE HAVE THE PHOTOS!

by Scott Creighton

So you think this is just some more stupid propaganda pumped out by the warmongers down here in Tampa, huh? Well, have I got news for you.

Unnamed sources which must remain a deep dark secret for no apparent reason other than the fact that they don’t exist,  have released to me a photo of Jihadi John’s remains. This is breaking “news”! I have the DOCUMENTS! kinda… not really…

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#JihadiJohn of the “Evil ISIS™” Propaganda Campaign, “Evaporated” by Great and Glorious ObamaGod ಠ_ಠ

by Scott Creighton

For God’s sake, don’t look behind the curtain. Whatever you do, don’t look behind the curtain!

Pentagon warmonger: We need something to make people think we are actually fighting “ISIS” over in Syria and not just bombing their civilian infrastructure. Something BIG! Damn Ruskies are stealing our thunder.

Sycophantic think-tank intern: (sarcastically) Well, why don’t we just tell them we killed that Jihadi John guy? After all, it worked soooo well with bin Laden last time (eyes rolling)

Pentagon warmonger: Oh my God! I’m a genius. We’ll say we evaporated Jihadi John! Call ABC News quick! And get me a latte!


OK. Apparently we have to go through this again. Just a reminder before we get started:

At a time when the US is being exposed as having been funding and having created the propaganda team, “ISIS™”, and when the US is having to take a back seat while Russia is currently blowing up all our terrorists trying to force regime change in Syria, all of a sudden… blammo! We “kill” Jihadi John, the British “ISIS™” evil villain character created by the likes of Ritz Katz to embody the heart of soul of our hearts and minds operation. (Who currently makes the best evil villains in movies these days? British guys, that’s who…. what a coincidence that they choose a British guy to play the role of Jihadi John)

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Corporatized – The Anti-Waiting for Superman Movie (trailer)

by Scott Creighton (H/T busyboyproductions )

UPDATE: The following comment has been left by the producers of this movie.

They are taking donations for this film at https://www.gofundme.com/856q545g. As little as $5 can help make a difference. This film is going to be big.


As many of you already know, I am adamantly opposed to privatization of public services such as the prison system, police departments (that’s next by the way), public works departments (power and water) and of course… public education.

I have been extremely vocal in my opposition to charter for-profit schools since they came out with their plans to convert all public schools to this model and I continue my opposition to it.

It’s enough to make you cry when you pass a converted Big Lots store in some strip-mall down here in Tampa that is now a charter high school and the kids are spending their PE time in the parking lot playing on some roll-out basketball hoop. The thought that that will be those young peoples’ memory of high school … and that we are not only allowing it, but paying our tax money for it… is devastating.

These bastards are literally stealing the most important, formative part of childhood from these kids and doing so simply because they want to make a buck off it.

It is beyond sickening for those of us out here who still cling to something like a soul.

And if you, in your neighborhood, haven’t seen something like that yet, you just wait. It’s coming.

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