Neoliberal News of the Day: Nov. 12, 2015

by Scott Creighton

Many stories have dropped off the MSM radar recently. I thought I would do a little update on a couple of them for you.

With the residue test results due to be released in a few days, US “experts” prepare the masses for a connection between the downing of Flight 9268 and US military high explosives – “In the latest claim, two American officials speaking on condition of anonymity have proposed that it must have been a “military-grade” explosive placed in the cargo hold of the A321. They say something like C4 would be required to have caused the tragedy.”

(You see, military grade high explosives like those found in the warheads of missiles, are infused with things called post detonation taggants. These chemical markers make it possible for investigators to trace an explosive used in a crime back to it’s source. Military grade high explosives typically have taggants and any Russian investigation of explosives used on Flight 9268 would involve tracking them back to their source. This announcement is preemptive spin. Once the news come out that they found residue of high explosives on the plane fragments, the US can claim “ISIS” got some of their C-4 and obfuscate from there.)

The US claims to be participating in the investigation of the downing of Flight 9268 on the ground in Egypt while Egypt has no idea what they are talking about – “The Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation has not received information on an alleged visit by US experts to the site of the Russian A321 plane crash in the Sinai Peninsula, a ministerial spokesperson said Thursday.”

(By trying to claim they participated in the investigation, the US can attempt to deny results released in the near future by the Russians or the Egyptians saying their results differ and therefore, the Russians are lying. Of course, to do that, the story of them being there investigating has to be established.)

Our brutal puppet dictator in Egypt says he’s not going to “rush” the investigation because he’s such a humanitarian – ““We do not want to rush the investigation of the Russian plane [crash]. Egypt will hide nothing, because these are human victims and we value them,” Sisi said, as quoted by the Al Ahram daily.”

(He’s on record “rushing” too say it was a mechanical failure when it first went down. Then he said the investigation could take “months”. al Sisi is simply doing his best to protect the US and Israel from the fallout of this event)

Russian media “accidentally” broadcast an image of a secret underwater drone the Russians have that can be fitted with nuclear warheads – “”It is true that some classified information was captured on camera and subsequently deleted. We hope that this won’t happen again,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.”

(Deleted? The picture of the design of the torpedo is front and center on Sputnik right now. So much for “deleted”)

Embedded image permalink

the “deleted” image of the secret weapon

(These weapons aren’t that new if you ask me. My father worked on similar torpedoes for about 15 years after he retired from the Navy. They had 7 on-board computer systems and were essentially under-water drones. And that was 20 years or more ago. I guess the Russians just wanted to leak a little positive propaganda to their citizens or maybe a little food for thought for the American ones.)

The Ukrainian army is still shelling their own civilians in the Donetsk People’s Republic – “Donetsk, the administrative center of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), came under massive mortar fire from the Ukrainian military, head of a district administration Ivan Prikhodko has said.  The northern part of the city was left without power.”

(So much for the peace plan. I guess Joe Biden’s kid really wants that oil)

Obama’s “moderates” in Syria are still picking soft targets for their mortar attacks – “The source added that 2 other mortar shells fell in the “14” neighborhood in al-Wafideen Camp, injuring 4 citizens, 3 of them women, who were rushed to al-Qtaifeh National Hospital for treatment. In Aleppo city, terrorists targeted al-Ashrafieh neighborhood with rocket shells, killing five civilians and injuring 20 others. A source in Aleppo province said in a statement to SANA that the terrorist attack claimed the lives of five civilians including a young girl and injured 20 others, noting that the number of casualties is likely rise due to the serious injuries of some of the victims.”

(With this kind of terrorism destabilization irregular warfare, you don’t need a long line of Helix trucks driving down the road providing a target for Russian planes. All you need are a couple guys with a duffle bag large enough to carry a mortar launcher. The cowards find a quiet spot, they set up, launch 2 or 3 rockets and then pack up and go about their day. That’s Obama’s ‘soft power” at work.)

John Kerry to meet with world leaders this weekend to try to salvage his Greater Kurdistan project in northern Syria – “Mr. Kerry will travel to Vienna this weekend, summoning many of Syria’s neighbors and European powers to turn a vague declaration of principles, settled on two weeks ago, into a plan for a political agreement. …The White House is hoping that the Syrian, Arab and Kurdish coalition, aided by American pilots and special operators (terrorists) on the ground, can seize and hold territory.

(Yes. This is the “let’s bust off a piece of Syria for our nation building project” plan of action in Syria as it currently stands. a.k.a. “Greater Kurdistan” as I call it.)

A Fox “News” poll says 54% of American voters approve of Obama’s plan to use US soldiers as human shields for our terrorists in Syria – “A 54-percent majority of American voters approves of President Obama’s decision to send a small number of U.S. troops to Syria to help in the fight against the Islamic extremist group ISIS. ”

(Why does this not surprise me?)

US-backed Kurdish thug militias fight to retake Sinjar from the General Military Councils of Iraq (the Ba’athist revolution seeking to retake their country from our neoliberal puppets) – “Kurdish Iraqi fighters, backed by the U.S.-led air campaign, launched an assault Thursday aiming to retake the strategic town of Sinjar…”

(No. We aren’t fighting “ISIS” in Iraq. They are a propaganda fabrication. We are fighting former generals of Saddam’s and other assorted groups who hate what we did to their country and they want it back.)

(In this case, we are using the Barzani Kurds and various airstrikes to drive them back so we can break off a piece of Iraq for Greater Kurdistan to go along with the piece of Syria Kerry is fighting for and a piece of Turkey we will eventually try to get the same way (now that our efforts to unseat Erdogan have failed))

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  1. “al Sisi is simply doing his best to protect the US and Israel from the fallout of this event”
    As they toss him under the bus.
    Honor among thieves.

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