Apache Attack Helicopter Appears to be Escorting “ISIS” Toyota Trucks Across Syrian Border

by Scott Creighton


Over at Washington’s Blog they have a video released by LiveLeak which purports to show a massive caravan of those US Special Ops white Toyota/Helix trucks they gave to “ISIS” crossing the border from Iraq to Syria.

What is interesting is the video appears to show an Apache attack helicopter escorting the convoy, providing protection for it rather than attacking it.


(I don’t know if that embed code will work. If not, just go to the Washington’s Blog link I provided to watch the video)

Recently folks have been asking questions about all those white Toyota/Helix trucks that “ISIS” drives around in. Folks in congress are starting to wonder why some terrorists in the Middle East are cruising around in nifty new trucks paid for by US taxpayers.

U.S. counter-terror officials have launched an investigation into how ISIS got so many of those identical Toyota pickup trucks which they use in their convoys.

They don’t have to look very far …

The Spectator reported last year:

The [Toyota] Hilux [pics] is light, fast, manoeuvrable and all but indestructible (‘bomb-proof’ might not, in this instance, be a happy usage).  The weapons experts Jane’s claimed for the Hilux a similar significance to the longbows of Agincourt or the Huey choppers of Nam. A US Army Ranger said the Toyota sure ‘kicks the hell out of a Humvee’ (referring to the clumsy and over-sized High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle made by AM General).


The fact is the Toyotas were supplied by the US government to the Al Nusra Front as ‘non-lethal aid’ then ‘acquired’ by ISIS.

Al Nusra Front is literally Al Qaeda.

Public Radio International – an American public radio outlet – also documented a specific shipment of Toyotas by the U.S. State Department in 2014:” Washington’s Blog

I’ve been writing about these trucks for a while now. To me it’s pretty obvious they didn’t loot just one type of auto dealer in Iraq because they just happen to like Toyotas. They had to have gotten them from the source. And of course, we paid for them.

I don’t know when the video was made or where it was made. It would make sense that they would provide air cover for their terrorist army as it makes it’s way into Syria though I seriously doubt they would engage in combat with Syrian forces were the convoy to come under attack so I wonder who they are there to protect them from. My guess is, they are in Iraq and their terrorists are actually moving against the rebellion in the country and that is who the helicopter is there to attack.

5 Responses

  1. I don’t know if it makes a differencein the greater scheme of things, but, apparently it’s not an apache but a Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk army chopper.

    (I decided to finally come out of the internet closet and start using my own damn name 🙂 It’s a brave new world!

    • I think you might be onto something. As I stated before, I doubt they would run such a large convoy of “ISIS” guys through the open desert with Russian and Syrian fighter jets zooming around looking for obvious targets.

      It could be these are some of our forces in Iraq heading over to fight the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries, the real revolution that’s taking place in the country right now. That would explain the mulitple types of trucks and the helicopter gunship following it.

  2. (Mi-24 ? Toyotas of 70s ? Are you joking, really ? ). And later US gov. talk about “fight again terrorism”…Every country attacked by USA is now on ruins…

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