A Little Medical Update for Posterity’s Sake

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: After a bunch of tests and a few tense moments, I was released back into society with a nice stack of papers with instructions, I suppose, on how not to die right away.

They told me “yes, there is some new clotting” and “no, there is no new clotting”

Then they wrote on one of my little papers “There is decreased opacification of branches to the right middle lobe which is site of prior pulmonary embolus” which I have no idea if that is good or bad.

Either way… I’m still here and still in pain but will keep doing what I am doing.

Interestingly, while I was undergoing many of the tests, they had these nifty lightboxes on the ceilings for people to focus on. We used to make them for TV studios back when I did that kind of crap. Made a bunch of them for MSNBC’s studio that I worked on. Funny how they’ve made their way into the healthcare world. Took me back a little.


Hi guys. I am going to be heading over to the hospital this morning to have them run these damn tests I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks. The pains in my chest have been getting worse and my doctor’s appointment this Wednesday is looming ever closer and if I don’t do my homework, he tends to pout a bit. I’ve been putting it off for far too long and like everything else, you can only get away with that for so long.

I’m hoping they will say it’s no big deal, but with my luck they might want me to stay on for a few days and so I am telling you guys this in the eventuality that I don’t have any new articles put up for a few days in a row. I don’t typically do that so I want to make sure people don’t jump to the wrong conclusion.

Jane Hampshire from FireDogLake eventually shut down her website for “health reasons” this past year. A hip problem from what I understand.

That’s not happening here.

They’ll have to pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands… either that or get Comcast to ban me for writing about Monsanto… whichever comes first and is more fiscally responsible for them.

I’ll be back this afternoon to give you an update if things go well. If not, then I’ll see you guys in a couple of days. If things go really wrong, then I’ve left instructions on how to deal with that as well. The website will be turned into a forum and many readers will be given the opportunity to contribute material if they are so inclined.

I like hospitals. Lots of young people running around making a difference, trying to help other people as best they can. And you only have to put up with the God-complex white coats occasionally. Not a bad trade-off in my opinion (hi Lonnie, hi Derrick!)

Anyway, I’m off to the body-shop for a little tune-up.

Have a good day folks. Pet a cat, give a homeless guy a buck and take your dog for a longer walk than you did yesterday. He’ll like that. That’s about all I got for life hacks. That and… “remember… it’s just a ride”

30 Responses

  1. The cats around here know exactly where the end of the dog leash is. So does he. They tease each other. I’m going to add a foot to it, mess with their game.

    Good luck, man

    • that’s a really good idea Roy. Keep them on their toes. It’s good to shake things up a little around the house. Keep them from falling into ruts. In fact, that might be good for me as well. I wish someone would add a foot to my leash every now and then.

  2. Prayers going out to you, Scott. Say hi to your fur family for me.

    • thank you. I will do that. Church (the dog) was confused when I came back. Kinda growled at me a little. It took me a while to figure out that they did a CT scan on me with contrast… you know, that radioactive shit they pump into your bloodstream… so poor old Church looked at me and thought “it LOOKS like Scott and is wearing his clothes.. but it doesn’t SMELL like Scott”… poor guy. He was very confused. But he’s over it now.

  3. Hope everything checks out okay. Best of luck.

  4. Good luck. Hope you’re back soon and feeling okay.

  5. Good luck, and do what the white coat bastards tell you. They just might know something. Be well.

    • I saw very few white coats actually. I kept hearing a lot about them, but mostly I dealt with technicians running various tests for the mythical gods of modern medicine. Frankly I’m starting to wonder if the white coats aren’t some new form of Google AI, you know, like the one that answers your questions on your phone.

  6. Dear Scott,
    Prayers are with you and best wishes for a quick return to the blog. Thanks for doing everything you do.

  7. Don’t jump to conclusions?? Hey, that’s what we do best! Please take care of yourself!

  8. Hope you will get well soon, good luck

  9. Hope all goes well and you’re up and running making trouble for the globalist scum. 🙂

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Scott. Good luck

  11. Sending the white light of healing, and hoping it is not needed.

  12. The docs will probably make you stop eating all the stuff you like and force you to eat the stuff you wouldn’t feed your cat. But if it keeps you ticking…
    Hang in there, big guy. We’re all rootin’ for ya.

    • That’s alright. I feed my animals better than I feed myself anyway. And yeah, I think I forgot I have to watch what I eat on this blood thinner. I didn’t have to on the other stuff. Of course, that shit almost killed me, so it’s a tradeoff I suppose.

      Thank you. I’m still around and will be kicking for a little while I guess.

  13. May you be at peace and overcome the pain, good sir!

    Trying that petting my dog, taking him for walks, and being nice to people thing… Not too bad as far as results go 😉

  14. Hardly a glowing report. I hope it says “must try harder” at the bottom 🙂

    Dependence on doctors is a terrible position to be in but once there, you have to make the most of it. If you can’t manage spontaneous recovery, I hope that you can at least achieve comfortable suffering.

    • it didn’t say that, but I did get two smiley face stickers on the bottom of the page with an apple sticker and a banana sticker. Not quite sure what they meant.

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