No, that wasn’t the “Commie” Mothership over Cali last night… it’s a good thing to.

by Scott Creighton

Unfortunately, the Mothership did not appear last night over the coast of California to bring us tidings of universal joy and brotherhood and show us the way to global, universal peace.

Instead, it was the beloved Military Industrial Complex testing out one of their various Toys of Mass Destruction. They were just “keeping us safe” from the world of folks who don’t BELIEVE in our glorious “free market” ideology.

Perhaps they were testing their precious Trident II missile system in the event that the peace-loving Mothership shows up. Imagine what they would do if a UFO actually did show up and the occupants of that ship happened to be carrying the WRONG universal message. Just imagine. Like John Lennon imagined. Like MLK imagined. Like Kennedy imagined a world without a prosperous cold war with the Soviet Union so long ago.

Just imagine. They always create an enemy for us to spend money defending ourselves from which we can’t afford, so we go further and further into debt. Makes the banks happy, makes the MIC happy and it makes the austerity hawks happy because then they can say we’re in debt and we have to make those darn poor people suffer some more because it’s their fault. In the end, the sickest of the poor will simply die off and the ones who might have a couple good years of hard labor left in them will be forced to go back to work for the pennies the billionaires and the oligarchs wish to pay them here on Plantation Planet.

Well, if that were the Mothership, the real P-Funk Mothership, hell man, just think of the bucks the MIC and the private central bankers could be pocketing on that one. I mean, talk about a threat to our “national interests”!

It might look something like this…

Alien ambassador : “Greetings Earthlings! We bring you a message of peace and galactic brotherhood from the Federation of Plan…”

Obama’s “progressive” Sec. of Defense: “Oh God, they’re commies! Launch! Launch!! Laauauuuuauuauuunch!!!!



So I guess it was a good thing that last night’s light show wasn’t the Mothership offering us acceptance into the galactic community. It’s one thing to have to keep writing this blog exposing the fraudulent nature of the Overseas Contingency Operations with regards to some Jewish guys from Florida in fake beards pretending to be “ISIS”. Could you imagine the next enemy Rita Katz would make up if that had been a UFO?


3 Responses

  1. This ‘execise’ has been going on for almost a week now. Missiles flying everywhere. I live on a hill overlooking Avila Beach, so I have a great view of the missile test range in the Pacific west of Vandenberg. Comets and UFOs for days- started 2 days after Halloween IIRC.
    This is the time of year they would normally schedule exercises, since the weather is at it’s best, but I ain’t never seen an exercise on this scale.

  2. Not to worry. According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the upgrade of our nuclear weapons systems is only going to cost about 1 Trillion over the next 30 years. They’ve testing the Tridents for the last several years, and each of them costs 66 million – small change, in other words. Russia is upgrading their nuclear arsenal as well. Everything is meant as a deterrent, of course. With increasing conflict all over the place, and these weapons still in ‘launch on warning’ mode, what could possibly go wrong?

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