Metrojet Flight 9268 UPDATES: Fake Beards “Chatter”, Global TSA and Russia’s Real Investigation

by Scott Creighton

Watching CNN milk the cash-cow that is the story of the downing of Metrojet Flight 9268 is torture. They have been all over the spectrum when it comes to this event, first saying it definitely wasn’t a bomb of any kind, then saying the tail section fell off due to a bump it took back in 2001 and now they are saying it’s certainly the work of some “ISIS” affiliate working in the airport in Egypt.

They’re just dancing around like puppets on a string, right?

Be that as it may, there have been a few news worthy developments in the story as the investigation continues.


The guys in the fake beards were chattering. That MUST mean “ISIS” did it!

US and British “intelligence” agencies are reporting that the basis for their conclusion that “ISIS” bombed Flight 9268 is based on “chatter” they intercepted between supposed “ISIS” members in Sinai speaking with “ISIS” members in Syria.

Western intelligence sources have said British and U.S. spies intercepted “chatter” from suspected militants suggesting that a bomb, possibly hidden in luggage in the hold, downed the plane.

U.S. television network NBC said some communications between Islamic State leaders in Syria and the Sinai Peninsula included boasts about bringing down the jet. “They were clearly celebrating,” it quoted U.S. officials as saying. Reuters

This “chatter” story is making it’s way across the collective blog-o-sphere.

Specificity’ of Intelligence ‘Chatter’ Points to Terror in Plane Crash

But what exactly does this “chatter” consist of? What did they say? When did they say it? Who exactly are the guys “chattering” with? Are they rebels or US Special Ops assets “chatting” with Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (“ISIS”) members?

No one knows because…

No Shared Intel

While the unnamed officials are busy leaking “chatter” stories to reporters, unfortunately they aren’t that concerned with sharing the information with the two countries responsible for conducting the real investigation.

Russia complained that intelligence gathered by London and Washington about its jetliner has not been made available.

If Britain had information about a bomb on the plane, it’s “really shocking” that hasn’t been shared with Russia, said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, speaking in Moscow.

British officials declined to say what intelligence was shared with other countries. CBA

Why wouldn’t our guys be sharing intel on all this “ISIS” chatter? Don’t you think they would want to team up with the Russians and get these guys as fast as possible?

For that matter, one might think our “intelligence” services would team up with Russia and help them wipe out the terrorists in Syria that much faster. After all, we’ve been fighting them for over a year now, right?

Oh wait. We hired, trained and equipped the terrorists in Syria. I forgot about that.

So tell me again why the US and British intelligence services not sharing intel with Russia about the “ISIS bombing” of this plane?

The TSA Goes Global

In keeping with the mantra “never let a good crisis go to waste”, TPTB here in the states have decided to use the fake “ISIS” bombing story as an excuse to take the failed TSA global.

Yes, that’s right. The TSA is supposedly going to be going to various nations to show them how to screw up their screening efforts like they screw them up here in ‘Merika.

Johnson’s statement said security improvements would include “expanded screening” for items on aircraft, additional assessments of security at foreign airports in partnership with foreign authorities, and unspecificed “offers of other assistance to certain foreign airports” related to aviation and airport security.

The statement said that the enhancements were intended “only for certain foreign airports in the region.” It did not specify which airports would be involved. A U.S. official familiar with the matter said that all the airports affected were in the Middle East.

The official said security enhancements by the U.S. would be put in place by local airport authorities and operators in conjunction with U.S. government representatives. The Star

So the TSA is going to be sending some of it’s experts over to foreign countries to help them make sure “ISIS” can’t bomb their planes, right?

Unfortunately, a study released this week shows the TSA failed at stopping 95% of efforts made by investigators trying to get bombs and guns into sensitive areas of various airports around the country. 95% folks.

Unfortunately, as lots and lots of evidence has shown, the TSA needs to get lucky to actually stop anyone. That’s backed up by a new report from the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General — its internal department watchdog, more or less — details of which were shared (PDF) with the US House Committee on Oversight and Government by IG John Roth.

Basically none of it was good. The IG sent auditors, who were not trained in counterintelligence or how to evade the TSA’s checks, to a number of different airports across the country. The systematic failures in TSA security checks were consistent across every airport, with auditors seeing 95 percent success rates smuggling bombs and guns into secure areas of airports.” The Verge

So what do you do when you have a grossly negligent security system in place here in the states? Well, you export it of course. I mean, why not?

Oh Shit. Real Testing Underway

I just think I will leave this here for you guys to have a look at. It probably explains why US “intelligence” assets are now pushing hard on the “ISIS” bomb story.

Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov said that Russian experts had taken wipe samples from all the plane fragments and passengers’ luggage to trace possible explosives. “The necessary samples have been taken from all the elements where traces of explosives can be found. All these samples have been delivered to Moscow where they are being studied and analyzed by top class experts with the help of state of the art modern equipment. I can tell you with full responsibility that if there are traces of explosives, they will be found without fail,” Puchkov said adding that all the findings would be published.” TASS News Agency

Uh oh. A real investigation is taking shape. Better get that BS “ISIS” story out there.

Now I don’t know what happened on Halloween day this past Saturday but I can tell you, Flight 9268 didn’t blow up mid-flight because “ISIS” had a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. And I can tell you that “ISIS” didn’t suddenly get control of a truck mounted system or shoot it down with Russia’s invisible BUK system from Ukraine. And I can also tell you that a bump to the tail section from back in 2001 didn’t cause it to spontaneously combust either.

Did someone deliberately plant an explosive on the flight trying to send a message to Russia about what they are doing in Syria?

I don’t know. It’s possible I guess, but not likely.

More likely however is the possibility that someone let a sidewinder get away from them while engaging in some war games over in the Arava desert in Israel and now they are doing everything they can to cover it up. That was my conclusion two days after the tragic incident and that’s still my theory now. Nothing our unnamed intelligence services or our fake-beard wearing “ISIS” guys have said since have changed my mind on that one.  I guess when those tests are completed by the Russians, we’ll all have a slightly better understanding.


17 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on L8in.

  2. The problem here is that tailstrikes CAN cause later catastrophic failure.Look it up in Wikipedia.

  3. Coincidence that a missile goes astray and hits a Russian airliner shortly after Russia reduces Western mercenaries to so much plasma and sends the survivors fleeing by commercial airlines? Not a chance. This is obvious payback for spoiling the game and a dire warning of what’s in store if Putin doesn’t stop queering the pitch.

    Either that or it’s an excuse to ban luggage on commercial flights so that travellers will have to buy everything they need for their trip once on the other side. Just think how that will stimulate the economy.

    • It’s possible that the attack was deliberate, that’s true. And if that were the case, then they could use the military drill right next door as cover, saying it was an accident. Very true. But it’s also true that the drill took place well into Egypt’s airspace and a stray air-to-air missile got loose and took the plane down.

  4. all antiaircraft missiles use preformed fragments as well as the blast effect of the explosive warhead to damage the structures of the aircraft they target.
    These fragments vary in size- larger missiles have larger fragments- and in shape as well. Some are spherical, some square in section, some hexagonal. I would not go so far as to say the fragments used are unique to every missile design, because a lot of Israeli military technology is stolen from American companies, thus the Israeli Python-5 and the US AIM-120 may possibly use the same or similar fragments.
    If a missile was used, these two weapons are the most likely suspects.
    A Saudi Patriot missile could also have been used, as it has sufficient range to cross the gulf of Aqaba and reach the Russian plane at altitude.
    If a missile struck the plane, there would be, in addition to explosives reside, fragment damage, which would look as if a giant shotgun was fired at the plane. Some fragments would be embedded in the wreckage, thus giving a clue as to which type of missile struck the plane.
    Would Russia admit publicly that their plane was downed by a missile?
    Not necessarily.

    • Could a stray Sidewinder have brought down the plane? Not if that map is anywhere near accurate. It shows the flight path as some 40+ nautical miles from Israeli airspace. No Sidewinder has nearly that much gas in the tank.

      Could an Israeli or American pilot participating in the exercises have accidentally crossed into Egyptian airspace and shot down the plane with a Sidewinder, mistaking it for a target drone? No, his nav system would warn him when he approached forbidden (Egyptian) airspace. If he crossed into Egyptian airspace it would squeal like a piggy.

      Could Egypt have shot down the plane, either by accident or on purpose? No, if the Egyptian military did it, we would have heard about it days ago. Furthermore, the Egyptians lack motive, as all Egyptians want better relations with Russia.

      • I just used the term “sidewinder” to describe an air-to-air missile system. That’s not necessarily what they planes were loaded out with. However…

        Greece, Poland and the United States (all present during those drills) all have something called the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile systems on fighters. What is the range of this medium range missile?

        • AIM-120A/B: 55–75 km (30–40 nmi)[3][4]
        • AIM-120C-5: >105 km (>57 nmi)[5]
        • AIM-120D (C-8): >180 km (>97 nmi)[6]

        Every one of those types of missiles is capable of reaching that location… just under 40 nautical miles from their drills with the last two easily able to reach the target.

        And that’s just one bit of research I did on a medium range missile carried by most of the countries involved in the drills. I am sure the Israelis have medium to long range air-to-air missiles as well.

        You can go back to the AIM-54 Phoenix, which had a 100 mile range, long outside of any visual range of the pilot that launches it. of course, that is also well within the range you describe.

        So yes, a sidewinder could not do it, but MANY others could… and I just scratched the surface.

        • Scott- I am attempting to make a few points here, but as I am very sick the words do not flow out of me anymore. It’s more like they ooze out, like blood from a road-killed possum.

          Point 1- missiles leave signatures- distinctive if not unique.

          Point 2- If a missile downed the plane, it’s unlikely to have been an accident. TWA flight 800 was an accident, Iran Air 655 was likely an accident, but this looks more likely deliberate, and could well be part of a pattern.

          Point 3-The US and UK governments are barking loudly about a bomb on board the plane. There are no better contrary indicators than the pronouncements of the US and UK governments. I have a long memory, but not sufficiently long to remember a single instance when an official of either of these governments told the truth about anything. This does not rule out a bomb, and indeed that may be the
          official verdict here.

          Point 4- Since this tragedy took place only 40 miles from the All Seeing Eye, and since terrorism and mass murder are the way they do business, they are the logical suspects.

          • I think it had to have been either an accident, or an operation conducted by a rogue element without our privatized intelligence agencies or one of the NATO nations working unilaterally, on their own program. And of course, Israel is a possibility, but not the only possibility. Or it could be someone the collective military intelligence decided to cook up given the opportunity the Blue Skies drill presented (to be used as cover if and when the missile downing went public)

            I agree with your point… the fact that Britain and the US are screaming that it was a bomb on board, totally 180 degs away from their original declarations, tells me a couple of things:

            1. it probably wasn’t a bomb on board unless one of their guys planted it like in the case of Pan Am 103
            2. the changing of the official story tells me they may not have been expecting this and are now trying to come up with cover, which leads me to believe a rogue element had something to do with it
            3. it was an explosive of some type which they are using the bomb story to cover for… which, since only an air-to-air missile in that area would be capable of downing the flight, that’s what the likely weapon was

            I could be wrong about all of these things, but an air-to-air missile is a possibility at that range and as I have shown, all the participants of the drill did have possession of mid to long range missiles.

            There have been many complaints about the long range missile I listed last because with a 100 mile range, the pilot can literally target something he can’t even see on the horizon. Has led to problems in the past… could easily have led to this.

            That’s not the only possibility. But that is my guess. Hell, I wouldn’t put it past al Sisi and his illegal junta dictatorship to have done it in an attempt to fabricate a Ukraine-type situation for himself with Sinai.

            Pretty much everything is on the table right now… everything that is other than “ISIS DID IT”

    • but that is a surface to air missile. I’m not sure if air-to-air missiles use fragmentation to down targets. my guess is no simply because of the size required of the rocket to deliver the fragmentation elements. that’s why I thought it might be an air-to-air missile to start with.

  5. They blew it. They’ve been saying for the last month that the Russians haven’t been bombing ISIS but have been bombing the “moderates”. Now the implication is that ISIS is getting revenge? Why?
    Putin wisely waited for the “chatter”boxes to reveal themselves. Whatever brought the plane down was a direct threat to Russia to lay off Syria.

  6. Report that British flight dodged an Egyptian military missile in August.

  7. I think the Sinai crash was a hoax (a non-event) to bring the Russian people along w escalation in Syria. All the aircraft parts shown at the crashsite appear to have been lightly set down on the sand– including the one engine shown. No part made a dent. Numerous tire tracks showed clearly– including one set of parallel markings that looks very much like a place where a fork lift might have rested its fork on the ground. The luggage and clothing appeared clean, altho some luggage had come open. In one place the tire marks went under the wreckage as if the vehicle had run over the spot before the wreckage had been set down.

    It’s gravity. Heavy objects that fall a long distance make holes in the sand. They cannot sit lightly upon it. close ups an engine. Is it even the right one? The sand easily takes tire tracks, but no impression from falling parts.

    Each aircrash is unique, but this is what real crashes do to the ground:

    The significant question is why the US/UK rushed to help establish that the terrorists did it. To what degree do Russia and the West cooperate/collude? Are we watching a play in which the very bad behavior of the US is designed to shag us into embracing the “Resistors” of US hegemony? Resistors whose “multipolarity” seems to consist of the same international institutions which comprise the one-world govt. Multipolarity or the same regional administration of the NWO that Rockefeller, Soros & others call for?

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