Some White Bread “ISIS Sympathizers” in Fake Beards Make a Video Pretending to Take Credit for Flight 9268

by Scott Creighton

How many fake beards do you see in this studio shot? Are there more fake beards than fake plants? Are there more fake “ISIS” sympathizers than there are Mossad agents?

A new video of sympathisers of Islamic State has emerged, showing a Russian jihadi praising “Sinai brothers” for “taking down” a Russian jet.

The jihadi, speaking in Russian and Arabic, addresses Russian president Vladimir Putin, threatening more attacks and warning that he would regret attacking Isil in Syria.” Telegraph

Didn’t I see that one guy working a mic boom in Rita Katz’ latest beheading video? I could be wrong.

13 Responses

  1. That plant really does look familiar … did they shoot that pic in the same studio they took the picture of Dylann Storm Roof with the confederate flag?

  2. Who is the blond guy?

    • Clearly, there’s a pretty good reason why there is one blonde guy in this photo, and why he is placed in the center:

      “Hey, isn’t that Timmy Whitey Johnson from down the block? I heard he has self-radicalized and joined Isis! But why is he holding a camera remote in his hands? It’s probably a detonator!!! Run for your lives!”

  3. LOL. A little late for Halloween.

  4. Was this shot in the atrium of the PENTAGRAM?

  5. these are just israelis trying so hard to create wars.

  6. I know I saw the one one the left hanging out a STARBUCKS. I love the professional lighting And crisp clean appearence/clothes. I look worse after camping for 3 days. Young blonde haired no beard would NEVER take the center position. Well I’m glad they got a good deal on the beards at Halloween Adventure. So many things wrong with this pic but you’ll still have lots of Americans buying it. Half this country are ass wipes.

    • The guy next to him reminds me of George Harrison. They all look like a bunch of stoners from the 60’s, actually. On a spiritual retreat with a genuine Indian guru.

    • I think we are at about 68% at this time. There should be a poll somewhere to confirm this. Oh wait, it’s called voting. yeah, I forgot

      • To be fair, 60% or more of the country have shown, at least through polls, they have some pretty solid wisdom. They oppose our foreign wars, want wealth inequality addressed, want Social Security to continue, want GMO labeling and want universal health care. They fail when they fall for the charade and believe the system to be other than it is: a corrupt cesspool of political prostitutes and perverts run by puppet-masters.

  7. This is hilarious 🙂

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