Metrojet Flight 9268: Voice Recorder “Damaged” and Yet Another Downing Street Memo Just For Fun

by Scott Creighton

Between the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder, the only one that could have proven an air-to-air missile hit Metrojet Flight 9268 would be the cockpit voice recorder. Obviously, that’s because in the last seconds of the flight, the pilot or the co-pilot may have seen it approaching.

And now we are being told the cockpit voice recorder was damaged in the crash.

You will recall, the same thing happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight Mh-17. That voice recorder was also damaged. In fact, it was pried open and the data disks removed. At first they said they were ‘stolen” but then they found them hiding under a rock.

Today’s news about flight 9268’s recorder is eerily all too familiar.

The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of the Russian A321 plane that crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Saturday have been seriously damaged but the work to copy its data is under way, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) said on Wednesday.

“The cockpit voice recorder has suffered serious mechanical damage,” the committee said. “Now in Egypt, the preparatory work with participation of experts of the IAC and France’s BEA [the Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for civil aviation safety] is being done to copy the recorded information, taking all possible precautionary measures.”. TASS

Also of note today, CNN, MSNBC, Fox “News” and all the other propaganda outlets are squawking about some “new” developments coming from the UK and the US which suggest that some form of “conventional explosive” MAY have been responsible for bringing down Flight 9268.


After trying like hell to push the “the tail just fell off” theory, suddenly authorities in the UK and US are saying “ok. it could be high explosives after all” and the talking heads on the controlled media outlets are having a field day. They are acting like a drunk Catholic priest at Boy’s Town.

“ISIS”, “ISIS”, “ISIS” and of course… “ISIS”.

Now all of a sudden, it’s all about “ISIS”… because, who else could POSSIBLY have blown up a commercial airliner at altitude other than “ISIS”?

One republican presidential candidate went on CNN and said this new development should be used by Obama to justify sending thousands of troops to invade Syria.


That’s right. Syria.

You now have tons of ex-Pentagon officials running on shows like MSNBC and CNN saying it’s definitely “ISIS” and therefore we need to spend billions of dollars on upgrading airport security measures.

As if you don’t spend enough time getting through those useless lines already.

What they don’t tell you is the fact that most of those ex-Pentagon officials own and operate the companies that manufacture and install those airport security upgrades.

The funniest thing is, when someone goes on the air saying let’s not jump to hasty conclusions, after all, they said it “may” have been an explosion, the networks always have some drooling rabid neocon come on right after him to deliver this message:

“When the UK leadership from Downing Street and someone from the White House come together to say this might be a terrorism threat, they have a track record that demands we pay attention”

Or something to that effect.

Really? Are they kidding? Does anyone else remember the run-up to the Iraq war? How about the Downing Street Memo?

Ring any bells?

As we and many others have been reporting from the beginning, this looks like a crash caused by high explosives. That’s not news. And as I have pointed out already, the Blue Skies air force combat drills taking place in southern Israel may be the real culprit here.

It looks like they are not going to be able to suppress the news that some kind of high explosive brought down the plane. My guess is, the Russians gave them a heads-up on some such report that they may release in the next day or so that proves that.

So of course, our propagandists have to get out in front of that development with the “ISIS” narrative.

Interestingly, I am hearing more and more on the MSM that we shouldn’t trust what the Russians or even the Egyptians say about the downing of the plane. That’s a meme that’s starting to take off. We’ll see how it develops.

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