Metrojet Flight 9268: No Explosive Residue on Bodies but Evidence of Explosive Damage Found on Some

by Scott Creighton

Two reports that at first seem to conflict with each other tell an interesting story in the case of the downing of Metrojet Flight9268.

First, from CNN:

Forensic experts trying to identify the 224 victims from the crash have divided the types of trauma into two categories: injuries from the fall, and injuries that align with an explosion — such as metal pieces in bodies, the St. Petersburg news outlet Fontanka reported.

Second, from the Telegraph:

Our correspondent Roland Oliphant in St Petersburg writes:

Preliminary tests on bodies recovered from the crash site have not revealed any traces of explosives, a Russian news agency has reported.

Preliminary tests did not reveal traces of explosive on the bodies of those killed,” a Russian source inside the centre carrying out forensic tests on the remains told Tass late last night.

So what does this mean?

It means there appears to be at least a few bodies, supposedly located near the rear of the plane, that show signs of trauma induced by shrapnel which could have come from an explosion, but seem to have been far enough away from the explosion, or shielded from it, so as not to get residual traces of the high explosives on them.

That could mean it was in the luggage compartment or it could mean it was outside the aircraft itself.

7 Responses

  1. Hi Scott, has anyone seen bodies amongst the wreckage? And who obtained all those published photos of some of the passengers? You know, the little child looking out of the window at the airport etc.?

    Is it a fake?

    Personally, with all the spin and lying by the media these days, I don’t know who to believe.

    • well, could be faked, if Russia was in on it. that’s the only solution. Another interpretation of folks running around saying it was faked on alternative sites (I’m not saying you are doing that) is to provide cover for yet another accidental downing of a civilian airliner by one of several possible choices like Israel and the US.

      Which of those scenarios is more likely, you think?

      • I did wonder if this was a false flag by Russia. Take an old empty fly-by-wire plane and blow it up mid-air. Perhaps Putin is playing the west at their own game? Although I don’t think it’s his style.

    • to the specifics of that guy’s video, his first issue is that the debris in concentrated in one area, which of course, it isn’t. the tail section was found 3 miles away. but a lot of it is in that main crash site, that’s true. He says if it blew up in mid air, it would be scattered all over the place. Well, again, that’s not really supported by fact. For example, TWA 800 was clearly hit by a cruise missile and broke into two main parts. the engines fell off (like happened in this case) but for the most part, there were the two debris fields and that was pretty much it. it didn’t scatter to the winds as this guy seems to think it would have if it “blew up” in the air.

      I think his problem is he thinks it “blew up”… it didn’t, in my estimation.. a sidewinder missile “blew up” next to it, and the shock wave from that explosion cracked the plane in two near the tail section and probably blew off at least one of the engines (maybe both if the missile detonated under or above the plane)

      The result of that would be the tail ends up 3 miles away from the rest of the plane which crashes in pretty much one location, give or take (that area was still quite large)

      as to your question about images of dead bodies… typically no one is going to publish those, so a lack of them is not surprising.

      the pic of the kid in the airport is probably from a family member who was sent that via email prior to the boarding of the plane. again, giving it’s relevance to the story of the crash, not surprising that someone either sold it or gave it to the media.

      its good to be skeptical of the media but you have to remember, some of these stories simply don’t help their overall agenda. They are trying to use it to fit their purposes now and trying to blame someone on it like “ISIS” because that’s better than admitting the Israelis or US military downed this plane by accident, but that’s spin, not motive. its a reaction, not a preconceived narrative.

  2. Letter I wrote to Rivero:

    Interesting you seem to think the “engine fire” story settles it. And somehow the black boxes, first located by the local Israeli experts somehow could prove an engine fire? I need to read the MSM bullshit reports.

    Use some basic logic and statistics, When did this happen? Citizens of what country were in the plane?, Where did this happen? Who was in position to be first on the scene on the ground? What are the politics of this region of Egypt? Who put in the puppet dictator?, Oh yeah, statistics- How often does this happen with this model plane? Look up the concept of Standard Deviation and how it is used to determine Probabilities in Science.

    Oh yeah, and it is confirmed that Israeli firms were in charge of Security for this plane.

  3. Call me a hardened skeptic, but PLEASE consider the source in all these reports. When I say source, I am also wanting to know who these “forensic experts” are, who “found” the black boxes, etc.

  4. Good comment, Scott. Thanks. You too, Bart

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